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Botswana Education Hub December Newsletter

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Botswana Education Hub In Action

  1. 1. EducationHub News REPUBLIC OF BOTSWANA CONTENTS BOTSWANA EDUCATION HUB DECEMBER 2013 Vol 2, 2 nd Edition NEWSLETTER contents Business Development • Top Achievers 2013 Farewell Dinner • BEH facilitates Partnerships • Botswana Education Hub Attends Rainbow Career fair • Ducere Foundation • Blind Motswana student inspiration • Botswana Education Hub won first price position at Global Expo Botswana 2013 • Nelson Mandela MoESD launches Adopt-A-School across the country • ” Top Achievers 2013 Road Show • use to change the world From the Coordinator’s Desk • Education is the most powerful weapon which you can Editor’s Note • “ • BiC donates pens to MoESD
  2. 2. EducationHub News EducationHub News pg 1 EDITOR’S NOTE known about BEH. Even though we did not make a time back in 2011, recorded companies in the initiative survey, most employees in the Ministry of Education were 32, but they have since multiplied to over 130, and Skills Development and outside customers share using over P191million to fund the projects. with us that they had little knowledge about the mandate The regional offices have been asked to coordinate it of BEH. This newsletter has done great in closing the at local level and provide reports on quarterly basis information gap. News appear to be just news, but I am because BEH can no longer cope with its growth. The informed through feedback from within the Ministry, impacts of Adopt A School will be shared with you that the newsletter has provided better insight on the starting next year, because by its nature, the results can roles of the Education Hub. never be immediate. We share the newsletter beyond the Ministry of We still count on you for advice and support for our Education and Skills Development; it reaches our education to continue to be the best in Africa. This is stakeholders in the Study in Botswana programme, Top a rebuilding period, a time to transform and use new Achievers Scholarship institutions, Adopt-A-School technologies, good methods, apply new content, adopt partners, embassies, ministries and other hubs. new mindsets and re-engineer the processes. We are at In the past edition, we shared with you one of our key crossroads - challenged by declining academic perfor- responsibilities, being ‘Capacity Building’. This time mances, new technologies, degeneration in morals, stu- nce more, I wish to invite our clients to enjoy we introduce Business Development; what it is, how it dents’ indiscipline, drugs in schools, rigid institutional reading our third e-newsletter in 2013. We is run and how it stands to benefit you as a Motswana management, obsolete teaching methods etc. intend to keep you informed as we see growth in the country. The question is, are we all awake to these facts, and if so in our initiatives, projects and popularity, however due Other news items are updates on the Adopt-A-School what in our little corner are we doing about it. to unforeseen circumstances we could not publish the launches across the country, performance of top achiev- Till next time!!! September edition. Nevertheless, some articles from ers internationally, Study in Botswana Ongwediva Trade July to September are included in this edition. Fair and partnerships that were established in the past We observe that, this time last year, there wasn’t much months. Adopt-A-School in particular is getting busier, Botswana Education Hub goes On Road Show O Labane Mokgosi Botswana Education Hub Director with an average of two launches each week. At the same From the Coordinator’s Desk solicit feedback on its programmes and suggestions bouring or feeder junior secondary schools. In on any strategic interventions for improved service 2014, students in the Junior Secondary Schools will to stakeholders. also be addressed on the objectives and benefits of the Top Achievers Scholarship Programme so as This edition comes soon after conclusion of the IB students the very best in their respective final secondary schools and some of their students, and examinations. We expect to interview a record num- representatives of the Botswana Students Network, ber of students for the Top Achievers scholarships to all the public Senior Secondary Schools. The information on the activities of the Hub, but to also year, we wish all the BGCSE, IGCSE, A-Level and BEH staff, staff of the local IB and A-Level private lication intended not only to disseminate As we enter the third and final term of the school their studies. The Roadshow took teams made up of T secondary level. 