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AS Media Gene Research Psychological horror

  1. 1. Sarah Jane Eyre
  2. 2. Psychological Horror Insight • Psychological horror is a subgenre of horror fiction that relies on characters fears and emotional instability to build tension. • Psychological horror films differ from the traditional horror film, where the source of the fear is typically something material. • tension is built through atmosphere, eerie sounds and exploitation of the viewers and the characters psychological fears.
  3. 3. The Black Cat, 1934 • The Black Cat is a 1934 horror film that became Universal Pictures biggest box office hit of the year. • The Black Cat was the first of 8 movies. • The film was notable for being one of the first movies with an almost continuous musical score. • This film was directed by Edgar G. Ulmer and written by Peter Ruric.
  4. 4. Cat People, 1942 • Cat People is a 1942 horror film produced by Val Lewton • Cat People tells the story of a young Serbian woman, Irena, who believes herself to be a descendant of a race of people who turn into cats when sexually aroused. • Reviews of the film were mixed when the film was first released. • This film was directed by Jacques Tourneur and written by DeWitt Bodeen.
  5. 5. Vertigo, 1958 • Vertigo is based on the 1954 novel Dentre les morts by Boileau-Narcejac. • It popularized the dolly zoom, an in-camera effect that distorts perspective to create disorientation. • The film received mixed reviews upon initial release, but has garnered acclaim since and is now often cited as a classic Hitchcock film and one of the defining works of his career. • This film was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and the screenplay was by Alec Coppel & Samuel A. Taylor.
  6. 6. Repulsion, 1965 • Repulsion is a 1965 British psychological horror film • The film is shot in black and white, increasingly adopting the perspective of its protagonist. The dream sequences are seen to be particularly intense. • Repulsion is widely considered a classic of the psychological thriller genre • It was directed by Roman Polanski and the screenplay was by David Stone.
  7. 7. The Shining, 1980 • The film is based on the Stephen King novel The Shining. • Although initial response to the film was mixed, later critical assessment was more favourable and it is now viewed as a classic of the horror genre • Briefly the plot is a family staying away when the main character, Jack gradually becomes influenced by a supernatural presence; he descends into madness and attempts to murder his wife and son. • This film was directed by Stanley Kubrick and the screenplay was by Stanley Kubrick & Diane Johnson
  8. 8. The Blair Witch Project, 1999• Though fictional, it is presented as "found footage", as if pieced together from amateur footage, and popularised this style of horror movie.• The Blair Witch Project received hugely positive reviews from critics making it one of the most successful independent movies of all time.• A studio production film based on the theme of The Blair Witch Project was released on October 27, 2000 titled Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. Another sequel was planned for the following year, but did not materialize.• It was directed and written by Daniel Myrick & Eduardo Sánchez.
  9. 9. The Woman In Black, 2012 • The Woman in Black is a 2012 psychological/supernatural horror thriller film • It is based on Susan Hills novel of the same name. • The film was planned to be shot in 3D, but that plan was later scrapped. • In April 2012, Hammer Films announced that there would be a sequel to The Woman in Black, which is titled The Woman in Black: Angel of Death. • It was written by James Watkins and the screenplay was written by Jane Goldman