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  • The vision of Artistry
    True Science, True Beauty. So what is it
  • The Artistry product works synergically with approved Nutrilite ingredients
  • With technology and renowed scientist to produce the unique Artistry product
  • New Pure White is your daily skincare partner for restoring your skin to natural white beauty
  • The products of Pure White has been developed by internal and External experts
  • Dr Di Qu has over 16 years of industry experience in formulation and product development. He holds 2 pending patents – one for skin whitening technology and another for pigment dispersion technology. Qualification – With a PHD in Chemical & Biochemical from the prstigious Rutgers University
  • Olivier van Doorne is President and Worldwide Creative Director for SelectNY. They are our image, packaging and design consultants for Artistry.
  • Beside that, Artistry R&D has a system to identify new functional ingredients.
    C1. This cartoon shows the necessary steps.
    C2. It starts from literature review,
    C3. which leads to identifying useful botanicals.
    C4. from there, we extract the useful components from the plant using both polar and non-polar solvents.
    C5. Then we conduct further isolation steps,
    C6. on the polar an non-polar fractions.
    C7. Then the components are tested on a highly automated bio-assay system which detects hundreds of samples at a time. Each cell shown here has a different condition.
    C8. When a component shows activity it is easily detected.
    C9. A final decision on activity is made based on this test.
  • After having a formula, we conduct in-house in-vitro tests, such as
    C1. the relationship of product pH and whitening efficacy
    C2. tyrosinase inhibition test
    C3. and whitening test on cultured skin model.
  • . These two photos show the results of in-vitro whitening test. As we can see the product treated sample on the right shows less pigment than a control sample on the left.
  • This slide shows an example of identifying new active ingredients.
    C1. Each of the four ingredients shown here had previously been used individually.
    C2. Then we put two scientists in a room to search for synergistic effects among those ingredients.
  • With new ingredients we can start to formulate a product. Formulation combines science and art. When you put 30 ingredients in one formula it requires many different tests.
    C1. we need to investigate the chemical compatibility of those ingredients.
    C2. to test for the desired texture,
    C3. skin feel,
    C4. develop fragrance.
    C5. and conduct stability tests on chemical, physical and microbial properties to ensure they do not change too much over time.
  • After in-vitro tests, we conduct clinical studies for safety and efficacy claims. They are done
    C1. in an independent testing lab
    C2. on the Asian skin
    C3. include all skin types
    C4. self perceived sensitive skin
    C5. clinically graded by dermatologists which include
    C6. irritation and
    C7. acnegenecity studies.
  • The formula is then examined in our pilot plant. The batch size of this tank is between the lab and production to determine how the product can be made most efficiently and consistently in the plant. It requires experienced chemical engineers to do the work properly. Flow properties, temperature, mix time, and order of addition are critical parameters to consider.
  • When the formula reaches our world class manufacturing plant, it is made by our experienced workers using computer controlled, high efficiency, and high quality manufacturing facility to ensure the ultimate quality of the product.
    These two photos show the top view of the mix tanks in our cosmetic plant.
  • Quality control is a very important step of the production of Artistry products. Every raw material is carefully inspected before it is used in a production, and every product is carefully checked after each production to ensure it has good quality.
    This photo shows a quality scientist inspecting incoming raw materials.
  • New Pure White is your daily skincare partner for restoring your skin to natural white beauty
  • Let us now look at the cross section of the skin
    There are three main layers in the skin. Hypodermis, Epidermis and Dermis. Dermis is a layer which makes skin elastic and flexible. Fibers ,Collagen and Elastin are running through it.
    Other layer Epidermis is what helps to provide the skin protective barrier.
    The sweat glands highlighted helps to secrete sweat and toxins from our body
  • So, what causes melanin formation? Basically, there are four major causes, UV rays in the sunlight, genes, hormones, and inflammation.
    C1. They act separately, or together, on the epidermal cells.
    C2. The cells then produce cytokines or other signaling molecules such as MSH and send the chemicals to melanocytes.
    C3. Upon receiving the signals melanocytes produce the enzyme tyrosinase
    C4. which synthesize new melanin.
    C5. Finally, the melanin is transferred to the epidermal cells and darkens the skin color.
  • Here is a little scientific background about the formation of melanin in the skin.
    C1. We know that melanin is produced by the pigment cells called melanocytes.
    C2. Melanocytes live at the dermal and epidermal junction. They produce melanin containing vesicles called melanosomes.
    C3. Melanosoems transfer to keratinocytes to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.