2013, intended to motivate students to excel in Education Hub (BEH) Newsletter, a pub- aspire and work towards qualifying at the senior that was conducted towards the end of August his is the fifth edition of the Botswana to foster excellence early enough for them to also Top Achievers Scholarship Programme Roadshow in April 2014!!!! teams addressed Form IV and V students on the Top Achievers Scholarship Programme as facilitated mainly by the Schools Guidance and Counselling departments. Also in attendance at the Roadshow events were Guidance and Counselling teachers from the neigh- Lucky T Moahi Botswana Education Coordinator Hub Thabang Molopo Motivating students at Mater Spei-College. B EH is extremely grateful to stakeholders that participated in the Top Achievers Road Show in August and September 2013. The Road Show addressed all government senior secondary school students on post-secondary education opportunities, particularly A Level and IB programmes and to disseminate information about the scholarship. Participating stakeholders were drawn from Gaborone Cluster of Private Secondary Schools, top achievers, Botswana International University of Science and Technology, Botswana Student Network and EDUSA. It was a blend of the old and young. Four groups toured the country from the 18th August to 13th September, starting from Matsha College in Kang through Ghanzi, Maun, Shakawe, and Francistown and down to the south until all schools were covered. Top Achievers were impressive through providing motivating discussion about the benefits of the programme and they shared their experiences as well. Four groups shared the responsibility. The Ministry of Education and Skills Development has embraced this as an opportunity to bring the different education sectors together for a common goal. Most schools have Pledge 48 Clubs, under which students volunteer and pledge to achieve 48 points in their final BGCSE examinations. It is made up of students that have serious ambition to break their previous records, to excel and get quality pass at the end. They have a pleasing need to take the world on, have a wide choice of career and universities as well as benefit from the available opportunities out there. In addition, they become content with their achievements and builds their self-confidence. The Road Show was a huge success, and BEH and the team want to make it even bigger in 2014. pg 2
  3. 3. pg 3 EducationHub News MoESD launches Adopt-A-School across the Country Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development, Mr Patrick Masimolole receiving mini bus from JAF Auto Dealers. Member of Parliament and Assistant Minister of Trade and Industry, Honourable Keletso Rakhudu and Homourable Ramadeluka Seretse opening library facilities from Botswana Stock Exchange. Botswana Stock Exchange in collaboration with Sebilo Books Services was donating a library to the schools. Several companies adopted schools across the country in the months of July, August and September 2013. Botswana Stock Exchange adopted Boitumelo Primary school in Sebele and the occasion was graced by the area Member of Parliament and Assistant Minister of Trade and Industry, Honourable Keletso Rakhudu B otswana Stock Exchange in collaboration with Sebilo Books Services donated library to the schools. The project consists refurbishing of classrooms, provision of furniture and books. The occasion was also graced by the Chief Executive Officer of Botswana Stock Exchange, the Managing Director of Sebilo Books, and Councillors for the areas, Regional Education Director for South East and other dignitaries from both government and private sectors. Other launches were at Mafetsakgang Primary School in Bobonong and Chakaloba Primary School in Topisi, which were graced by Honourable Shaw Khathi and Honourable Ramadeluka Seretse respectively. The adopter in both cases is still Botswana Insurance Holding Limited Trust also in collaboration with Sebilo Books Services. They will develop and improve libraries of the 2 schools in 2013. The companies started off by donating two sets of books, furniture and renovated old classrooms in the respective schools. The coordinator of BIHL Trust Fund Mr. Tiroyamodimo Modimoosi with Board Member of the trustee, Major General Bakwena Oaitsile graced the occasion; other dignitaries included Sub Region Council secretary, District Commissioner for Central District, Area Councillor and PTA for the schools. Deloitte Botswana and Alexandra Forbes adopted Mogoditshane and Ledumadumane Junior Secondary Schools in Mogoditshane. In Mogoditshane JSSS, Deloitte pledged to refurbish the school for the next 3 years. They started by replacing all the broken windows and doors, painting classrooms and constructing the shade for the garden. In the next 2 years they will continually be finding out what are the needs for the school and working together to address them. In addition, they will occasionally provide motivational talks to teachers and students. Alexandra Forbes will be assisting Ledumadumane CJSS with excellence awards for the next 4 years and sponsor excelling students at senior secondary schools by buying them stationery, uniform and other basic needs. They also constructed a classroom which they handed over to Ministry of Education and Skills Development during the occasion. The occasions were graced by the Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development Hon. Patrick Masimolole and the CEOs of both companies. In November, JAF Auto Dealers adopted Inalegolo Primary School in the Kgalagadi Region. The auto dealers took off the partnership by pledging a mini bus to the school, which was handed over to the Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development, Mr Patrick Masimolole. The combi was donated with sports equipment and stationery. Debswana adopted Sese Primary School in the same month. The partnership involves provision of education equipment and books to the school on yearly basis. Coodinator of Adopt a School Programme, Billie Loeto a ddressing students and Parents and teachers at Boitumelo Primary School.
