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Social media for educators
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Social media for educators


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Social Media for Educators

Social Media for Educators

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. By: Rachel Lombardo
    Social Media for Educators
  • 2. "Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue" (Wikipedia)
    Social Media is a way to connect and collaborate with friends, colleagues, and your surrounding community
    Can take many different forms 
    social bookmarking
    social networking
    audio and video sharing
    Ultimate goal for educators is to build their Professional Learning Network through the use of Social Media
    What is Social Media?
  • 3. We live in a digitally enhanced world
    Teach our students to be technologically competent and connected to the global world
    Fast – time efficient way to get information
    No cost way for educators to experience professional development and become a connected learner
    Many different ways to build your PLN – microblogging, social bookmarking, social networking, Video sharing, video conferences, and online communities
    Why is a Professional Learning Network Important?
  • 4. Microblogging is a way for an individual to stay in touch by posting short messages to the web
    Must be less that 140 characters
    Answers the question "What are you doing?"
    Can post a link to a great website  (use
    to shorten links)
     Can be used for personal or professional 
    Connect with (or "follow") other people with similar interests
    Most popular platform for microblogging is Twitter
    Educators can use microblogging as a way to stay up-to-date with current trends and research
    Follow me on Twitter at 
  • 5. Social bookmarking allows an individual to organize, store, and manage all their online resources
    You can access your bookmarks anywhere because it is in a central, web-based location
    “Tagging” your bookmarks allows you to sort, share, and categorize your resources
    You can also search other peoples bookmarks by the “tags” they have created
    Some platforms for social bookmarking include:
    Educators can use Social Bookmarking for sharing favorite sites with students and parents, or with other educators
    See My social Bookmarking page at
    Social Bookmarking
  • 6. Small community of learners that have similar interests
    I have a personal Social Network on Facebook, and my professional Social network is on Classroom 2.0.
    Classroom 2.0 allows me to join groups, follow blogs, participate in webinars, post updates, and invite colleagues to follow me
    Follow me at
    Social Networks
  • 7. Other ways to build your PLN include
    The Animoto video I created to share with family members who could not make it to my daughter’s 1st birthday party
    Other Tools
  • 8. I really enjoyed becoming a connected learner
    I found Twitter and Delicious very easy to become familiar with and start using right away
    Building my PLN is going to take some time
    Finding time away from kids and husband to “surf” and “explore” these different platforms was a challenge
    Keeping up with all the different accounts and passwords that I used was also a challenge
    Successes and Challenges
  • 9. Would highly recommend Online learning to other educators
    Can complete the course from the comfort of your own home (car, Starbucks, school, quiet corner at church waiting for your son to get done CCD)
    Instructor was very helpful and genuinely interested in our learning! I did not feel disconnected at all!
    Moodle and Online Learning