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Evaluation 2
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Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. QUESTION 2:How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  • 2. To answer this evaluation question I amgoing to compare all 3 of my productswhile referring to audience feedback that isrelevant. I will explain the aspects that Ifeel are most effective and why.
  • 3. is the link to my final teaser trailer. I feel that this is an effective teaser trailer.With reference to my audience feedback; all people who viewed the trailer commentedon the fact that the music complimenting the content built up excitement and tensionwhich left them at a climax. They commented that they enjoyed the trailer and that itlooked very professional. From my point of view The first thing that is apparent tome as being effective is the blank screen with just the diegetic sound of the phone. Iincorporated the blank screen to allow the audience to start thinking by associating theringing noise with what they thought would appear next, the phone. I used a range ofclose ups to allow the audience to figure out the important objects and aspects of thetrailer. As there is numerous amounts of close ups I feel that there would have been asuccessfully link made between the shown objects and the important role they will playin the film. Another aspect to the trailer that makes it effective is the superimposed textthat is incorporated between the cuts. As the storyline to this has a twist it is importantthat the audience has an insight to this. This is done by mainly using the text to explainwhat is going on to the audience but there is not enough information given thatcompletely gives it away. They will be able to associate the significance of the phonewith the clues in the text as well as in the title of the film. Another aspect of the filmthat is effective is using fast cuts. This adds to the level of intensity created throughoutthe trailer. Another important aspect is when the theme tune suddenly cuts off to adial tone. This provides another aspect that the audience can relate to the phone butalso ends the trailer dramatically interrupting the climax so it will leave a lasting effect.
  • 4. FILM POSTERI feel this film poster is the most effective aspect of my promotionalpackage. I feel the effort put in to find tutorials allowing me to create ashatter effect has resulted in a poster that looks unique and extremelyprofessional. It incorporates all the usual conventions of real filmposter but the special effect used gives it that edge which places it asmore eye catching and effective than the majority of the film posters Ianalysed. I created this poster to give the audience another link to themobile phone. There are subtle clues in this poster that portray theidea that the main character is being teleported to a different locationand this event is connected to the mobile phone. I ensured thisportrayal was done successfully as the face shatter effect gives theillusion of movement and along with the title and the character holdingthe phone allows the audience to connect this occurrence to the mobilephone. However, I feel it does not give too much away as this wouldnot entice the audience to go and view the film.
  • 5. MAGAZINE FRONT COVERI feel this magazine front cover is effective in being unique fromcurrent products on the market. I incorporated a de-saturated image asthis was not common in the mag front covers I analysed. The image iseffective in allowing the surrounding text to stand out to the reader asthis is important if the magazine was published, it would need to standout amongst it competitors QR code is effective in appealing to itstarget audience of 15-25 as majority of young people will be the ownerof a smartphone that will be compatible to use this aspect with. Theblack box behind the magazine title was used to allow the audience todetect the film title and differentiate it from the rest of the text used.
  • 6. HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE COMBINATION?I feel that the combination of my promotional package is extremely effective. I fel that Ihave used my skills with the production programmes to my highest ability to produceprofessional looking products. I believe that all three products appeal to my targetaudience of young males aged 15-25. I feel it is effective in doing so as 1. the trailer usesa main character of similar age to the target audience. As well as reflecting conventionsof masculinity e.g. hegemonic norms of action, dominance and violence. 2. the posteralso incorporates this character so the target audience can strengthen this association theyhave with the character and 3. the mag cover uses an image of the character with hisgirlfriend. This allows the target audience to view him as a real person which will furtherstrengthen the hyper reality association they have with him. I also feel the package iseffective at reflecting the genre of action sci fi. The teaser trailer uses fast cuts of chasescenes to reflect the action and incorporated a twist of teleportation to reflect the sci fi.The poster also reflects this genre, not so much the action but definitely the sci fi. Theimage is appearing to be transporting else where giving the illusion of abnormal going’son that would not normally occur in everyday life therefore further reflecting the sci fiaspect of the genre.
  • 7. AND FINALLY …ALL THREE PRODUCTS SHOW A CLEAR SENSE OF SYNERGY!!!All three products use content or an image of the main character. This allows a clear link to beassociated between the products by the audience recognising the character. The title of the film is also within each product and it always uses the same font. This further adds to the recognition and associations that take place.