  4. 4. pg 5 EducationHub News BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Business Development is one of the core responsibilities of Botswana Education Hub through which BEH builds part nerships to influence capacity building through negotiation of partnerships with strategic institutions and organizations particularly in niche areas. E ducation Hub is a facilitating body, rather than a specific project organization with upfront capital investment and discrete cash flows that is owns. It facilitates partnerships and foreign direct investment through forums that will nurture discussions between local and foreign organizations. BEH uses both in-coming and out-going education exploratory missions to attracts investors and partners in education, workshops in the SADC Region, International Trade Fairs and Botswana Missions across the world.Activities in the Business Development are guided by the following niche areas that have been identified for the Education Hub as most lucrative sectors for the economy: i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. ix. x. Medical and Health Science and Research Mining and Energy Business and Management Agriculture and Livestock Management Hospitality and Tourism Veterinary Science Conservation and Environment Peace and Justice Science and Technology Good Governance and Economic Management Business Development sector has the following functions: A. Development of new initiatives and start-ups. Example is Adopt-A-School programme B. Development and management of partnerships and relationships, some of which have resulted in both local and international memoranda of understanding. C. Management of BEH projects such as expansion of institutions and investments. D. Research and management of the education sector and make recommendations for policy changes for internationalization of education and training With effective international marketing, BEH should be able to attract foreign education suppliers to establish areas that are currently not well serviced in Botswana. This will have benefits both of a better skill range and because the competition, will encourage more efficiency in current education institutions. These impacts will be longer term. The BEH Business Plan recommends the Hub to move to realization of partnerships and projects in support of the internationalization and quality development of the designated areas of priority, which are listed above. Feasibility studies have been done and the following priority projects are recommended: Niche Education Hub Approach Medical and Science Support internationalization of medical education provided by existing entities; Research support capacity strengthening for international public health and health promotion, allied health professions and traditional health, supporting the creation of a national research fund and support for industry at international standards; help with international linkages; consider recommending a scholarship program to support graduate entrants to Botswana-based research programs, including some for international students. Mining and Energy Leverage industry’s strong training and international profile to support diversification and sustainable development, stronger R&D, clean coal and stronger minor minerals presence. Business and Prospective transforming programs in training and at enterprise level including Management export opportunities; an African-leading General School of Management (GSM) or GSB; senior public sector staff college or GS Public Admin or Government. Agriculture Articulation and consolidation of present education and research capacities; open and Livestock issue of whether a new entity is required; sustainable pastoral and agricultural use Management of arid and semi-arid lands; major marketing push. Hospitality and Africa-best resort / hotel management school at the peak of growing diverse tourTourism ism and hospitality programmes – could be associated with UB campus at Maun or a stand alone; follow BOCCIM and other private sector needs. Conservation and Dispersed network of institutions including NGOs with international presence; Environment strong arid/semi arid orientation; retain link to wildlife management and sustainable rangelands; major theme of BIUST and partnerships; likely relationships to help build international linkages and support. This is very strong in Botswana’s brand for international students. Veterinary Science Strong practice base, there are few institutions in Southern Africa; possibility of major institution could be scoped along with other possible initiatives. Peace and Justice This niche needs further definition; develop education, training, research and engagement programmes to serve the Southern African Region and beyond. Hold early search conference to identify leadership roles for Botswana, and develop the most promising proposals, whether through a new institution or an active programme led by existing institutions. Science and Much else happening, BIUST is dominant element of BEH’s engagement; its planTechnology ning gives Education Hub good guide to modes of support and sources of funding.
  5. 5. EducationHub News pg 8 BEH Facilitates Partnerships B usiness Development is one of the core responsibilities of Botswana Education Hub through which BEH Botswana Education Hub continues to facilitate partnership for our institutions in the government with private organizations. The Permanent Secretary, Ms Muzila signed an Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of Tsodilo CJSS in Maun and Moremi Safaris, which establishes cooperation between the two in social support of disadvantaged students and motivation of top achieving students. Moremi Safaris will provide social support and academic motivation to students from disadvantaged family backgrounds and students who excel in academic performance at Tsodilo Junior Secondary School by offering five students who excel in academic performance and ten disadvantaged students a free safari which includes inter alia two nights’ accommodation, meals, game drive, game viewing, boat cruises and game walks. They will also provide school uniforms to ten (10) disadvantaged students annually including school bags and stationery. This MoU will run for five years from September 2013. The Minister of Education and Skills Development signed an MoU between Botswana MoESD and Ohio University In 1989, Ohio University initiated the Sir Ketumile Masire Scholarship, which is a full tuition scholarship offered to one (1) student who is a Botswana citizen studying in any graduate program at Ohio. The fellowship is renewable each year until the student completes his or her graduate program. In an effort to build upon this existing relationship, the cooperation between GoB and Ohio will include, but not be limited to faculty mobility programming, student mobility programming, collaborative research, teaching and engagement and other mutually agreed upon educational programmes. Ohio will offer partial tuition scholarships annually to five full time post-graduate Botswana citizen students who have applied for admission to the appropriate academic department through OHIO’s online application system and have met the departmental and university standards to study in any graduate degree programme offered at OHIO. The role and importance of partnerships in education cannot be over-emphasised. They add value to the education system and promote innovativeness in public education. The private sector bring in a different dimension to education; they inculcate a culture to think and work like business people such as being aware of time, usage of resources economically and producing more with less.
