Portfolio 2011


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Portfolio, der viser arbejde inden for design til print og online medier, visuel identitet, illustrationer og messestande.

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Portfolio 2011

  1. 1. Irene Schwarz Poulsen | Tlf. 28 10 76 52 | ireneschwarzpoulsen@gmail.comIrene Schwarz PoulsenPortfolioEksempler på arbejde inden for grafisk design
  2. 2. Portfolio | Design til print Irene Schwarz Poulsen | Tlf. 28 10 76 52 | ireneschwarzpoulsen@gmail.com Eksempler på detaljer fra rapporten.SamfundsrapportKunde: MIcrosoft Danmark · Opgave: Design af rapport om Microsofts engagement i samfundet · Målgruppe: Politikere · Årstal: 2009
  3. 3. Portfolio | Design til print Irene Schwarz Poulsen | Tlf. 28 10 76 52 | ireneschwarzpoulsen@gmail.com n ate Pla The IDA Climate Plan Future Climate A Clim The ID The Id a clim ate pla Engineering Solutions Techni tion and cal ene n rgy sys tem ana 2050 emiss lysis, eff conseq ions of ects on uences greenh fuel con 13 engineering participating , comme ouse gas sump- and hea rcial pot es, soc engeneering associations lth cos ent ials io-econ ts , emplo omic yment Binding targets to drive effect s development towards GHG reductions Call for a framework for joint technology development Achieve GHG reductions by using energy more wisely Action needed in the transport sector MAIN REPORT ARY Backgr SUMM ound reporT Joint report Eksempler på faglige rapporter fra projektet. Informationsfolder om Future Climate projektet. Program 3rd of September 2009 09.00-10.30 Registration and coffee Poster exhibition of the 15.45-16.05 National Climate Plans Key conclusions of Future Climate and recommendations 10.30-10.40 Welcome Lars Bytoft, President for the UN COP 15 of the Danish Society of Engineers Marit Stykket, President 16.05-16.35 of The Norwegian Society How can the results be of Engineers and Technologis used in the climate negotiati ts (NITO) 10.40-10.45 Welcome by chair of the Alexander Ochs, Director on? day of Forum for Atlantic Climate and Energy Talks (FACET) CONFERENCE Steffen Kretz, The Danish 16.35-17.35 Broadcasting Corporation Panel of COP 15 negotiato rs 10.45-11.45 Key note: ‘Climate change Discussion about how the National Climate plans & the third Industrial revolutio and the knowledge of Future Jeremy Rifkin, President n’ be used in COP 15 negotiation Climate can of the Foundation on Economic s. and acknowledged author Trends (FOET) Future Climate – of 17 books. Among these, ‘The Hydrogen Economy” Denmark: Thomas Christensen , COP15 Financial Negotiator, the Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy Engineering Solutions Sweden: Lars Grundberg, Ambassador of Sweden in Denmark Japan: Mr. Seiichi Kondo, Ambassador of Japan in Denmark 17.35-17.50 Photo competition – Award 11.45-12.15 ceremony , Denmark note: Climate Change and the need for action Key Marit Stykket, President 2009 in Copenhagen of The Norwegian Society 3rd - 4th September of Engineers and Technologis Wanna Tanunchaiwatana, ts (NITO) 17.50 Conclusions and closing Manager of Technology Programme, UNFCCC of the day Ulf Bengtsson, President of The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers 18.00 Dinner world ns are essential if the Engineering solutio Most of the able climate future. is to build a sustain changes 12.15-13.15 Lunch d to help stop climate technologies require yet to be le, while others are 13.15-15.15 Results of Engineering are already availab Solutions and recomme ndations for the UN COP15 developed. Finland: Merja Strengell, President of TEK Germany: Klaus Riedle, ering associations from Chairman of the VDI Society for Energy Technology At the conference engine India: Cdr. A. K. Poothia, Secretary & Director General, t their The Institute of Engineers the world will presen Ireland: Jim Gannon, Chairman (India) 12 countries around ns for Japan: Dr. Mutsuhiro Arinobu, of the Energy and Environmen t Division, Engineers