Global management support system


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Global management support system

  1. 1. Global Management Support System “Book Review” By: Eka Darmadi Lim NRP: 3094802 KP: Y Faculty of Business and Economics University of Surabaya 2011
  2. 2. The Information: Book : Managing Economies, Trade and International Business. Title : Futurescope 2020: Global Management Support Systems in the Knowledge Age. Authors : Kathryn A. Szabat and Madjid Tavana Editors : Aidan O’Connor ISBN : 978-0-230-20256-6 About the Authors: Kathryn A. Szabat: She is full time faculty member of the Management Department of LaSalle University, She is responsible for the teaching of undergraduate and graduate business statistic courses, and Dr. Szabat received her Ph.D. form the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, her cognate in Operation Research. Madjid Tavana: He is a professor of Management Information system and Decision Sciences and the Lindback Distinguished chair of Information Systems at LA Salle University as Chairman of the Management Department and director of the center for technology and management. And he also as a consultant to several government agencies and corporations including NASA, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, ITT Defense Communication Systems, and Crown Cork and Seal. The Experience: Both of them have special talent in Management and in IS (Information System) one of them (Madjid Tavana) have great working experience in NASA, and many U.S. Navy, and U.S. Air Force. Both of them have good knowledge about Technology and also the management side, because Kathryn also one of the Management department, they exchange the idea about how the technology (IS) can help people to make a decision, the technology that NASA use for calculate lot of stuff, can be used in “Simple” for solve the problem of organization, and this paper will deliver their idea into the “end-user” like me, that still have no experience in Technology and Management side, to start learn to anticipate the change in 2020.
  3. 3. The Little Introduction about the article: From my opinion about this article “Futurescope 2020: Global Management Support Systems in the Knowledge Age” this writer want to tell us, about the picture of Global Management Support System in the next 9 Years (From Now 2011), in this article They (writer) tell us about what will happens in 2020, about the GMSS (Global Management Support Systems). The technology in the future can help to problem-solving and decision making for organization, especially for Information Technology (IT). The information can be access in real time, and the manager can make decision faster. With the future technology, human can be replaced by machine. Most of the organization will adapt this method. GMSS closely with the IS (Information System) and OM (Operations Management) both of them, can be the problem-solving and decision making in the future. The Purpose of the article: The reason that the writer wrote this article: The writer want to explain about the next prediction about Global Management Support Systems in the future, nowadays machine can’t make (90%) a decision, especially decision always made by human (manager, etc.), the machine like computer “just” show the data and calculation only, but still the human must make decision, if we make the percentage between computer vs. human may be (50:50), but in the future computer vs. human will be (90:10) or higher maybe. The point of view: The writer’s view as the researcher of the company, they already know how the technology will change everything. Their scope of view as the C.E.O of the company, and also as the board direction of organization, that still make a decision by combine the computer calculation and the logical, to found the knowledge about how they can survive. Data, Information and Knowledge in the knowledge age: a. The data  Price, Quantity, Sales, Profit b. Information  Price: 10, Profit: 50, Loss: 0 c. Knowledge  IF ROS>15% THEN EXPAND
  4. 4. Information System Pyramid: Sourcebook: Managing Economies, Trade and International Business Page: 333 The book says: “Knowledge age: The processing of data, information, and knowledge” “Data are a collection of bits, bytes and characters” “Information is derived from organizing data” “Knowledge is extracted from synthesizing information” CBIS (Computer Base Information System) use to collect, Store, Process (Data, Information and Knowledge). How the data is collected by the TPS (Transaction Processing System) and stored in DBMS (Database Management System) then the data will be processed in MIS (Management Information System) then use DSS (Decision Support System) then KBS (Knowledge Base System) then used ES (Expert System) The Process: TPS  DBMS  MIS  DSS  KBS  ES
  5. 5. About this paper: The effect of this paper: This paper tell me, to understand how GMSS work in the real work, and compare it with the future in 2020, I learn a little bit about how the big company use the technology to help them making decision, and I learn how they collect the data and the connection between one data and other data like data of sales, purchase, etc. in accounting will be income statement, but in operation management will be profit report, and also how the mathematical can help us to solve the company problem, and help the company make decision by “Number” like: “IF ROA = 15% THEN SELL” The relation with International Economic: This paper it’s all about the future GMSS, In International Economic subject this GMSS have close relation, because without GMSS there is no big / enterprise company can run well, because in enterprise GMSS is very helpful tools to grow the company and become the international company. This paper also tells us about the future technology to support better GMSS, in enterprise to make easier decision and problem solving. My personal experience: Honestly, I don’t have any “big” experience with GMSS, because I use my technology just to save my appointment, my expense, my email. For example I use the computer to record all of my expense and income every time, and the computer can give me the report of how much I already earn, and how much I already spend, how much the balance left, and also the “Day save use” is the amount of money that I can spend in one day, to keep my cash flow in good condition, not over budgeting. And every month I can track how many I use taxi, and how much I pay for my lunch. How much money I spend for the movie, and also how much money I save that month, or last month. so when my parent ask me, where’s the money goes? I can explain them with detail because computer already records everything. Theme and Thesis of Paper: Theme of Paper: This paper told us, about the next generation of GMSS, and how GMSS work in the “Simple” way, so the end-user can understand what the “message” is. This paper is full of computer language such as: GMSS, DBMS, MIS, KBS, IT, DSS.
