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Social Media Strategy In Businesses & Nonprofits


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  • 1. Social Media Strategy in Businesses & Nonprofits MRKT E-122 David Karp 18 February 2009
  • 2. Agenda Introductions About Firstgiving A case: Twestival
  • 3. Who’s here tonight? Social media types? NPO types? Business types? Marketeers? Consultants? Tweeple?
  • 4. About David Karp Director of marketing, Firstgiving Blogger, Board of directors, Photographic Resource Center Social media fan Social media skeptic
  • 5. About fg A private, for-profit company (“social enterprise”) Founded 2003 from Justgiving UK 15 employees in US $80 million raised for 20,000 nonprofits 1.5 million donors and fundraisers
  • 6. Fr Fundraisers? Fundraisers are people who raise money They connect causes and organizations with the donors and donations they need Some are paid (“development officers”) and some are volunteers Fundraisers are key to Firstgiving’s model
  • 7. do do do do do do do do do do Fr Fr NPO Fr
  • 8. Our web 1.0 math 1 NPO -> 21 Fundraisers -> 160 Donors Average donation ~$55 Average fundraising page ~$300 Average premium account NPO ~$30,000
  • 9. “The leading social platform for fundraising for any nonprofit cause” Nonprofits raise money with Firstgiving by asking their supporters to ask their friends and colleagues for donations Firstgiving provides the social tools, security and financial accounting We help turn donors into fundraisers
  • 10. “Dedicated, dynamic fundraising experts” We’ve learned a lot about fundraising in five years, and our fundraisers and nonprofits look to us for information and ideas
  • 11. How do you make money? 5% transaction fee on donations Optional $300/year fee for nonprofits
  • 12. Who pays? Who feels like they pay? fg do NPO Fr
  • 13. Firstgiving in action: Fundraiser drives Make a fundraising page Ask your friends Get donations
  • 14. Firstgiving in action: Charity drives Get an account Make a start page Ask your supporters to set up fundraising pages Get donations
  • 15. Which channel generates more activity, more revenue? NPO Fr
  • 16. The social media stuff
  • 17. Email Email is the most important mode of communication Fundraisers use Firstgiving’s email tool to reach out to their address books for donations
  • 18. Facebook Links on walls are best There’s also a Firstgiving facebook app
  • 19. Blogs Firstgiving’s flash widget is embeddable in blogs and websites Firstgiving has two blogs
  • 20. Twitter and the rest More ways to promote a fundraising page or a fundraising event Digg, Stumbleupon, Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.
  • 21. A case: Twestival
  • 22. Twestival All-volunteer, Twitter-based, global fundraising event for clean water (Charity:Water) 200 cities $1M target Each city to raise money for a well, $4-12k
  • 23. Tweet and give Tipjoy, a micropayment service, donated their fee $5 ask, no minimum
  • 24. Listen and give Artists donate songs, people download them
  • 25. Ebay and give A handful of charity auctions Autographed stuff Consulting time with social media stars
  • 26. Drink and give Each city hosted a party with ~$25 door fee Boston event was at OM in Harvard Sq
  • 27. That’s a lot of social media
  • 28. So, what happened? How much do you think Twestival raised? Where did most of the money come from?
  • 29. We’re not sure what happened No central accounting? Post-event letdown? Volunteer fatigue? Transparency fail? Just disorganzied?
  • 30. Some figures Charity:Water says $250k Tipjoy says $25k says $5k (did only 10% really come through twitter?)
  • 31. That’s not $1,000,000 Make no mistake, $250k is a lot Did Twestival overreach or underperform? What did it really cost? How repeatable is it?
  • 32. Some of my theories
  • 33. Ask for more… it’s for a good cause $5 is too little to ask, even with huge distribution Actual average gift thru Tipjoy more like $20-25 Small donations make most marketing unprofitable Small auctions can leave money on the table Was sponsorship available?
  • 34. Chickens vs. Pigs In order to make a ham omelet, you’re going to need a chicken and a pig…
  • 35. Involved vs. Committed The chicken is involved. The pig is committed.
  • 36. What’s the level of commitment in a social media ask? How important are Facebook statuses and tweets compared to emails and phonecalls?
  • 37. Facebook’s Causes app 500,000 daily active users 17 million total installs In 2008, raised $2.5M for 20,000 charities That’s $125/charity on average Less than a dollar per active user?
  • 38. Dunbar’s number ..the theoretical cognitive limit to the number of people 150 with whom one can maintain stable social relationships. [wikipedia]
  • 39. Do volunteers outperform paid professionals? See Dan Pallotta’s book, “Uncharitable”
  • 40. How different are NPOs from business, really?
  • 41. Thank you David Karp David Karp @limeduck