Discover 101 'secrets' 

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All about 101 'secrets' please visit

All about 101 'secrets' please visit

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  • 1. "Discover 101 'Secrets'  That Lie Hidden in Your Microsoft Excel Program"
  • 2.
    • Sure! You Can Search the Internet and Find Excel Tips But Finding the Really Great Ones Is Like Panning for Gold. It Takes a Lot of Time and Patience.
  • 3. You will learn these time-saving tips + 94 more!!
    • • Tip #12: Delete all blank rows in your list in just seconds using this trick -- even if your list has thousands of rows.
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    • • Tip #21: Create a table of contents using hyperlinks to make moving around large complex workbooks as easy as surfing the Internet.
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    • • Tip #31: Summing just the data that meets a certain condition is easy when you know this tip .
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    • Tip #44: Link Text Boxes to data in cells. You'll find lots of uses for this and it's so easy to do  !
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    • Tip #53: This trick will show you how you can use different formatting on text in the same cell.
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    • • Tip #59: Don't like the colors you are limited to in Excel? Would you like an unlimited choice of colors for your fonts and backgrounds? Get my ebook NOW and I'll reveal this secret to you.
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    • Tip #93: Create a custom filtering toolbar to make working with your lists a breeze . If you work with lists, YOU NEED THIS!
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    • • My ebook contains 94 more great time-saving tricks that are waiting to turn you into a 'Local Excel Expert' .
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    • "100% Money Back Guarantee"
    • If the tips in this ebook don't significantly improve your productivity in Excel AND significantly improve your enjoyment of Excel, then just send me an email within 60 days and I'll instantly refund your money. 
    • No questions asked.  
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    • These Tips Can Quickly and Dramatically Boost Your Productivity in Excel
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