  • <number>
    This cartoon illustrate the phenomenon.
    C1. The sun sends out UV rays which act on the keratinocytes.
    C2. The cells then produce signaling molecules, such as alpha-MSH,
    C3. which stimulates the melanocytes to produce melanin.
    C4. In severe cases, UV rays stimulate the melanocytes directly
    C5. and cause proliferation of melanocytes.
    C6. Dark spots form as the result.
  • <number>
    Estrogen causes epidermal cells to release MSH (Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone)
    This causes additional melanocytes to grow and triggers the melanocytes to release their stored melanosomes.
  • <number>
    1) Irritation causes the living cells to release a variety of chemical signals
    2) The body responds with increased blood flow and “agents” that fight the irritating substances. This is the inflammation response.
    3) As the skin heals some of the chemical messengers are misinterpreted by the melanocytes as a command to produce and release melanin.
    4) A localized spot of darker color is formed or PIH
  • . So, let’s start with the concept of Pure White skin whitening.
  • <number>
    Let’s first look at alpha-MSH and see how it induces hyperpigmentation.
    C1: UV rays or other factors act on the keratinocytes.
    C2: The genes in those cells are activated
    C3: and more MSH molecules are produced
    C4: The MSH then bonds to the receptor on the melanocytes.
    C5: This activates the genes in the melanocytes and
    C6: more melanin is produced in the cells and
    C7: transfers to the epidermal cells and darkens the skin.
  • <number>
    How does it actually work? From the previous slide we knew that bonding of MSH to the receptor stimulates the melanocytes to produce melanin.
    C1: Now, if we stop or slow down the receptor bonding step, the genes in melanocytes will not be overly stimulated, and therefore less melanin is produced.
  • This slide illustrates the actions. We first block the signal receptor on the melanocyte so that less signals are received to produce melanin. Then, we control the transcription process to reduce the production of tyrosinase. Then, we inhibit the activity of tyrosinase so that less melanin is formed. Also, we can switch the melanin production process so that more light melanin, known as phaeomelanin, and less dark melanin, known as eumelanin, are produced. After that, we can inhibit the melanosome transfer process to slow down the transfer of melanin to the epidermal cells. Finally, in addition to all those actions, we also inhibit the melanin precursor polymerization process in the epidermal cells so that the skin will show less immediate darkening upon UV exposure. I am proud to say that we have identified ingredients for each of the mechanisms in our next generation Pure White products.
  • The whitening regimen is an holistic balance approach because all products work synergistically to prevent, treat and protect the skin from skin discloouration
  • All new Pure White products contains the Pure White Balancing Complex that prevents, treats and protects the skin from hyperpigmentation, ensuring a holistic, balanced approach to skin whitening
  • Aside from the effective brighteners found in the Pure White Balancing complex, the gentle, natural lighteners found in the new Artistry Pure White essence includes:
  • <number>
    For oily skin, our concern is with over production of skin oil.
  • <number>
    To control skin oil, we use the following two technologies in our products:
    Microsponge particles to absorb surface oil, and
    Zn or Cu PCAs to inhibit the sebaceous gland to produce less sebum.
  • The floral fragrance – found in all Pure White products – evokes a relaxing, comfortable, graceful feeling.
  • New Pure White is your daily skincare partner for restoring your skin to natural white beauty
  • Pure White 2008 Cdr

    1. 1. Pure White A perfect balance to natural white beauty
    2. 2. Pure White A perfect balance to natural white beauty
    3. 3. AGENDA • All about ARTISTRY • Internal & External Experts • Process of development • Skin factors – causes of unbalanced melanin production • Pure White System – A Perfect Balance to Natural White Beauty • Selling tips
    4. 4. Artistry is currently sold inArtistry is currently sold in over 50 countriesover 50 countries worldwide!worldwide! Asia is the region with greatest sales, with almost 80% of the total Artistry sales!
    5. 5. The ARTISTRY brand is the only direct-sell brand classified in the prestige category.
    6. 6. • Over 35 years experience • Over $1 Billion in annual sales globally • 114 Worldwide Patents • 78 Patents Pending • 88 Publications
    7. 7. Artistry – “True Science, True Beauty”
    8. 8. Artistry is about truth. Truth in science – by focusing on your skin’s health and its appearance. Cultivating emerging technologies and the collective knowledge of leading practitioners in the field of dermatology gives. Artistry, the cutting edge in modern skin care.
