Day 3 P5 Hp Art


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Day 3 P5 Hp Art

  1. 1. HP Software EducationPowering Your Workforce LavalleMarch 20121 © 2011 HP Confidential
  2. 2. WHO IS HP SOFTWARE EDUCATION? At HP Software Education, we offer a comprehensive curriculum for all HP Software products. We provide different methods of training delivery at multiple locations around the world. We know HP Software inside and out, which enables us to deliver the best training experience possible for you and your staff.
  3. 3. THE VALUE OF TRAININGQ. Which factors contributed most to the success of the technology function? Value of IT Education Aside from the technology, the most important factor in 18.8% Skill of the team Support of team the determining the success of a particular IT solution is the 8.5% Effort of the 60.6% Other 12.1% skill of the IT functional team. In fact, from a survey Technology Vendor completed in 201 we found that more than 60% of IT 1, managers believe that the skill of their teams is the most important success criterion for critical IT functions. Skill of the team Support of technology vendor Effort of the team OtherSource: IDC’s Performance Impact Study, 2011
  5. 5. Education portfolio Strategy, Planning, and Governance Security Intelligence and Risk Management Application Lifecycle IT Operations Information Management Management Management Extensibility, Orchestration, and Analytics Services and Support
  6. 6. Instructor-led TrainingPublic Training With classroom locations around the globe, there’s sure to be a training facility near you. Our public schedule includes a range of courses from entry-level to advanced training.Private Training Our private/onsite training option sends an HP Certified Instructor to your specified location. We can deliver standard or customized training to address your unique business needs. Note: 12-student maximum for private/onsite training
  7. 7. Virtual Instructor-led TrainingVirtual Instructor-led training (VILT)classes are live, instructor-ledsessions that offer the samebenefits you would receive in ourtraditional public classroomenvironments. Students connect tothe virtual classroom via their owncomputers and Internetconnections, and are joined by theHP Certified Instructor facilitatingthe live session for participantsaround the globe.
  8. 8. Learning Services Program Understand your requirements to design and deploy an end-to-end learning solution to optimize the value of your HP Software products DISCOVERY Collaborate with your stakeholders and other HP entities to develop and propose a comprehensive Education Roadmap to guarantee: CUSTOMIZATION Faster time-to-deployment | Reduced risk | Increase adoption and ROI Deliver training integrated into your implementation schedule: • Integration with overall project plan EXECUTION • Identify key areas of skill gaps and remediation • Encompasses all project phases plus supporting future system usage
  9. 9. User Adoption Is Key to Value RealizationEffective user adoption is the primary determinant of thesuccess of a project implementation Source: Neochange
  10. 10. Adoption Readiness ToolHigh quality HP bestpractice content,ready for use right outof the box
  11. 11. Adoption Readiness ToolInnovative Author tool, allowing you to createcustomized content for your users.Single source, multiple output object recognitiontechnology dramatically reduces developmenttime.
  12. 12. ART- Simulation Based Learning PlatformGlobal Solution – 30 Languages Authoring tool interface Ability to translate contentMobile Solution Easily retrievable modules, simulations and job aids via the ART Portal Available anytime, anywhere via an iPad™
  13. 13. ARTART- Simulation Based Learning Platform Show Me Try Me Test Me Demo of features and Step by Step hands Knowledge checks & functions on practice Competency tests
  14. 14. Adoption Readiness Tool –Power for the Entire IT Environment Plan Design Develop Deliver Train Support Improve Configuration Documentation Testing Learning Online Help
  15. 15. ART ServicesUsing ART – Training and Enablement ART 101 – 3-4 day Public Instructor Led Training (VILT) = basic authoring, admin, template Jump StART – 80 hour onsite offering = planning, web & template design, author & admin training, coachingAdditional ART Consulting Services ART Website Customization Co-Development of Content Customized Course BuildsInteractive Training Created by ART Delivered and sold through Merc Training Subscription to hosted courses – 6 mos/25 users or1 yr/100 users
  16. 16. For more information please go to:© Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information containedherein is subject to change without notice. Confidential. Do not forward..