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What is the difference between and Where should you host your website? …

What is the difference between and Where should you host your website?

These slides are from a presentation given to the Adelaide WordPress Meetup group on Wednesday June 12, 2013, by Matthew Blackford from LimeSquare.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Who am I? Matthew Blackford LimeSquare – Digital Marketing Agency Based in the Majoran Distillery Developer – WordPress and web technologies
  • 2. Why does it matter? Access to different features (plugins, themes) Different levels of maintenance required Locked-in to wrong choices Can be costly to change
  • 3. WordPress is software Just like Microsoft Word Gets installed on a computer (a web server) You can download it from
  • 4. is awebsite Supported by the WordPress Foundation (non-profit) A community of developers hang out here - they make WordPress better A directory of free themes and plugins
  • 5. Self Hosted Using implies you are ‘Self Hosted’ This means WordPress is running on: Your local computer; or more likely Your web host More on this soon…
  • 6.
  • 7. isanother website Run by Automattic and is a commercial venture They can install and host WordPress for you The basic plans are free, but with limitedfunctionality Often with a address:
  • 8.’
  • 9. Self Hosted
  • 10. Setup time and easy ofuse Simple, quick and free Don’t have to worry about security or maintenance Self Hosted Requires ‘some’ technical expertise Must be updated on a regular basis
  • 11. Domain names Free address Custom domains ( $13 /year Self Hosted You need to purchase your own domain Costs approximately $10 to $20 / year
  • 12. Themes and plugins A small range of approved themes and plugins Can access additional ones by paying a fee Self Hosted Access to millions (well, lots) of free plugins andthemes Awesome premium themes from $30 Can get a theme custom designed and developed
  • 13. Advertising They may choose to display ads on your site Can pay $30 to remove ads Self Hosted No ads, unless you put them there yourself!
  • 14. Which should you choose? It depends on your requirements: Personal blog Temporary website (once-off event, testing an idea) Business website E-Commerce website
  • 15. Personal blog You want something free Easy to use and setup You can focus on writingGo for
  • 16. Temporary Website Quick to setup and test your idea Easy to throwaway Need your own domain (i.e. for
  • 17. Business website You need control Easy to update and manage You will be making money from your siteYou need Self Hosted
  • 18. Ecommerce website You need a lot of flexibility SEO (search engine optimisation) is important You need the ability to scale and make millions $$$You need Self Hosted
  • 19. What to look for in a host? Location close to where you visitors live Reputation Google them, and read Price Cheap and Expensive are both bad Pay between $8 and $25 a month
  • 20. Recommendations? I currently like VentraIP $7.95 to $24.95 per year good support and reliable Any others?
  • 21. How hard is it, really?
  • 22. Live demo…
  • 23. Questions? Future talk ideas? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Digital marketing basics – get visitors to your site