Ireland and recommendatio President of The Japan national climate plans Norway: Marit Stykket, President of The Norwegian Society of Mechanical Engineers plan. Society of Engineers a global climate action and Technologis ts Sweden: Ulf Bengtsson, President of The Swedish Association of Graduate ers the beginning for engine UK: Keith Millard, President Engineers of the Institution of Mechanical The Conference marks dge Denmark: Lars Bytoft, Engineers to exchange their knowle President of The Danish Society of Engineers from all over the world USA: Landis Kannberg, Chair of the ASME Climate Change Taskforce. on climate solutions. 15.15-15.45 Coffee break Denma rk 31-33 · Copenhagen · ers · Kalvebod Brygge Venue: The House of Engine Invitation til Future Climate konferencen. Avisannoncer.Materialer til Future Climate projektKunde: Ingeniørforeningen, IDA · Opgave: Design af en række trykte materialer til IDAs Future Climate projekt · Målgruppe: Offentligheden, IDAs medlemmer, politikere · Årstal: 2008-2009
  4. 4. Portfolio | Udstillingsdesign Irene Schwarz Poulsen | Tlf. 28 10 76 52 | ireneschwarzpoulsen@gmail.comBilleder af den færdige udstilling i forhallen. 3D-visualisering af udstilling i forhallen. Billeder af bannere ophængt i konferencesalen. 3D-visualisering af konferencesalen med bannere. Udstilling til klimakonferencen Future Climate Kunde: Ingeniørforeningen, IDA · Opgave: Design af en udstilling til en konference i forbindelse med IDAs Future Climate projekt · Målgruppe: Medlemmer af ingeniørorganisationer Årstal: 2009
  5. 5. Portfolio | Design til print Irene Schwarz Poulsen | Tlf. 28 10 76 52 | ireneschwarzpoulsen@gmail.com Why should injections nique be unpleasant & difficult? Elegant & U LEVA Signifi ® es ign · Unique Des ant and user friendly They should not. eleg - Discreet, ts in hand shape that fi - Ergonomic lution A Flexible So can be designed to match nality ® platform customize the · Safety injury le with Functio The LEVA risk of needle nts. We can LEVA® is a state of the art innovation within injec- c requireme s, - Minimized tentional Combining Sty disposable auto injector. ed your specifi size and sha pe to a vari ety of syringe - Skin sensor preventing unin tion solutions, reinforcing the competitive edge of LEVA is a ® patent ign and uni que functionality, tions. releases your drug brand and taking safety and ease of use industrial des medica dose It’s elegant -designed to your needles and to a higher level. be custom functions can medication . · Ease of Use and activation specific Intuitive grip steps - preparation LEVA® is disposable and designed for subcuta- use with no - Ready for neous injections of fixed doses. A skin sensor and automatic needle retraction assure maximum safety. With an intuitive design, small size and few user steps; LEVA® provides a fast, easy and safe pathway Key Features to injection. g venient handlin · Easy and con and design nomic shape “With it’s ergo and intuitive Learn more about LEVA® and our injection solutions · Intelligent safety window, ge inspection for maximum on www.medicomnordic.com · Skin sensor insertion and retraction the lar endly · Automatic concealing the needle most user fri VISIT US AT BOOTH #1002! LEVA is the mechanism , ® and safely te” permanently ve ® en to da se auto injectorLEVA 30 years, RA Patient. ection window I ha · Large insp rmation of dose confi Lars Schultz , · Audible end Therapy isable fe into your Inject New Li · Fully custom LEVA® LEVA ® A Unique and Versatile Plat form LEVA® Quick Guide B&O Medicom is a leading expert in the design, development and supply of innovative drug delivery devices and sensor based technologies with a focus on patient compliance..com415 Annonce 1. Remove safety cap 2. Press LEVA® firmly against 3. Activate the trigger button the skin and wait for audible dose confirmation. The device can be disposed of* Produktbrochure *In disposing of LEVA®, follow local regulations concerning the handling of potentially infectious materials or check with your doctor or pharmacist for instructions on how to dispose of used needles and syringes in your area. QuickGuide ”Leva” produktmaterialer Kunde: B&O Medicom · Opgave: Design af trykte materialer for autoinjektionssprøjten ”Leva” · Målgruppe: Medicinalbranchen, læger · Årstal: 2008
