Small Business Branding


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Small businesses can use this process to create a visual guide for their brand. By LimeRed Studio

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Small Business Branding

  1. 1. Small business branding
  2. 2. Leave design to the professionals Would you hire your neighbor to build you a house because he likes to tinker around in the garage? No.
  3. 3. Toolkit Outcome: We’re not designing logos now, we’re building a foundation. You know your business best. We’re looking for: • And understanding of basic branding • A visual statementyour audience and mission sense of • A visual guide/map (moodboard)
  4. 4. Step 1: Customers • You’ve probably already done this. • Let’s think about your BEST customer.
  5. 5. Best Customer • Age: • Occupation: • Gender: • Income: • Where does this person live? Do they rent or own? • How does this person get to work: • Where do they get their information? friends/family/media, etc • What are their musical tastes? • Are they married or single? Do they have children? • Where do they shop? online/instores/tv? • What are their favorite stores?
  6. 6. Best Customer • What is their prized possession? • What are their bad and good habits? • What keeps them up at night? • Do they like to try things before they buy? Music, makeup... • Are they good at managing money or time? • This list can go on and on.
  7. 7. Step 2: Mission Statement • Be specific, please: • (name of business) sells/provides (type of product or service) to (short best customer description) so they (benefit to customer).
  8. 8. Step 3: Word List • Make acompany thatthat resonate with YOUR list of words will describe YOUR best customer. • Specific, visually-rich words • At least 10 of them
  9. 9. Sally’s Great Word List Phoenix (resilience, drive, calculated risk, constant effort, hard work, my success is function of client’s success) T-shirt slogan (an inside joke, comedy, laughter, boiling ideas down to few key words, optimism) Seanchai (Gaelic for storyteller or old talker) (act-of-writing, stories, words, grammar, history, transfer of knowledge, thought leader) Purple brain (I say that my brain changes color when I speak French or am fully engaged in conceptual conversation; this is happiness for me) Lounge chair (sun shining down on you, satiation, work is done, you can relax now; reward) Bordeaux (rich, cultured, appreciative, tasteful, well-traveled and educated—also a subset of a set—one wine among many, speaking to organization) Roman Viaducts Slash Stonehenge (innovation, invention, community, momentum, family, heritage, legacy, functioning unit, leadership, ritual, ceremony) Pangea (name of our planet when all continents were connected) (interconnected, global, human context, global economy, global trends) Straght A’s (perfection, perfection can be enemy of good, diligence, integrity, tiereless, you see what you get, transparent) Couch (homey, relief, comfortable, homey, safe, the right solution at the right time)
  10. 10. Image Sites Stick your words into these sites’ search boxes for image results and save the ones you like. • • • • • • • • (I like to ask clients to choose a duvet cover) • (I like to ask clients to choose fabrics)
  11. 11. Step 4: Moodboard
  12. 12. Sally’s Moodboard
  13. 13. Sally’s Concepts
  14. 14. Final logo Sally OnMedia digital + social + visible SALLY O’DOWD :: PRESIDENT 773-458-3750 SallyOnMedia digital + social + visible
  15. 15. SallyOnMedia digital + social + visible Logo Usage Guide The typefaces used in the logo are Avenir and Mrs Eaves Small Caps. Typeface options: SANS SERIF: Avenir Light, Light Oblique, Roman, Oblique, Heavy, Heavy Oblique SERIF: Mrs Eaves Roman, Small Caps, Italic, Bold Also, Arial and regular Helvetica is fine for Web. Color options: Primary Colors: SPOT CMYK RGB HEX Purple 520C 64, 100, 12, 0 124, 43, 131 7C2B83 Orange 158C 0, 61, 97, 0 245, 128, 37 F58025 Blue 5425C 30, 4, 0, 31 128, 161, 182 80A1B6 Secondary Colors: SPOT CMYK RGB HEX Navy 548C 100, 24, 0, 64 0, 68, 106 00446A Secondary colors to be used as complimentary colors for web or Yellow 142C 0, 28, 76, 0 253, 190, 87 FFCC66 print, never to replace logo colors. Lt. Grey Cool Grey 7 0, 0, 0, 37 173, 175, 178 AFAFAF Dk. Grey Cool Grey 11 0, 2, 0, 68 113, 112, 115 6D6D6D Business card: Sally OnMedia digital + social + visible SallyOnMedia SALLY O’DOWD :: PRESIDENT digital + social + visible 773-458-3750
  16. 16. SallyOnMedia digital + social + visible Logo Usage Guide Logo Using the height of the mark to create a square, use the square as a guide for white space around the logo. SallyOnMedia digital + social + visible Unacceptable Uses: SallyOnMedia !"##$%&'()*" SallyOnMedia SallyOnMedia digital + social + visible )*+*,"#-.-/01*"#-.-2*/*3#( digital + social + visible digital + social + visible Do not change the logo colors Do not change the logo Do not bend, squeeze or stretch Do not place the logo on a to something crazy. typeface. the logo. dark, busy photo background. Acceptable Uses: SallyOnMedia SallyOnMedia SallyOnMedia SallyOnMedia digital + social + visible digital + social + visible digital + social + visible digital + social + visible Reverse the logo with all Use the logo in all black. Use 1-color orange on LIGHT Reverse on a low-contrast white. neutral background. dark background.
  17. 17. Divine Scentiments Divine Scentiments Divine Scentiments Divine Scentiments customer profile: mission statement: word list: Patty is 38. She is an artist Divine Scentiments provides 1. healing and teacher who also dabbles aromatherapeutic home, bath 2. ancient in yoga and music. She has a and body products and 3. alternative moderate income, is single education to spiritually and 4. accessible and rents an apartment in a socially conscious individuals 5. organic large urban area. She so they can maintain balance 6. botanical commutes to work via her car health and wellbeing. 7. synergetic or public transport depending 8. honest on her mood and the weather. 9. nature She prizes her friends and her 10. heavenly experiences with them above all and loves sharing music and inspiration with them. She loves to read: books, the internet, magazines, whatever. This customer loves knowledge; she’s very spiritual, but also down to earth. She loves coffee and tea, traveling, and novel experiences. She loves music and movies.
  18. 18. Divine Scentiments Moodboard
  19. 19. Concepts
  20. 20. Divine Scentiments Final Packaging