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Introduction to chinacache services

  2. 2. World Class CDN from a Global Service ProviderFirst and largest CDN in China Years of CDN experienceLeading IDC Provider 500+ employees worldwideGlobal service coverage in USA, 11,000+ servers globallyEurope, China, Pacific Rim, SE Asia, 6.1 billion page served dailyand Middle East 60 million unique IP visit per dayCustomer Focused Talented and passionate teamServing the biggest global brandssince 1998One of the only 3 publicly traded One of the top 100 companiespure play CDNs in the US market that matter most in online video in the world
  3. 3. Diverse and Global Customer Base Daily Usage of our Services: 200 - 250 million Internet and mobile Internet end users Billions of page views Millions of video and multimedia files transferred Millions of songs transferred Hundreds of thousands of e-commerce transactions
  4. 4. Serving the Biggest Global Brands Since 19981998 2002 2004 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
  5. 5. ChinaCache has China Market Leadership Industry Pioneer Market Leader The First Licensed CDN in China 53% Leading provider of IDC services Competitors Only NASDAQ listed China CDN Source: iResearch China CDN Industry Developing Research Report 2009, in terms of revenue in 2009 China’s Trusted CDN Provider China’sOfficial 2008 Obama’s Leaders’ Beijing Online Chat Online ChatOlympic CDN with University with Netizens Provider Students since 2009
  6. 6. Leading Provider of CDN and IDC Services WEB CACHING The number one web caching service provider in China. IDC SERVICE FILE DOWNLOADNumber three IDC provider in Enable large files to be deliveredChina by volume. fast and securely worldwide. EXAMPLE What we do MANAGED HOSTING VOD & STREAMINGTrusted by multi-nationals to Service provider of choice for topensure optimal operation. sites and China government. DYNAMIC Top shopping sites in China rely on our Content Aware Whole Site Acceleration.
  7. 7. We Deliver the Best Performance in ChinaWe know the landscapeCoverage to all large population clusters BEST CHINA PRESENCE •Heilongjiang 90 •Jilin •Harbin CITIES •Urumqi •Changchun •Xinjiang •Gansu •Inner Mongolia •Hohhot •Shenyang •Liaoning •Tianjin •BEIJING 350 •Shijiazhuang •Qinghai •Xining •Yinchuan •Taiyuan •Ningxia •Shanxi •Xi’an •Hebei•Jinan •Shangdong NODES •Lanzhou •Zhengz •Jiangsu •Shaanxi •Henan hou •Nanjing 11,000 •Tibet •Hubei •Wuhan •Hefei •Hangzhou •Chengdu •Anhui •Chongqing •Zhejiang •Shanghai •Sichuan •Changsha SERVERS •Nanchang •Guiyang •Jiangxi •FuzhouCDN Nodes By ISP •Hunan •TAIPEI •Guizhou •Fujian China Telecom •Kunming China Unicom •Yunnan •Guangzhou •TAIWAN •Guangxi •Nanning China Mobile •Hong kong CERNET •Guangdong 100% in-country delivery guaranteed •Macau Tietong •Haikou •Hainan Private peering backbone Chonghua Other ISP
  8. 8. Beyond China; Truly a Global Provider Carrier Neutral Network Global CoverageA massive carrier neutral network in Beyond China, our network spansChina. Inter-connected with all throughout the globe to cover Northmajor telco and non-telco networks America, Europe, Southeast Asia, theas well as major ISPs. Middle East and more. Page Views Daily Unique IP Visit Per Day Peak Bandwidth
  9. 9. Global Service Coverage RUSSIA Canada London FrankfurtSeattle Chicago Paris USA New York SeoulSan Jose Japan Ashburn China Tokyo Dallas Cairo Los Angeles Mexico Miami Egypt Qatar Taipei India Ho Chi Ming Mexico City Hong Kong Venezuela Bangkok Colombia Kuala Lumpur Singapore Existing 2011 Nodes Peru Brazil Jakarta Planned 2012 Nodes CDN Coverage San Paulo Australia Chile Sydney Buenos Aries Argentina