  6. 6. Portfolio | Design til print Irene Schwarz Poulsen | Tlf. 28 10 76 52 | ireneschwarzpoulsen@gmail.com Wisdom House The five basi c conditions To what extent do you think tha Being Open current position t you in your behave in acco Consider how the basic cond rdance with important the fol ition? relating to Being lowing statemen Open are to yo ts extent they are u and to what present in your organization English appendix To this question, 72% of the resp or very great exte ondents answer nt. Honoring Exp they behave acco behave according erience follows rding to Being with 71% of the Open to a grea New Day Company Potential 65% answ to this basic cond er they behave ition to a great according to this respondents who or very great exte nt. When it com answer they es to Trusting t The respondents were asked to Wisdom House Survey condition to a grea extent they wer evaluate the imp With Deepening t or very great exte e present in thei ortance of five nt. between importa r organization statements and Relationship, nce and presenc . The two stat to what this condition 65% of the resp ements with the to a great or very ondents answer es were the follo largest gap question, whe great extent. It they behave acc wing: re 43% of the is an interesting ording to As for the stat dance with this respondents comparison to ement “There condition to a think their imm the previous respondents is willingness great or very ediate manage find it very or to change attit great extent. r behaves in acc extremely imp ude and standpo or- organization to ortant, and 30% int”, 80% of the Embracing Pres a great or very of them think ence is the basi great extent. it is present in respondents (53% c condition that their 10 ) thinking they beha gets the lowest Regarding the score with clos statement “You ve according to e to half of the r colleagues are this condition to respondents open and forth a great or very find it very or coming”, 88% great extent. organization to extremely imp of the a great or very ortant, and 53% great extent. of them think 100% it is present in their 19% 18% 12% 20% 18% ➧ There is willin gness to change 11 1% 2% attitude and stan Importance 17% dpoint Presence 49% 4% 14% You can be you 49% 31% 41% rself without havi 1% ng to take on 26% 4% 50% 53% 45% Importance 3% a role 53% 14% 47% Presence 4% 38% 9% 30% 43% There is room 38% To a very great for your opinions 17% Importance extent 0% 0% To a great exten Importance 10% Not important t 40% Presence Somewhat impo To some exten 9% rtant t 34% 2% 25% 49% 27% Important To a small exten 24% ➧ Your colleagu 43% t 23% es are open and 20% Very important Not at all 29% 0% 1% forthcoming Importance 0% 10% Extremely impo 0% 4% 0% Presence 46% rtant 4% 0% 7% 8% 9% 1% 35% 42% Being Open 1% 5% 1% Honoring Diversity is app 42% Presence Deepening reciated Experience Embracing 11% Relationships Trusting 2% Not at all Presence Importance * We have exclu Potential 4% 22% To a small exten ded “Do not know Presence 3% t ** The numbers ” responses from 10% 45% the graph 39% To some exten we refer to in 26% t the text are fram 0% ed in the grap 20% 33% To a great exten h above 40% 12% t 60% To a very great ©New Day Compa ny 2010 * We have exclu 80% exten t ded “Do not know 100% ** The statement ” responses from s we refer to in the graph the text are mark ed in the grap hs abov e ©New Day Compa ny 2010 Forside Eksempel på opslag med tekst og figurer sat op i et stramt og minimalistisk layout.Wisdom House Survery rapportKunde: New Day Company · Opgave: Design af rapport med en række undersøgelsesresultater om ledelse · Målgruppe: Erhvervsledere Årstal: 2010