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Litd 2600 winter 2010 newsletter3

  1. 1. Winter 2010 limetalkCoworth Park The Triangle starts on sitespecifies Tradical® Work has started on site at The Triangle in Swindon, a project that will see theHemcrete construction of 42 new homes designed to ® meet Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, with the potential to upgrade to carbon zero status. The homes, being delivered by HabCoworth Park, the luxury country house hotel and spa in Berkshire, has specified Oakus, the joint venture between KevinTradical® Hemcrete®, the innovative hemp and lime thermal walling system McCloud’s company Hab and housing groupfrom Lime Technology, for The Spa at Coworth Park, an exclusive eco-luxury spa GreenSquare, are being built using Tradical®complementing the hotel. Hemcrete® from Lime Technology. The main contractor is Willmott Dixon Housing. The start on site was marked at a groundbreaking ceremony attended by Housing Minister Grant Shapps, the UK Green Building Council’s Paul King, Jonathon Porritt of Forum for the Future and Kevin McCloud. Rather than the traditional “turning of the sod”, the team instead opted to perform a demonstration of Tradical® Hemcrete®.Designed by architects Purcell Miller Tritton LLP, building’s timber frame, to a thickness of 300mm,the new spa, which will boast an exciting range it ensures 100mm cover to the framework forof ecology features, is set in the green belt and optimum thermal performance. The completedis being developed from the previous private walls were then faced with a formulatedresidence. As an exemplar of new sustainable lime render, also from Lime Technology. This Grant Shapps said, “I never thought mybuildings being pioneered by Purcell Miller Tritton comprises a 15mm thick basecoat of Baumit first photo call would be hemp,” beforeLLP, The Spa at Coworth Park has been designed Fibrous Lightweight Render FL68, ruled flat, grid reiterating the Government’s continuingto blend in with the natural landscape. As such, floated and left to dry fully before a 5mm final commitment to zero carbon housing bythe new building is part buried into the ground coat of Baumit (formulated lime) Render Finish 2016. Jonathon Porritt called the projectand emerges to the north of the site under a MC55 is applied. “hugely important,” and acknowledgedliving roof of chamomile, lavender and thyme. “the marshalling of passion, commitment Jeremy Blake, Senior Partner with Purcell MillerWith a desire to only use materials that offer the Tritton LLP, commented: and expertise” which has brought theutmost in sustainability, Purcell Miller Tritton LLP project to this point.specified Tradical® Hemcrete® for the construction “We’re delighted to have had the The Triangle has been supported with anof the outer walls of Coworth Park. Its carbon- opportunity to specify Tradical® Hemcrete®. investment of around £2.5 million fromnegative qualities and high thermal performance, It is an incredible product and perfect the Homes and Communities Agency’sas well as being a natural and sustainable to achieve the sustainable objectives National Affordable Housing Programme.material, are consistent with the overall ethos of of Coworth Park. It really is unmatched It has also been backed by an £840,000the eco-luxury spa. investment from the Department of Energy in the market as a mainstream option and Climate Change (DECC) Low CarbonSpecialist contractor Quickseal created the spa’s for affordable, high performance andTradical® Hemcrete® walls. Cast in situ around the Investment Fund. sustainable construction.” Limetec® is a registered trademark of Lime
  2. 2. CAT WISE demonstates commercial Think Youviability of Tradical® Hemcrete® Know Tradical® Hemcrete®?Europe’s leading Eco Centre, CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology), one of the first projectsto specify Lime Technology’s Tradical® Hemcrete®, an innovative thermal walling solutioncomprising hemp and lime, has been officially opened. Well think again! All of these projects have been built using Tradical® Hemcrete®. From sleek modern homes with crisps white render to a new build traditional manor house with stone cladding and lime mortar to the sympathetic renovation and thermal improvement of a barn. It just goes to show what a highly versatile project Tradical® Hemcrete® really is.An ambitious project designed by architects lecture theatre and multiple smaller teaching andPat Borer and David Lea, the scheme has research spaces.been funded by a range of organisations and The 2,000 sq mtrs CAT WISE building wasindividuals, including an Objective 2 grant from conceived as an opportunity to use greenthe European Union provided through the Welsh technologies that currently enjoy only marginalAssembly Government. take-up within the construction industry. ForCAT was established 36 years ago by Gerard this reason Lime Technology’s Tradical®Morgan-Grenville, who in his