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Bricolage power point Bricolage power point Presentation Transcript

  • Bricolage Research
  • What is bricolage? Bricolage is either the construction or creation of a piece of work using whatever is available at the time. The term is originally French, it refers to repair and DIY done by people who are unprofessional in the are that they are working in.
  • Bricolage Sculpture View slide
  • Bricolage in Music Examples Irish spoons Australian slap bass – tea chest Comb and wax paper for humming Gumleaf humming African drums and thumb pianos Stylistic Bricolage is best emphasized by Punk music. Many punk musicians are not musically trained, believing that training discourages creativity in as it makes them only wish to play accurately and avoid exploring disharmony and errors. View slide
  • Bricolage in Subculture Bricolage was adopted by the punk scene to add to its cultural identity. For example, the safety pin became a key object in a punks outfit, as it was used to patch up old clothes in a DIY way. Also, punk fanzines sometimes used a Bricolage style, in particular Sniffin’ Glue, which uses handwriting opposed to having letters printed. Bricolage is a way for subcultures to defy the meanings of mass culture. It uses the meaning of objects to bring about their own identity. The safety pin was sometimes used ironically, playing on the word safety by, for example using it through their nose.
  • Safety Pin Through the Nose
  • Bricolage and Punk
  • Safety Pins
  • Fanzines
  • Fanzines and Bricolage Self published magazines, known as fanzines, were a popular feature during the punk era, they strongly demonstrated the use of Bricolage. Punk zines began alongside the punk movement in the later 1970s. They began in the UK and the USA but soon spread around the world. They used cheap photocopying so that everyone could afford to buy one. Hand written prints were common in fanzines, as well a collage like style, using torn bits of paper. It was similar to a scrapbook, but targeted at punks and using cheap materials.