  10. 10. Solutions for Government Agencies The Xinhua News Agency is the official press Industry: Chinese Government agency of the government of the Peoples Entity: Xinhua News Agency Republic of China (PRC) and the biggest center for collecting information and press conferences in the PRC. Challenge Solution Result • Large database query load. • Routing optimizaton to improve • Accelerated site speed by as • Low avaliability due to rapid database query performance. three to ten folds. growth in online demand. • Multi-level redundancy to • Increased visitor participation • Weak on-line security. create high avaliability. after optimization. • Security feature at CDN nodes.“During the 17th Party Congress, CDN services played an Services Usedimportant role in Xinhua net’s smooth operation andensured the quality user experience even with massiveincrease in visits.” Shenghe Xie Head of Technology, Xinhua news Agency Web Cache Dynamic Vaule Add Acceleration Services in analytics
  11. 11. Solutions for Large On-line Portal Industry: Digital Media, Inc. headquartered in Beijing, People’s Republic of China. Sohu offer advertising, a search engine, Entity: Sohu on-line multiplayer gaming and other services. Sohu was ranked as the worlds 3rd and 12th fastest-growing company by Fortune in 2009 and 2010 respectively. As of August 2011, Sohu is currently the 44th overall in Alexas internet rankings. Challenge Solution Result • Lack of resources to meet the • ChinaCache’s massive CDN to • Increase in web traffic and demands of rapid growth. help off-load origin demand. significant reduction in • Increase in rich media content • VOD and dynamic acceleration operation costs. and dynamic content. to improve site performance. • Improved user experience in • Regional specific content. • Provide ability to customize rich media content. content to regions.“ChinaCache CDN provides Sohu users with excellent Services Useduser experience.” Lin Zhou VP of Technology, Sohu Web Cache Dynamic Vaule Add Video on Acceleration Services in Demand analytics
  12. 12. Solutions for Multi-national Enterprise BMW is a German automobile, motorcycle and engine Industry: Automobile manufacturing company founded in 1917. It also owns Entity: BMW and produces the Mini marque, and is the parent company of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.. Challenge Solution Result • China website is very slow. • Cache website inside China to • Significant improvement in user • Inability to handle sudden spike ensure in-country delivery. experience. in web traffic. • Bursting capabilities to handle • Improved user experience in • Need an effective way to short term traffic increases. rich media content. communicate with HQ from • File transfer service. • Local dealers can exchange large China. data files with HQ effectively.“ChinaCache provides professional service with fast Services Usedresponse.” Alan Yang CR & Internet Specialist, BMW Web Cache File Transfer Vaule Add Services in analytics
  13. 13. Solutions for Online Gaming Perfect World is a China-based online game company Industry: Gaming specializing in MMORPGs. Currently traded on NASDAQ Entity: Perfect World under the ticker: PWRD Challenge Solution Result • Increase in gaming application • Combine content delivery with • Dramatic improvement to and gaming user base. peer to peer technology to download speed at lower • Difficulty for fan to upload video reduce bandwidth usage. operational costs. to gaming site. • Create upload nodes in various • Fast video upload from fan base. • Video sharing cost is high. regions throughout China. • Happy players.“ChinaCache provides CDN services with a stable system, Services Usedexcellent service. Stable user experience helps PerfectWorld to win recognitions from customers.” Xiang Zhao Tech Director, Perfect World Web Cache File Vaule Add Download Services in analytics
  14. 14. A Company of Talents and Passion Productive Research andStrong Sales Presence Seasoned Operation Team DevelopmentSales offices throughout Experienced engineers Research development centersChina (Beijing, Shanghai, dedicated to monitoring and in Beijing, Shanghai, andGuangzhou, and Shenzhen) operation to ensure optimal Sunnyvale, California makeand in the US (Los Angeles, performance sure that we continue toand Sunnyvale) with innovateexecutive presence tocapture market growth
  15. 15. ChinaCache is the Global Gateway to Growth Local strength Global experience Record of excellence Deep and wide talent
  16. 16. Thank You!Contact UsPhone 1-866-998-3399 C3Edge James S. Ahn 2/28/2012