  6. 6. pg 9 EducationHub News EducationHub News Botswana Education Hub Attends Rainbow Career Fair pg 10 DUCERE FOUNDATION I particular, mentors have a genuine interest in helping students to grow and n an effort to improve children’s academic performance, the Ducere succeed. For the students across the pilot schools, they use access to mentors Foundation, an Australian based organisation in partnership with as a powerful motivator, because it provides access to an extended network three mentioned subject areas. Dūcere Foundation encourages reading, as in Botswana at a pilot stage in six schools found in three regions; Chobe well as public speaking skills through providing students with articles to Region (Kasane and Pandamatenga Primary Schools), South East Region read and then write reports or make presentations, which is a good way of (Ithuteng and Tshwaragano Primary Schools) and Kgalagadi region (Kang building a child’s confidence and self-esteem. Furthermore, the students are and Mahusane Primary Schools) and recently been established in Zambia, taken on thirty minutes library sessions on a daily basis and introduced to early 2013. educational games or activities in between lessons to boost their morale and By establishing education principles and practice, Dūcere aims to ensure concentration in class. that children are provided with the opportunity to live, learn and grow into The rewards of structural development of Peace Centres are undoubtedly tomorrow’s leaders. There are no shortcuts to success; therefore Ducere has worth the effort - it is enough of a reward on its own. The world-first initia- programs operating from a range of curriculum design, ensuring adequate tive builds on the ancient tradition of the Kgotla, as a meeting place, it helps food supplies to primary school children, providing mentors in schools per discuss and resolve issues and disputes within the community. class to bridge the communication gap between students and teachers, to use This is one of the oldest democratic traditions in the world. Children are of computers, i-pads and internet utilities in schools. empowered to understand and communicate in positive and meaningful dia- The School Improvement Program (SIP) which is the main focus of Ducere, logue, to promote peace and equality, become advocates for positive change places mentors each year in standard seven classes in each of the six schools. and consequently develop into future leaders. Currently, Ducere has success- These are fresh graduates acquired through the Department of National fully funded 3 peace centres in Ithuteng, Pandamantenga and Kasane Primary Internship Program. The main duty of the mentors is to bridge the commu- Schools. The one in Ithuteng is already at its functional use as it was complet- nication gap between students and teachers, ensuring that students grasp and ed and officially opened last year, the other two are still under construction. understand the concepts delivered by teachers in Maths, Science and English In the words of Professor Di Fleming, Dūcere Foundation Director, “a child subjects, which are the three main focal subjects to improve. This is done B SIP aims to provide the students with a little bit more than assistance in the learners and leaders. Established in April 2012, Ducere has been operating otswana Education Hub (BEH) made a special appearance this year at Rainbow School Career Fair amongst others. Rainbow Career fair started as massive event, pulling sizeable number of students and locally and internationally schools. BEH stall seemed to be the most visited stall as the student were interested and acquiring more about the Top Achievers Scholarship programme. BEH Director was invited as the guest speaker and had opportunity to enlighten students about the importance of the career fair in schools and importance of choosing the right career. BEH representatives - Thapelo, Motshidisi and Tshepiso - were in the stall to sell Top Achievers Scholarship to students. They explained to students that the scholarship is intended for a select number of student with outstanding academic performance to pursue careers that are of strategic importance in terms of driving the economic diversification agenda of Botswana. BEH believes every student has the potential to excel if they so wish. Potential simply means ‘what you can do, but have not yet done’. Students must understand that every human being is born with unlimited potential, there is a vast pool of untapped ability in each one of them. The only question is: Are they willing to seek it out and bring it to fulfillment. Statement to student “I want to pass” is not enough, they have to do more. of resources and contacts. unturned in reaching their goal to develop young, passionate and motivated Motshidisi and Thapelo attending student at Rainbow. the Ministry of Education and Skills Development, will leave no stone who feels love and support is a child ready to learn”. Our students across all either on one-on-One with a student, in small groups or large groups. Mentors the six schools have shown good improvement in their performance across focus on the individual first, and it is through the relationship and trust built all the three subjects, with a rate of 17% between Term-II 2012 and Term-II between the mentor and each student that confidence is built and learning 2013. becomes central to the life of each child are realised. They have managed to motivate students as it is a key factor in any worthwhile endeavour and, in
