How child support works
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  • 1. How Child Support Works An analogy
  • 2. Think of the custodial parent’sfinances as a swimming pool.
  • 3. Every month, the custodial parent pays for all expenses out of the pool.• Rent or mortgage• Electricity• Phone bill• Clothing• School supplies• Activity expenses• Medical and Dental co-pays
  • 4. The custodial parent also pays for hisor her own expenses out of the pool… just like you do, with your expenses.• Clothing• Food• Transportation• Work-related expenses• Health insurance• Cable and Internet
  • 5. Because the custodial parent has spent all of his or her money on their expenses, the pool is getting empty.
  • 6. When you pay child support, you are helping the custodial parent fill their pool back up.• The pool is filled by the custodial parents income as well as the child support you pay.• All of the money is “pooled” together, so there is no differentiation between the money the parent earns and the money received from child support.• Because the pool is empty from the parent paying expenses, child support is REPAYING the parent for money already spent on the child.
  • 7. If the needs of the child are met, the custodial parent is not misusing the support you pay. Ask yourself this:• Does my child have a roof over his head?• Does my child have food?• Does my child have clothing?• Does my child have electricity?• Does my child have heat and hot water? If the answer to these questions is YES, then child support is not being misused.
  • 8. After the child’s needs are met, theparent is welcome to use the money in the pool for anything, just as you are with your own pool.