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  • Beta Alpha Psi is an international honorary organization (or academic fraternity) for students in the finance and accounting majors. We were established in 1919 and are proud of our members’ high academic achievement, ethical standards and participation in social and public responsibility.
  • Sounds good. So what happens after I join?
  • You have to fill our membership requirements. Every semester you’ll have to participate in 10 professional hours which is about 3 or 4 events, 10 service hours which is about 2 tutoring sessions and 1 group service event, and 1 social activity.
  • Some of you might be thinking “Wow, that sounds like a lot of time!” But we have good news for you.
  • It’s not really a lot of time at all. Every semester, you’ll be doing about 3 professional events, 3 service events and 1 social event. That’s 7 events total. Divide that by 18 weeks of school and you’re only doing 1 event every three weeks to meet the minimum. Of course, you can do more if you choose to 
  • Bonus! Beta hours are measured in 50-minute hours.That means every 50 minutes equals 1 hour to us.
  • Pause for Q&A.
  • Recruiting presentation

    1. 1. BETA ALPHA PSI
    2. 2. What is Beta Alpha Psi?International Honorary Achievements and Social and PublicOrganization (Founded in Ethics Responsibility: Set-up and1919) ran Opportunity Village’s Christmas event.
    3. 3. What’s In It For Me?Explore the accounting profession indepth through: Office Visits Networking with recruiters and professionals Leadership Opportunities: Be the President of Beta Alpha Psi!
    4. 4. Success!Our members secure internships and jobs withhigh profile accounting firms.
    5. 5. Sounds good. So what happensafter I join?
    6. 6. Membership RequirementsEvery Semester, you should participate in: 10 Service Hours 1 Social Activity10 Professional Hours (About 2 tutoring(About 3-4 Beta events) sessions and 1 group service event
    7. 7. Wow, that sounds like a lot of time…
    8. 8. But actually, it’s not! 3 Professional Events 3 Service Events+ 1 Social Events 7 Events÷18 weeks of schoolOnly 1 event every 3weeks!
    9. 9. Bonus!Plus Beta hours aremeasured in 50-minute hours!That means every 50minutes = 1 hour tous!
    10. 10. Upcoming Events! Beginning of Semester Social: Your opportunity to network withprofessionals, officers, members and otherrecruits! Food and refreshments provided. Thursday, January 31, 2013 Time: 4pm - 515pm Place:
    11. 11. Upcoming Events! List events here
    12. 12. How Do I Join?
    13. 13. Application Process1. Go to our webpage: beta.unlv.edu2. Click Apply to fill out an online application3. Print • confirmation page • Info Release • photo Release4. Drop off print-outs and payment to our Beta Drop Box (Outside BEH 400)5. You’re done!
    14. 14. Want to know more? BAP 101:Join us for a informational meeting and Q&A session!Food and refreshments provided. Thursday, January 31, 2013 Time: 4pm - 515pm Place: Website:
    15. 15. Questions?Office: BEH 400Email: vpofmembership@ unlvbap.orgWebsite: beta.unlv.eduRegistration ends February 1 at 3pm!