  7. 7. pg 11 EducationHub News BLIND MOTSWANA STUDENT INSPIRATIONAL G oabaone Montsho lost his eyesight at age 15 because of a medical condition, but it hasn’t stopped him from going to university, writing for the school newspaper or mentoring others. Montsho arrived to Nanaimo from Botswana three years ago and is studying Anthropology at Vancouver Island University. While he faces challenges, he said he is willing to take them on and hopes to inspire others. Montsho attends classes with a note taker and dictates his answers to a scribe during exams. VIU disability services staff scan textbooks and convert them to PDFs, then he uses a computerized screen reader to study, read, write papers and email. He is one of 637 students currently registered in VIU’s disability services department. On Dec. 3 - the International Day of Persons with Disabilities - VIU will host a community event to raise awareness for the services available for people who, like Montsho, live with disabilities. “Being legally blind isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a person,” Montsho said. “Anyone can overcome life’s obstacles.” BOTSWANA EDUCATION HUB Debra Hagen, who co-ordinates disability services at VIU, said technological advances in the past two years have made a world of difference for people with disabilities. “As one example, students with hearing impairments can use smart pens which are called Livescribe,” she said. “It looks like a regular pen but has a built-in recorder. The student takes notes in class on special paper, and later uses the pen to tap on key words to play back that part of the lecture.” GETS FIRST PRIZE AT GLOBAL EXPO BOTSWANA, 2013 G During next week’s community event, 14 organizations will showcase a wide range of services and programs available to assist people with disabilities. The event is open to the public and takes place from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the upper cafeteria, building 300. (Story by 250-729-4230 © Copyright 2013) Mr lobal Expo Botswana 2013, Botswana’s premier business-to-business exhibition hosted and managed by Botswana Investment and Trade Centre was held on the 23 to 26 November, 2013 at the Fairgrounds under the Theme “Promoting Investment through Innovative Business Partnerships and Trade Exchange”. Oarabile Phefo addressing College student during the career fair held at Francistown College of Training and Vocational Education (FCTVE) in Francistown. The aim of the Exhibition is to offer exhibitors an opportunity to actively promote their businesses and stimulate intra-regional business exchange. Botswana Education Hub participated and it was yet another opportunity for BEH to sell their mandate to the stakeholders and community at large, as well as to develop business partnerships. BEH was one of the expo sponsors and presented at the business seminar to share with other businesses investment in Botswana through education. Through its participation, BEH scooped First Prize in the category of NATIONAL BUSINESS SERVICES. BEH is thankful to all who visited their stall because they make their existence worthwhile.
  8. 8. pg 13 EducationHub News BiC Donates Pens to MoESD T he Minister of Education and Skills Development, Hon Dr Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi received 52 000 pens from BiC on the 16th December 2013 in the Ministry Headquarters. Mr Michael Essiq handed to pens to the Minister on behalf of BiC. BiC is a French company that has a branch in Botswana where they manufacture their products. Some Batswana hold shares in the company. The pens will be given to learners in government schools at the beginning of 2014. Mr Michael Essack, on behalf of BiC, handed over the 52 000 pens to the Minister. He said, “the gesture is their contribution towards the community that supports them in their business.” By donating, pens they want every child in every school to have a pen to write, because without a pen, learners may be de-motivated to learn. A pen looks small but has a big role in a learners life. In her speech, Honourable Minister appre- Minister of Education and Skills Development, hon Dr Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi next to Mr Michael Essiq from BiC. ciated the donation, more so that the pens are Botswana manufactured products, by a foreign company run by Batswana. She said, “To improve results, a donation of pens will go a long way in that every child will have a gadget to use to write at the beginning of the year.” Venson-Moitoi said that Adopt A School catalyses everybody’s participation in schools, starting with an old lady sweeping the school compound in her village to multi-national companies. While some learners find it easy to own a pen, there are some who find it a difficult commodity to own, and when having it they will safely protect and use it until it runs out. At the end the Minister encouraged BiC to spread the message of Adopt A School, and encourage other companies to take part as well.
  9. 9. pg 15 EducationHub News BOTSWANA EDUCATION HUB Contacts us: Postal Address Ministry of Education & Skills Development Private Bag 005 Gaborone, Botswana Physical Address Ministry of Education HQ 3 rd floor Government Enclave Gaborone Botswana Education Hub wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. p: +(267) 3674540 f: +(267) 3105865 E: Designed and published by: Thapelo Kebalepile Email: