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Offline consultant lead training hot niche indemand product Offline consultant lead training hot niche indemand product Document Transcript

  • Offline Consultant Lead Training - Hot Niche In-demand Product DownloadDownload Offline Consultant Lead Training - Hot Niche In-demand Product DownloadLet¡¯s Get Started Now!The hottest opportunity in 2012 is Offline Consulting. Don¡¯t miss out on your chance to run a long term profitable business. New marketing tacticsarise every few years and offline businesses need someone to show them how to use these tactics to their advantage. That someone is you¡¡and to help make your business thrive you need a pipeline of hot leads. Hi, I¡¯m Jason Keith, it¡¯s great to meet you! I¡¯ve been running my own marketing and consulting business for the past 10years. Today they call it ¡°offline marketing¡± but I¡¯ve been doing this since long before it even had a name.Today I¡¯m going to help you learn to become a well paid, highly successful offline marketing consultant.Let¡¯s break that down:Well paid ¨C there are offline consultants who currently earn six figures
  • Highly successful ¨C a business that runs smoothly allowing you financial and personal freedomOffline marketing consultant ¨C a person who is a beloved hero to businesses by providing online services they desperately need.Do you think you need to be some sort of internet geek who is highly technical to be a consulting hero?Think again. That is a 100% myth.I¡¯m going to prove to you that you can do this even if you have zero technical experience.Because guess what: when I got started I didn¡¯t have a lick of technical experience. And I¡¯m still not a tech geek, web developer or photoshopwizard.But I¡¯m very successful at what I do.If the daily grind of your current job has you feeling frustrated and hopeless and you¡¯d much rather be running a successful business, setting yourown hours and making a comfortable income¡or¡If you¡¯ve already attempted to do this but have been struggling¡Then pay close attention to what I¡¯m about to tell you because I¡¯ve been in your shoes. I was new and inexperienced at one time too.But guess what? I made it and so will you.I was worried about whether or not I really do it. But fast forward 10 years and my wife and I long since quit our jobs because I bring in enough moneyto support our family as an offline consultant.When I first got started I tried every tactic and technique to make my business succeed.I spent thousands of hours and dollars working to build my business to where it is today.I was in the same boat as every other new offline consultant. I struggled so badly trying to find leads that I thought I¡¯d have to go back to ¡°day jobhell¡±.Sound familiar?Well, don¡¯t worry¡.It doesn¡¯t have to be that difficult for you anymore. You¡¯ve got someone like me in your corner who can be your mentor, yourcoach and your cheerleader.If I had someone like that in my corner when I got started I would have been successful a lot faster.Today, I¡¯m an authority in this industry and I hold local events where potential clients come from miles around to see me and ask me how I canhelp them.You see, it doesn¡¯t matter at what level you¡¯re at right now. If you¡¯re on the verge of getting started or if you¡¯ve been struggling for the past year.You see, there is more than enough opportunity in just your local area alone right now for you to make a lot of money right away.I guarantee that I could drive down the street in your city and throw darts out the window and hit business after business that doesn¡¯t know how tomarket online.But the point where some consultants fail and others just plain give up, is when it comes to keeping the hot leads coming in so that you can alwayshave a waiting list of people willing to pay you.
  • As you just saw, real business owners willingly have good things to say about me.I¡¯m going to do a few things to help you get started right away.If you¡¯re a beginner, I¡¯m going to provide you with knowledge and tools to get your first paying client. That powerful information alone can help formthe foundation for a successful business model.So if you haven¡¯t gotten started yet¡or¡if you are still struggling to find your way, I can help you find the right path to get going.But even more importantly, and this is for everyone of all experience levels¡ I¡¯m going to show you how I¡¯ve been able to keep a steadypipeline of highly qualified leads flowing into my business, without having to spend a dime on advertising, knocking on doors or making a singlecold call (what could be worse than that)?What I have for you is my tested and perfected system. Because during my years building my business, I have tried just about every advertisingand marketing strategy you can think of to bring in new leads and customers.Some of those other marketing strategies were very good at producing leads and customers.Others tactics failed miserably.Even the strategies that worked weren¡¯t perfect because they were difficult to scale or required a high advertising budget each month.I had to continue to spend thousands each month on advertising and spend countless hours prospecting to generate the leads I needed to stayafloat.It was frustrating. It felt like a house of cards.Most offline systems I see being offered focus on a temporary fad that might give you a way to get the attention of a prospect, but they don¡¯t teach
  • you how to turn that interest into real paying clients and then keep your pipeline of clients pumping new prospects to you on near autopilot.I¡¯m giving you the complete system I¡¯ve been using for years to have constant leads and make a steady income.Cold-calling flat out sucks.So does going door-to-door.The same goes for constantly trying the latest lead generation gimmick or fad.Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising can generate quality leads if they don¡¯t close your account or decide to arbitrarily increase your clickcosts by 1000% or more like they did to me.Traditional print and broadcast advertising can cost thousands of dollars without a guarantee of any real leads or customers. Same goes for directmail.Building a business that relies on Google algorithms and Facebook fan pages leaves you at the mercy of these companies.If they decide to make a major change tomorrow it can cripple your business.That¡¯s why what I¡¯ve developed is better than all the fads, tricks and gimmicks.And it takes a lot less work than methods like randomly emailing and cold calling prospects.I built my business on a solid foundation and I want you to do the same.So if you want the best ROI on your lead generation and higher margins¡if you want instant credibility with prospects, and more customerloyalty¡then you need my system.And you need to learn this system before someone else in your area does. Otherwise all these hot leads are going to go to them and you¡¯ll be outof business.