    9. 9. Artistry is about truth. Truth in beauty – by celebrating the individual beauty with every woman. Experience the endless, exception benefits Artistry skin care and cosmetics provide
    10. 10. Artistry skincare research is committed to the synergy of health and beauty
    11. 11. Artistry beauty is based in proprietary science
    13. 13. BRAND PROMISE A Holistic, Balanced Approach to Skin Whitening PREVENT, TREAT and PROTECT
    14. 14. Internal and External Experts New Artistry Pure White has been developed by foremost leaders in the field of skin care research and science.
    15. 15. Dr. Di Qu Senior Research Scientist INTERNAL EXPERTS Genius – The Mind Behind Pure White
    16. 16. In collaboration with: • Dr. Amit Chandra, Analytical Chemist • Debbie Deppa, Senior Research Scientist • Dr. David Fast, Molecular Biologist • Jesse Leverett, Senior Research Scientist INTERNAL EXPERTS: Center for Skin Health Research • Chris Masotti, Group Leader Skin Care Product Development • Dr. Steve Missler, Biochemist • Dr. Esther Patrick, Toxicologist • Dr. Haeri Roh-Schmidt, Molecular Biologist • Louise Schneider, Senior Scientist • Dr. Paul Seehra, Biomedical Engineer
    17. 17. EXTERNAL EXPERT Dr. John Pawelek • Yale University • Recognized authority on pigmentation research development • Artistry Scientific Advisory Board member Credibility – Validating the Technology
    18. 18. Olivier van Doorne World Wide Creative Director, SelectNY EXTERNAL EXPERT Design – The inspiration behind the look
    19. 19. Process of Developing New IngredientsProcess of Developing New Ingredients Literature Search Obtain Botanicals Polar N-Polar Further Isolate fractions Bio Assay Activity Screens Activity???
    20. 20. In House Efficacy Testing – In Vitro Studies • Relationship of product pH and whitening efficacy • Tyrosinase inhibition test • Pigment inhibition test on Melanoderm (a skin model of reconstructed human epidermis with melanocytes)
    21. 21. In House Efficacy Testing – In Vitro Studies Control Pure White Essence Treated
    22. 22. Process of Testing New Ingredients Searching for synergistic effects Bearberry Acerola cherry Lemon Cucumber
    23. 23. Formulation – The Science of the Art • Investigate chemical compatibility of 20 – 30 ingredients in a formula • Test for desired texture • Test for skin feel • Develop desired fragrance • Conduct stability test at various conditions (room temperature, 4’C, 40’C, 50’C, and freeze and thaw) Chemical Physical microbiological
    24. 24. Clinical Study – Safety and Efficacy • Independent testing labs • On the Asian skin • All skin types • Self-perceived sensitive skin • Clinically graded by dermatologists • Irritation study • Acnegenecity study
    25. 25. Process Scale Up in the Pilot Plant Pilot Plant for Process Development
    26. 26. Product Manufacturing Facility World Class Manufacturing Plant
    27. 27. Quality Assurance: Testing Incoming Raw Materials Quality Assurance
    28. 28. The New Generation of Pure White
    29. 29. Structure of the SkinStructure of the Skin
    30. 30. Optimal skin perfection occurs when melanin is balanced
    31. 31. Main causes of unbalanced melanin production • UV Rays • Stress • Hormones • Immediate Skin Darkening
    32. 32. Causes of Melanin Formation U.V. Light Genes Hormones Inflammation Melanocyte Produce Tyrosinase (enzyme) Produce Melanin (eumelanin and phaeomelanin)Transfer to epidermal cells Epidermal Cells Cytokine or other signals α-MSH (melanocyte stimulating hormone)
    33. 33. Formation of Melanin in Skin • Melanin is produced by pigment cells called melanocytes • Melanocytes live at the Dermal-Epidermal Junction and produce melanin containing vesicles called melanosomes • Melanosomes transfer to keratinocytes (epidermal cells) to protect the skin from harmful UV rays Melanocyte Epidermis DEJ Dermis
    34. 34. UV Induced Pigmentation
    35. 35. Hormone and HyperpigmentationHormone and Hyperpigmentation Estrogen Estrogen Estrogen
    36. 36. IrritationIrritation InflammationInflammation Post-Inflammatory HyperpigmentationPost-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
    37. 37. Mechanisms of Melanogenesis
    38. 38. α-MSH (Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone) and Skin Pigmentation UV Rays Melanocyte Keratinocytes Signal Receptor α-MSH: Signaling molecules Scientific BackgroundScientific Background
    39. 39. Inhibiting the Activity of MSH UV Rays, Hormones, and Inflammation Melanocyte Keratinocytes Signal Receptor MSH: Signaling molecules Prevent