late thirties, had Hemcrete® was a natural choice for creatingbecome increasingly alarmed by his sense the buildings’ walls.that mankind was living beyond the earth’s With the exception of the lecture theatre, CATmeans. Having visited cultural communities that WISE’s primary structure comprises a gluewere exploring the possibility of self-sufficient laminated timber frame, infilled with Tradical®living and finding none of their efforts very Hemcrete® from Lime Technology.persuasive, he bought a disused slate quarry nearMachynlleth in Wales and set about establishing a The Tradical® Hemcrete® was spray-applied to aresearch centre. thickness of 500mm around the timber frame by specialist contractor Quickseal.Over the past decade CAT has grown and It was then finished externally in a coat oftoday employs 90 paid staff and runs Limetec® hydraulic lime render also supplied bythree postgraduate courses for architects Lime Technology. Specified in a mustard colour, itand environmental engineers as well as creates a warm contrast to the dark backdrop ofoffering professional training for installers of the Welsh forest and surrounding slate.photovoltaics and biomass generators. As partof this growth, a new building has been created Now open to students and researchers, theto house CAT’s educational activities. The £4.5 CAT WISE campus is another great example of themillion Wales Institute for Sustainable Education commercial viability of environmentally friendly(WISE) offers 24 en-suite study bedrooms, a products such as Tradical® Hemcrete®.Flagship Marks & Spencer store to be Built using Hemclad® A new 195,000 sq ft Marks & Spencer store Lime Technology will provide 226 pre-fabricated in Cheshire Oaks is being built using panels for the construction of the store’s external Hemclad®, an innovative pre-fabricated walls. The panels will be typically 2.4m high x wall panel developed by Lime Technology. 4.8m wide and 400mm thick. Offering the cost effective and fast track Once completed, the store, which has been construction credentials associated with offsite designed by architects Aukett Fitzroy Robinson construction, its USP is the fact that it offers and is being built by main contractors Simons high levels of insulation, thermal inertia and Group, will be Marks and Spencer’s largest negative embodied carbon. Each timber cassette outside of London and is expected to create panel is filled with Lime Technology’s Tradical® more than 350 jobs. Hemcrete®, a bio-composite material made with hemp with a lime binder.
  3. 3. Limetec® chosen for whitechapel gallery expansion Limetec® hydraulic lime mortar from Lime Technology has been specified for the ambitious £13 million expansion to the Whitechapel Art Gallery in East London. Designed by Belgian architect Robbrecht en Daem and former Yaya nominee Witherford Watson Mann Architects, the remodeling has unite and preserved two landmark buildings – the gallery and the adjacent Grade II listed library. In view of the historical significance of the buildings, all new building materials had to be carefully chosen. Lime Technology’s Limetec® hydraulic lime mortar offered the ideal product to match the existing mortar and maintain the building’s integrity. An environmentally sensitive alternative to cement-based mortar, lime mortar has many desirable characteristics. It is porous and breathable. It is also flexible, which means that it has the ability to accommodate slight movements in a building caused by settlement or thermal shock eliminating the need for intrusive expansion joints. Almost doubling in size the expanded Whitechapel Gallery includes three new galleries – a Collection, A Commission and an Archive Collection Gallery – an Archive Research Room, an Education and Research Tower for local schools, community groups and a new street facing café and full disabled access to the whole building.Lime Mortar specified forOxford’s latest college buildingLimetec® hydraulic lime mortar from Lime Technology has been its established roots, the new building features a traditionally designedspecified for the Pipe Partridge building at Lady Margaret Hall, one exterior. For the vast expanses of brick work, traditional lime mortar fromof the colleges in the University of Oxford. Lime Technology was the natural choice. An environmentally sensitive alternative to cement-based mortar, lime mortar has many desirable characteristics. Its main advantages for many new build projects such as the Pipe Partridge building is that it is flexible, which means it has the ability to accommodate slight movements in the structure caused by settlement or thermal shock, thus eliminating the need for intrusive expansion joints. As well as this, lime mortar is breathable, helping to create comfortable buildings. Lime Technology’s lime mortar, Limetec®, offers all the benefits of traditional lime mortar but is produced using modern manufacturing techniques. As well as 25kg bags, it is