  • My killer system is what I call ¡°Offline Lead Pipeline¡± because it creates a literal pipeline of leads into your business.It is hands-down the best way to build and get new leads into your offline consulting business.It¡¯s the only system you need and it employs the only lead generation strategy I use anymore period.The Lead Pipeline system is going to replace all the fads and gimmicks you¡¯ve tried and found didn¡¯t work.It¡¯s also going to free you up from the countless hours you can spend each month typing prospecting emails, making cold calls, printing flyers,posting on Facebook, creating YouTube videos, etc.You also don¡¯t have to spend one cent on advertising. You can implement it in your business for practically nothing.This system is also 100% gimmick-proof.Right now you probably want to interrupt and ask¡Jason, if this system can do all of these things why hasn¡¯t anyone else been teaching it?Here¡¯s why no one else is teaching you this:I¡¯m going to say a few terms you might recognize:viral trafficfacebook dominationmobile smsweb 2.0now everyone is hot on PinterestThose are all just buzzwords.Buzzwords are sexy. There are plenty of people who want to sell you on buzzwords because they sound hot.If it sounds hot, if its the latest and greatest buzzword then you simply must have it.But what happens?Fads change. Things come in and out of style so fast that by the time you¡¯ve mastered Pinterest marketing everyone will be already into Instagrammarketing. And by the time you get into Instagram marketing there will be some hot new bandwagon to jump on.You¡¯ll keep jumping from trend to trend and still barely get any real leads from any of it.
  • Get Started Growing Your Business Today! >>
  • Since you¡¯ve made it this far you might think you now know what the essential foundation of my system is. You might even think you already knowhow to do it.But if your business isn¡¯t running on autopilot leads¡then you need to continue readingThere is a method and strategy to this system for building the right lead pipelines. Without it, you will spend countless hours heading in the wrongdirection and approaching the wrong people. Eventually you¡¯ll give up on your business because you¡¯ll feel like nothing is workingMy strategies behind this system and everything I teach you comes from trial and error and a lot of testing. I¡¯ve gone through the difficult times sothat today I can teach you the foundation of successful offline consulting business.Don¡¯t try to be an island and think that you can figure everything out on your own. Allow me to be your mentor who will guide you toward success.
  • The type of material in this program is of such high quality and contains so many actionable steps to grow your business¡Since I want to help you take your business to amazing new levels, I¡¯m not going to charge you $1000I¡¯m not even going to charge you $500 dollars.I¡¯ve packed everything I can into this system and I know that you will see great value in this system for just $97.That¡¯s an absolutely stunning price for what you will earn from using this system.But¡Because I want you to succeed so badly, I¡¯m going to let you in on my complete offline lead pipeline system today for just $47All that¡¯s left for you to do now is click yellow button below for Instant Access. This will give you instant login access to the membersonly portal.Inside the mebers area I present the material in every possible way you¡¯d like to digest it.
  • I know that not everyone learns the same way so I¡¯ve made it easy for you to learn the way that is fastest and the best for you.Plus you¡¯ll get access to awesome bonuses inside that will only help you grow your business even more.I know you¡¯re ready to run a successful business. Your heart is in it and you want to succeed.So right now you can choose to either continue to struggle, or you can choose to let me show you a better way.And not just a better way¡the best way.Think about it¡When you close your first deal from your first lead pipeline and make just $199 you¡¯ll have paid for this training 4 Times Over.What could you pay off if you made $2,500 from another lead pipeline?How about if you have lead pipelines that are bringing in $15,000 in revenue?Will it be worth it to have learned my system?YES it will!So click the Get Access Now button below and lock in your membership to the best training for offline consultants at the ultra low risk-free price of just $47.From here on out you¡¯ll have me in your corner as you become more and more successful. This is a very exciting time and there is so muchopportunity to find success as an offline marketer and consultant you are making the right choice by jumping in now. Don¡¯t end up regretting nottaking action after everyone else has swooped up all the business and made all them moneyIt¡¯s time for you to come on board.I¡¯ll see you on the inside. I look forward to helping you.
  • Don¡¯t let opportunity pass you by. Get started today and you can begin getting paying clients immediately!PS¡I¡¯d hate for you to miss out this offer so be sure to get in on this training while it¡¯s available.If you purchase today you get:¨C The best lead generation system available¨C Incredible bonuses to further increase your business¨C My zero risk guaranteeYou¡¯ve seen proof that I¡¯m an experienced offline consultantYou¡¯ve seen proof that I¡¯ve already helped other consultants succeedYou¡¯ve seen proof that my system brings in paying clientsYou¡¯ve seen proof that other offline consultants rave about this system.So¡if you need a more profitable business, you need this system today!About : Offline Consultant Lead Training - Hot Niche In-demand Product DownloadOffline Consultant Lead Training - Hot Niche In-demand Product Download DownloadTags : Offline Consultant Lead Training - Hot Niche In-demand Product Download