    40. 40. Melanosome   transfer inhibition Tyrosinase production inhibition Multiple Pigmentation Inhibition Mechanisms Eumelanin (dark) to phaeomelanin (light) ratio control Immediate darkening inhibition Tyrosinase activity inhibition α-MSH receptor blocking
    41. 41. Creating the need for whitening products The role of melanin in the skin
    43. 43. Prevents Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation Treats Multiple Pigmentation Protects Cells Holistic, Balanced Approach
    44. 44. Prevent, Protect, Treat the Holistic Approach Holistic, Balanced Approach
    45. 45. The technologies of multiple pigmentation inhibition mechanisms and cell protection are the key components of the ARTISTRY patent pending holistic approach to skin whitening. It is important to achieve high efficacy in skin whitening, but it is equally important to provide adequate cell protection after whitening, because skin with reduced levels of melanin is more vulnerable to environmental insults. ARTISTRY Pure White is the only brand that balances these two effects. Pure White Advantage - Dr. Di QU
    47. 47. Prevent, Protect, Treat the Holistic Approach Prevent Protect Treat Holistic, Balanced Approach Products KEY Role
    48. 48. Pure White BALANCING COMPLEX
    49. 49. Prevent, Protect, Treat the Holistic Approach Reduces melanin production by 86% (based on in-vitro test) Pure White Balancing Complex Featuring White Tea
    50. 50. Additional Essence Ingredients Asparagus Licorice Glutathione Lotus Root Wheat Germ Plum Black Cohosh
    51. 51. I (Normal to Dry) II (Normal to Oily) Ingredient Name Function Toner Moisturiser Toner Moisturiser Pure White Balancing Complex Prevent, Treat Protect x x x x HLM+ and NMFs Moisturising xx xx x x Inhibits Oil Production NA NA x x Oil Control Technologies Microsponge to absorb surface oil NA NA NA x Pure White Special Ingredients
    52. 52. Sebum Treating Oily Skin - Sebum Control Over Production of Skin Oil Sebaceous gland Prevent Irritation and Inflammation
    53. 53. Oil Control: By Absorptoin & Inhibition Sebaceous gland Microsponge particles Zn PCA Cu PCA Avocado oil Treating Oily Skin - Sebum Control Prevent Irritation and Inflammation
    54. 54. Rose Absolute & Rose Oil Tuberose Absolute Jasmine Absolute Pure White FLORAL FRAGRANCE
    55. 55. 1. Restores your skin to its “Natural White Beauty” Pure White System Claims 70 4 wks 8 wks 12 wks 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Skin Tone Clinically tested, improvement in skin tone (dark to light) by 19.2% in 4 wks 37.8% in 8 wks 65.9% in 12 wks
    56. 56. 2. Clinically tested, Pure White visibly whitens skin just 12 days. 45% improvement in skin transparency* * When used with Pure White Essence Pure White System Claims 4 times more whitening actives than previous products when cleanser, toner, moisturiser and crème are used together
    57. 57. Pure White System Claims 3. Clinically tested: • Normal to Dry I System increases moisture content • Normal to Oily II System controls oil production and diminishes appearance of pores • 93.5% of panelists indicate that Pure White was suitable for their skin type • 94% of panelists gave Pure White a high approval rating (product, package, fragrance)
    58. 58. 4. Products work synergistically to prevent, treat and protect the skin from discolouration as they effectively yet gently whiten Pure White System Claims 5. Tested on Asian Skin, including Sensitive Skin Dermatologist tested, allergy tested, non- comedogenic/non-acnegenic tested 6. All products feature HLM+ to optimize skins moisturisation
    59. 59. Pure White Offering
    60. 60. Pure White System
    61. 61. • Gentle to your skin with strong cleansing power • Silky foam refreshes skin • First step of holistic whitening CLEANSER All Skin Types
    62. 62. • A milky formula with a dew–like texture provides optimal moisturization • Treats dry skin, reducing the chance of irritation • Second step of holistic whitening, prepares skin for Essence TONER I Normal to Dry
    63. 63. • A clear, liquid leaves your skin feeling refreshed and shine-free • Controls surface oil and refines pores • Second step of holistic whitening, prepares skin for Essence TONER II Normal to Oily
    64. 64. ESSENCE All Skin Types • Synergistically enhances the whitening performance of the other new Pure White products • Gently yet effectively lightens your skin • Third step of holistic whitening
    65. 65. 1.Clinically tested, Pure White Essence boosts the performance of other Pure White products 2 times more effective at improving skin tone & dark spots over system alone Pure White ESSENCE RESULTS 2. 92% of panelists felt that Essence made their skin whiter in just 12 days 3. Compared to current Pure White Essence is 38% more effective at whitening
    66. 66. • SPF20, PA+++ provides additional protection to vulnerable skin once melanin is reduced • Increases moisture content of the skin by 112% • Fourth step of holistic whitening MOISTURISER I Normal to Dry
    67. 67. • SPF20, PA+++ provides additional protection to vulnerable skin once melanin is reduced • Contains botanical extracts and micro-sponge particles for oil-control • Fourth step of holistic whitening MOISTURISER II Normal to Oily
    68. 68. • A light textured nighttime creme • Soothes and restores a fresh glow when you awake • Increases moisture content of the skin by 114% CREME All Skin Types
    69. 69. • Periodic treatments for your skin that supplement your Pure White regimen • Masque helps to exfoliate resulting in a healthy complexion • Spot Corrector diminishes spots and freckles MASK AND SPOT CORRECTOR All Skin Types *Existing formulas retained
    70. 70. ORDER OF USE
    71. 71. Building Your Business
    72. 72. 1.Customer profile 2.Connect them with information 3.Establish relationship SELLING 3 Steps to successful selling
    73. 73. 1.Customer profile SELLING 3 Steps to successful selling • Identify customer’s needs • Determine their skin conditions
    74. 74. 2. Connect them with information SELLING 3 Steps to successful selling • Importance of balancing melanin • Connect the Pure White product benefit to her skin concerns • Share additional information of ARTISTRY
    75. 75. 3. Establish relationship SELLING 3 Steps to successful selling • Initiate follow-up conversations • Continue with frequent dialogue
    76. 76. 1.Can people with sensitive skin use the new Pure White, with the added fragrance and an increase in SPF? Common questions………… The level of each ingredient in the products, including fragrance and sunscreen, was selected to be sure products would be well tolerated in use. Our safety studies show that the products would not cause person to develop allergies and non irritating. However, some may have existing allergies to cosmetic ingredients from exposure to products in the past. Individuals will need to check the labels of such ingredients.
    77. 77. 2. When can we see skin improvement? Common questions………… When you use the Pure White as a line, clinical tests shown that you will see improvements in skin transparency by 45% in 12 days. This will also depend on how the skin is receptive to the Pure White products.
    78. 78. 3. The previous Pure White line sold two types of cleansers. Why the new Pure White only provide one cleanser? Common questions………… New Pure White Cleanser has been developed for all skin types. Testing was conducted for normal to oily and dry skin. Test results proved that this product is suitable for all skin types and meets the needs of both.
    79. 79. 4. Although Pure White packages are made of plastic, why do they feel heavy? Common questions………… The Pure White packages have a thicker walls to provide better protection for the whitening formulas than the thin wall package would provide.
    80. 80. 5. Will the colour of the Pure White Essence change over time? Common questions………… Colour stability of the new Essence is much better than the current Essence. However, there are many natural ingredients in this Pure White Essence, thus , there is a chance that the colour may change overtime. Note that, research and tests have been done to ensure efficacy is is not compromised even with discoloration.
    81. 81. 6. Is Pure White suitable for men? Common questions………… Men can also receive benefits from Pure White for skin whitening. Alternatively they can be use Pure White along with Tolsom products
    82. 82. 8. Pure White Crème feels heavy on my skin although it is very light texture. Common questions………… If Pure White Creme feels too rich and heavy on the skin, please reduce the amount you are applying.
    83. 83. 10. What is the key focus in the holistic, balanced approach? Common questions………… There are 3 main strategies – Prevent, Treat and Protect. We use innovative technology for each strategy.
    84. 84. 11. What is the difference between improvements in skin tone and skin transparency? Common questions………… Skin tone – Colour of skin, darker to light. How much your skin becomes lighter compared to your starting point. Skin transparency – Clarity. How much your skin becomes more “clear” compared to your starting point.
    85. 85. 12. What is the shelf life for the Pure White line? Common questions………… All Pure White products have a shelf life of 3 years except Essence which has a 2 year shelf life.
    86. 86. A perfect balance to natural white beauty Pure White