available in 1 tonne bulk bags or 30 tonne bulk silos. The silo system provides onsite production of mortar,Built by main contractor EH Beard, the Pipe Partridge building, made significantly reducing wastage and guaranteeing a correctly proportionedpossible through generous donations, features a new lecture theatre, a mix every time, as mortar can be produced at the simple touch of a button.dining room/meeting rooms, junior common rooms and 64 high qualitystudent rooms, enabling the college to guarantee accommodation for all For the construction of the Pipe Partridge building, Lime Technologyundergraduate students on the main site for three years. provided a silo that was refilled by tanker as required to ensure a continuous supply. This ingenious method of onsite material productionLady Margaret Hall was founded in 1878 and is an academic community has helped to ensure that lime mortar, once seen as a traditional, nichecommitted to research and scholarship and to effective, highly personalised material, is now viable for large scale projects.teaching and learning for students from all backgrounds. In keeping with
  4. 4. Projects starts Hemp harvestwork on new homes scheme marks continuedSpecialist contractor Hemcrete Projects The homes at Lyndhurst Crescent, Swindon have been part funded from a £778,000 grant from the growthhas started work on the creation of Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) following Hemp Technology is currentlySwindon’s first new council home a successful bid from Swindon Borough Council.programme for a quarter of a century. completing this year’s harvest of The scheme has been funded through the LocalThe project will see the creation of 12 Authority New Build programme, which is hemp. The first harvest since Limetwo and three bed houses and one five investing nearly £18 million in delivering 270 Technology acquired the businessbedroom low carbon home. new council-owned homes across the South West. from Hemcore, it marks a significant The properties will feature a range of energy step in the continued growth of the saving materials including photovoltaic panels company. for generating electricity, solar panels for Over 3,000 acres of hemp has been cut, pre-heating hot water and a hot water system which had been planted earlier in the year, designed to store water at lower temperatures and the material is now being processed at than standard homes. Tradical® Hemcrete® is its factory in Halesworth, Suffolk. being used to create the walls of the homes. Hemcrete Projects is a contractor that specialises in the delivery of projects using Tradical® Hemcrete®, offering clients a full solution from design through to delivery. Swindon Borough Council currently owns more than 10,000 properties in the borough, but the Lyndhurst Crescent development will see the first newly-built council homes since the mid 1980s. Using Tradical® Hemcrete® offered significant benefits including excellent fire resistance, air tightness and low energy costs. The system also provided a very cost effective method ofDesigned to meet Level 5 of the Code for meeting the stringent requirements of Level 5Sustainable Homes, the homes are being built of the Code for Sustainable Homes.using Tradical® Hemcrete® from Lime Technology. Breathe™ natural fibre insulation achieves Euroclass fire rating Hemp Technology’s innovative and highly Suitable for lofts, walls and floors sustainable natural fibre insulation applications, Breathe’s™ semi-rigid batts Breathe™, has achieved a Euroclass E are available in thicknesses of 50mm, 75mm classification for reaction to fire, further or 100mm. It comes in standard sizes of 1,200mm x 575mm and 1,200mm x 375mm. The material will be used as the key extending the product’s many desirable For more information visit ingredient of Lime Technology’s thermal properties. walling solution, Tradical® Hemcrete® and Launched earlier this year, Breathe™ is Hemp Technology’s natural fibre insulation, produced from UK grown hemp and flax and Breathe™. offers a renewable and low-carbon means of Managing the hemp growing and insulating lofts, walls and floors. The product processing has provided Lime Technology has many desirable performance qualities – with greater control over its supply chain it has a thermal conductivity of 0.039 W/mK, and allows it to offer a fully integrated which boosts thermal comfort by reducing supply from seed to final building to enable overheating in summer and damping the company to provide the highest levels internal temperature fluctuations. It has of service, quality and cost effectiveness to immense breathability as its hemp fibres its clients. can absorb and release moisture without damage or the loss of all important thermal performance. Limetec® is a registered trademark of Lime TechnologyLime Technology Limited, Unit 126, Milton Park,Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX14 4SATel: 0845 603 1143 Fax: 0845 634 1560Email: