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  1. 1. Page 1 of 3 Gmail Calendar Documents Reader Sites Web more ▼ lilian.seenow@gmail.com New! Colors and themes Check out the Themes tab in Settings to personalize the look and feel of your inbox or return to the classic look. Show search options Search Mail Search the Web Create a filter Compose Mail Calcium Magnesium - www.naturalhealthdirect.com.au - calcium and magnesium complex mixes easily in cold water « Back to Inbox Archive Report Spam Delete More Actions Inbox (35) Children Supplements Inbox X AMGroup X Starred Edward LeePin to hliu show details Nov 20 (7 days ago) Reply € Chats DEAR MS HUI SI, THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO SHOW YOU ABOUT CHILDREN SUPPLEMENT THAT WE CARRY . Sent Mail I UNDERSTAND THAT YOU BUY VITAMIN C FOR YOUR CHILDREN TO SUPPLEMENT THEIR DAILY FOOD INTAKE. WE KNOW AS BUSY PARENTS WE DO NOT HAVE THE LUXURY OF ENSURING PROPER NUTRITIONAL INTAKE FOR OUR LOVED ONES SO SUPPLEMENT IS THE WAY TO HELP COMPLETE THE DIETARY INTAKE FOR THEM . Drafts (13) WE HAVE 3 RANGE OF SUPPLEMENTS FOR CHILDREN NAMELY, All Mail NUMBER 1 : NUTRILITE® KIDS NATURAL C – CHEWABLES Spam (152) Trash Contacts One chewable table provides 30 mg of natural vitamin C, which comes from the exclusive NUTRILITE Acerola Cherry Concentrates and you will love the natural fruit punch flavour. amway2usg singaporesg Children need vitamin C for Search, add, or invite the formation of collagen the absorption of Iron which helps in blood formation the formation of strong bones, gums and teeth as an antioxidant to protect the body from the effects of free radicals Suggested Use : Chew two tablets daily for children 1-4 years old; chew three tablets daily for older children. Labels AMGroup 100 Tablets. espring (1) Joel What's the value in getting vitamin C from€NUTRILITE® Acerola Cherry Concentrate? kiv (10) This concentrate is made from acerola cherries grown in Nutrilite orchards, harvested at just the right time, and processed using state-of-the-art methods to ensure that you get€a high-quality vitamin C product. paypal (5) trancient Are€NUTRILITE Kids Chewable C tablets really quot;kid testedquot;? Travel (1) Yes. And the taste tests showed kids go for this vitamin C tablet in a big way. That's important in getting children to take their vitamins – and develop x-cart good supplementing habits for life. Edit labels Why acerola cherries and not, say, oranges? Acerola cherries are one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C. One cherry has about the same amount of vitamin C as four oranges. Is it dangerous to give my child more vitamin C than the Daily Value? The body uses vitamin C as needed and discards unneeded amounts. The Daily Value is determined as the minimum intake necessary to avoid deficiency Invite a friend disease. - NUTRILITE Chewables: Multivitamin and Iron Supplement http://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&view=bsp&ver=1qygpcgurkovy 27/11/2008
  2. 2. Page 2 of 3 One chewable tablet provides substantial amounts of 10 vitamins : A, B1, B2, niacin, B6, folic acid, B12, C, D, E; and Iron. Nutritious multivitamin tablets with Iron, formulated specially for children to help meet the needs of their growing bodies. Natural orange flavour sweeteened with Fructose - pleasant to eat. 100 tablets. Suggested Use : One tablet for children under four years of age. Two tablets daily for older children and adults. Number 3 : NUTRILITE Chewable Calcium Magnesium One chocolate flavoured chewable tablet provides 270 mg of calcium and 50 mg of magnesium Helps maintain good bone health. Calcium plays a vital role in the early years of a child's development in maintaining good bone health. Magnesium aids in the metabolism of calcium. 100 Tablets Suggested Use : Chew one tablet daily for children 1 to 4 years old; chew two tablets daily for older children and adults. Now you have a choice: Will you purchase natural or synthetic vitamins and minerals? That brings up a question -- are there differences between the two kinds of supplements? Yes, there are, but understanding what those differences are can be confusing. There's an argument in the medical community claiming that natural vitamins obtained from food are superior to lab-grown synthetic versions. It's true. Natural vitamins are often superior to synthetic ones since the entire vitamin is not produced during the process of creating it in the laboratory. To be equally effective, the synthetic vitamin's molecule has to be equivalent to a natural vitamin's molecule. For example, one of the components in Vitamin C is ascorbic acid. Labs are able to synthesize ascorbic acid and offer it as a source for vitamin C. But here's the problem: Ascorbic acid is only one element among otheres contained in natural vitamin C. That makes the synthetic version inferior to the natural one. The way laboratory workers obtain ascorbic acid is by taking it from glucose obtained from corn. Because the source of this synthetic vitamin C is from corn, vitamin manufacturers assert that their synthetic vitamin is really natural. This can be somewhat misleading since the synthetic vitamin C cannot really replace natural vitamin C. The synthetic vitamin C offers only a small part of what the full vitamin C compound offers. Also, natural vitamin C may be much more effective than synthetic vitamin C even though the synthetic vitamin C appears on the label to have more potency in terms of milligrams or micrograms. According to studies, synthetic vitamins don't appear to be as efficient as natural vitamins. In fact, a number of studies examining the differences between natural and synthetic vitamins show that the natural vitamins are superior. Those who are strong supporters of taking natural vitamins feel that synthetic ones can cause the body to try to make up for what it is missing. The body can react to synthetic vitamins in a similar way to symptoms resulting from taking certain types of drugs. Dear Hui Si, I hope you will make a right choice for your children today. My children who often get colds and cough has tremendous inmprovement in their general health after they take these supplements. My children are a testimony of good health and i saved on medication and doctor bills..really! I would not share if this is not true.;- ) I hope to hear from you soon so I can demostrate the effectiveness of these natural supplements. I will be passing some samples through Lisa to you. Your children will love the taste! Let Lisa know if there are any queries, we look forward to meeting you soon. warm regards, Lee Pin Jacob Mrs Reply Reply to all Forward lilian koh Excellent job ... Nov 26 (1 day ago) lilian koh to Edward show details Nov 26 (1 day ago) Reply Hi Lee Pin, Can I put this into the training blog and you come in to share about this next Tuesday? Lilian On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 3:02 AM, Edward LeePin <edwardleepin@gmail.com> wrote: - Show quoted text - http://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&view=bsp&ver=1qygpcgurkovy 27/11/2008
  3. 3. Page 3 of 3 Reply Forward Edward LeePin to lilian show details 10:55 AM (23 hours ago) Reply Hi Lilian, Sure you can! And she is buying from us. Regards, Lee Pin - Show quoted text - Reply Forward « Back to Inbox Archive Report Spam Delete More Actions Use filters to manage your incoming messages. Learn more You are currently using 523 MB (7%) of your 7267 MB. Last account activity: 5 minutes ago on this computer. Details Gmail view: standard | turn off chat | basic HTML Learn more ©2008 Google - Terms - Privacy Policy - Google Home http://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&view=bsp&ver=1qygpcgurkovy 27/11/2008