Runners society


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2012 Creative Research & Practice @ SNU
Hajin Lim
Instuctor : Michael Shilman

"Runners Society"

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Runners society

  1. 1. H a ji n L im R unners S ocietyC re ati ve Res ea rch Pract ic e 2012 @ SNU
  2. 2. Marathon is getting famous! About 1-2% of US population will ever run a marathon in their lifetime.
  3. 3. Most of marathon races are held for charity purpose.
  4. 4. How can I seamlessly combine+ ?
  5. 5. Initial concept Team competition Team Status bar Whole bet money will be donated to charity with winning team’s name.
  6. 6. Marathoner research“ I’d love to train marathon with someone as a team, but it’s actually hard to train together because of Teamtime and location also proficiency/ experience level. Iknow some of marathon team which train together competition but they’re very rare. “ “ Actually, I’m not that interested in team’s status but my training record. Marathon is solo sports. I Team need to keep tracks of my record and training, not Status bar team’s. ““ I might not be happy about this rule. I would feel like Whole bet money will be “dump my money”. If I donate some money, I want to donated to charity with get something like feeling of contribution.” winning team’s name.
  7. 7. Marathoner research “ I cannot trust this service and mechanism if I notice that this service is run by private organization. I need to ensure that my donation Trust Issue money will be surely sent to the charity organization. “ “ I attend various kinds of marathon race, but Ialways feel something lonely because in most cases, I don’t know any of runners.I want to have some peers who really loves marathon Marathoner’s like me. We might have encountered several times community already at several races, but it’s hard to know them personally. “
  8. 8. Devised concept Team competition Team Record/StatusDonate whole moneywith winners name Trust Issue Community
  9. 9. Devised concept Team Individual competition competition Team Individual Record/Status Record/Status Donate whole money Donate whole money with with winners name winners & peer name Trust Issue CommunityAssociates with marathon Race Host Help individual marathoners to & Sponsor connect each others.
  10. 10. Proudly introduce... R unners S ocietyYour running makes the world healthier as well as you!
  11. 11. Benefit of ‘Runners Society’ For your Training Keep tracks of your training record Prepare your next Marathon race with best efficiency Training monitored by your peer members For your Society Make your society more healthier by your donation.
  12. 12. 5 Steps for enjoying ‘Runners Society’Step 1 Let me know your next Marathon race & training planStep 2 Get the well - constructed training plan for a weekStep 3 Set & Donate your Bet money of this week Join your peer group of this week andStep 4 get connected & train - compete hard ! See who’s the winner of this week andStep 5 donate your team money to charity.
  13. 13. Game on ‘Runners Society’ LEVEL : Gain EP (Experience points) by keeping record of your training winning record race record charity activities.
  14. 14. Game on ‘Runners Society’ CHARITY Competition Each member’s bet money will be accumulated at every Monday On next Monday, according to this week’s record, we can see who’s the winner of this week. The winner of this week in each group can name the place where you she/he want to donate and get the great amount of EP. YAY The loser of this week is advised to donate the same amount of bet money of this week but it’s all up to him/her.
  15. 15. R unners S ocietyPrototype
  16. 16. Training & Record
  17. 17. Calendar ViewLocation ViewPick your next MarathonRace!
  18. 18. Marathon TypeMarathon ProficiencyChoose your marathondistance & yourproficiency!!
  19. 19. Set up the 1 weektraining plan based onyour next Marathonrace can record / keeptracks of your trainingby using GPS.
  20. 20. Peer Group
  21. 21. ‘Runners society’ isabsolutely FREE.You can choose your betdonation money of this week !Bet money options are $5 - $10 - $25 - $50
  22. 22. Mechanism of forming apeer groupAccording to Your LV Goal distance Your next marathon race
  23. 23. You can get connected with yourpeer Add Friends MessageOn your profile, your peer can seeyour Complete training Completed Marathon Race Winning Record on Charity competition
  24. 24. Your peer groups OverallAverage progressReal Time Ranking
  25. 25. CommunityShare yourExperiencesOpinionsRecommendationsor anythingwith your peers.
  26. 26. Donation
  27. 27. On the next Monday, Wecan tell who is the winnerof last week.Winner can choose theorganization where he/shewant to donate “PeerDonation Money”
  28. 28. The Loser of last week isadvised to add one morebet donation money.If he/she’d like to, thispenalty donation moneywill be added to “Peerdonation Money”.
  29. 29. Your “Peer DonationMoney” is just successfullydonated to the Charity onthe courtesy of MarathonRace Host&Sponsor ;)
  30. 30. Easy&Fun, also beneficial for all of us Marathon race host & SponsorPromotion, be famous, gather more people, have some good public image... User Be healthy, feeling of contribution, easy donation.. Charity Organization donation money, promotion.
  31. 31. Thank You R unners S ociety