  6. 6. Thesis of Paper: The important thing of this paper, to be guideline how we start understanding about GMSS, The title: “Futurescope 2020: Global Management Support Systems in the Knowledge Age.” To prove how the technology, IS and Management can be the problem solver tools. The Method: The Example: The Data Pyramid: Sourcebook: Managing Economies, Trade and International Business Page: 334 The Retailer collects data like: Revenue, expense for every purchase expense. Then that data are stored in DBMS, then the accounting department will arrange the data into meaningful information, like Income statement, and the operation department will use DSS to calculate the profit, and the financial department may synthesize the information in a KBS to make decision for Expansion or Contraction decision. GMSS provide calculated solutions to human decision make.
  7. 7. How to support the thesis: To support the thesis the authors gave us the little example in the real world, like the “Shop Management” how they calculate the profit, the cost, and how they make a little decision helped by technology. With the background of NASA, and as a chairman of Management department at LA Salle University. We can conclude that they have good knowledge and qualification. Author’s Main Argument: “…Replacing Human Labor into Machine…” “The Information Age has emerged into a knowledge age” In my opinion: replacing human 100% with the machine is impossible, however machine can be more “intellectual” than human, just because they can do calculation million time faster than human, but human still do the important part, like input the data to computer, without this data, computer can’t do any calculation. In my opinion: the information age and knowledge age, is already happened from many years ago, before we have computer, and the computer had not been invented, like the story of “Yusuf” how he manage the “inventory” system in Egypt, and save the world from starve. But in this era, we can manage better business, such as stock, because we can access them in real time, we can notice the price is going higher or drop, just in second. With this knowledge, we can decide whether kept the stock or sell the stock, to gain profit, or minimalize the lost. Overall I agree with the authors that technology such as IS and GMSS, can help the enterprise to make their company run effective and efficiently. The other paper: Title : Decision support through knowledge management. Sub Topic : The Role of artificial intelligence. Authors : Kostas Metaxiotis, Kostas Ergazakis, Emannuel Samouilidis, John Psarras ISSN : 0968-5227
  8. 8. In this paper the writers have the same perspective about how the technology can help human. The software can help people to make a decision. “While information is regarded as an organized set of data, knowledge is perceived as meaningful information.” In this statement, have a similar perception about the technology with the previous paper, but in this paper input, little detail about “meaningful” information as a wisdom, like this step: “The process: Data  Information  Knowledge  Wisdom” From the previous paper: “Data  Information  Knowledge” but in this paper included “wisdom” at the last. “Valuable human and knowledge resources will be wasted unless management openly accepts and supports efforts to gather, sort, transform, record and share knowledge” The second paper, explain more detail about human and technology, especially for the software that help human to make decision, in the second paper says that without human, technology can’t do anything. So they put “Wisdom” at the last of process. But if we combine the paper one and paper two, we can get better knowledge for this technology and human. The Conclusion: After spend more than 2 days to examine this paper, I can conclude this paper is good for you who, like the technology and management, because in this paper, both of material are available, with the easy language for the end-user like me, I can get the idea about this paper like: they told me, about the GMSS, how GMSS work? By DBMS, etc. this paper want to give the massage that we must adapt with the next technology, what will happened in our work environment for the next year, like this paper told about year 2020, the human replaced by machine. And how with the next technology can help the enterprise to run effective and efficiently. Because using the technology we can done the calculation just in a second only. In the future the IT business should be the best business. In the knowledge age.
  9. 9. Reference: O’Connor, Aidan, 2010, Managing Economies, Trade and International Business: Futurescope 2020: Global Marketing Support Systems in the knowledge age, by: Kathryn A. Szabat and Madjid Tavana. Kostas M, Kostas E, Emannuel S, John P, Paper: Decision support through knowledge management, the role of the artificial intelegence, ISSN 0968-5227, emerland information management & Computer Security 11/5 [2003] 216-221