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The Lilian Raji Agency - Dossier

  1. 1. Strategic Marketing & Public Relations for the Luxury Lifestyle WWW.LILIANRAJI.COM (646) 224-1144
  2. 2. Luxury is in the midst of revolution. We at The Lilian Raji Agency are quite inspired by what is occurring on the world stage. Opportunity is ripe for authentic prestige brands – those of quality, refinement, innovation Table of Content and legacy – to emerge triumphantly after an era run amok with excess and vulgarity. The journey for luxury to reclaim its luster has begun.  Manifesto We are here to help  Who We Are you navigate the  What We Do course.  Experience Vive la révolution!  Contact
  3. 3. M anifesto W e once hailed the vast amount of wealth the US has seen over the past few years and the countless opportunities luxury brands had to fill their coffers. Times have changed, and the US is facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Weve been asked our thoughts on this crisis and how luxury companies can survive. Our counsel has not changed - build relationships with your customers. The challenges premium brands are currently facing were created by the very opportunities that originally fueled their growth. From the influx of overnight millionaires with demands for more, luxury companies increased their production and created brand extensions to meet every scale of luxury buyer – whether the $200 handbag luxury customers or customers defining luxury as a $75,000 wristwatch. The gilded age is over, and new valuesIn these troubled times, many created by hard-learned economic lessons are now redefining what motivates a person to buy luxury.experts will herald the death ofluxury. If you are a true luxury This coming era produces a challenge for prestige goodspurveyor, you will not flinch. companies previously captivated by the demand for more.You will do what true luxury Projections based on earlier sales are now unrealistic andpurveyors have done for portfolios are beleaguered by brand extensions that no longerhundreds of years in up, and move as quickly as before.down, cycles: execute thefundamentals as inspired and We believe prestige companies can weather the times if theydefined by your customers‘ embrace strategies to solidify relationships with existingneeds and desires, consistently customers while educating prospective customers on the history, authenticity, quality and value of a premium purchase. The tideand extraordinarily well. Men will change, and purse strings will loosen once more. Yet only theand women who achieve the companies who remained relevant to their customers’ emotionalbest will always seek the best of needs now will remain strong.everything. That is why luxuryhas brands that span centuries, We are here to help those companies who wish to persevere inwhile most other industries this time of uncertainty.dont. Milton Pedraza Lilian M Raji Luxury Institute Founder & President The Lilian Raji Agency
  4. 4. W ho We Are
  5. 5. W e at The Lilian Raji Agency pride ourselves on an obsessive attention to ROI while initiating creative, innovative and cost effective strategies to persuade prospective customers to give your company due diligence. Choosing The Lilian Raji Agency is a smart business decision that aligns your objectives with an agency fastidious about delivering results.C learly the marketing challengetoday isn’t just finding an agencythat can effectively communicate  With our understanding of luxury purchase motivators, we develop strategies to ensure customers ask for you by name. We remain current on spending habits of luxury consumers by communicating regularly with our friends in luxury sales and our “brain trust” of high net worth individuals who willingly share insight into what they and their friends arethe value of a premium purchase, buying and why.but also finding an agency that  We’re obsessively compulsive about delivering a return oncan unapologetically deliver a investment – so much so that you’ll hear from us regularly.measurable return on investment. You’ll receive frequent updates on what we’re doing and suggestions on how to best maximize our services. We come to you with ideas, treating your business as if it were our own.  Because we are a boutique agency, we won’t break your budget. Our Atlanta base allows for minimal overhead while our relationships and monthly travel to New York City assures the same advantages of a Manhattan address at a fraction of the cost.  There are six of us. While your communication will almost exclusively be with the agency founder, Lilian Raji, rest assured there’s a team working behind the scenes to ensure your satisfaction is earned. W ho We Are
  6. 6. The Lilian Raji Agency was inspired by firsthand witness of the emotions accompanying luxury goods purchases ~ make no mistake about it – the pursuit of luxury is a passionate endeavor. The founder’s experience as a sales associate of Tourneau Watches Inc offered tremendous insight into the impetus behind spending tens of thousands of dollars on an instrument whose primary purpose is to tell time. Premium goods companies know the luxury buyer isn’t like everyone else – but it goes a little deeper than this. During her time at Tourneau, Lilian observed how a person religious about cutting coupons before groceryW shopping transforms into another persona in the presence of prestige items, especially when the history surrounding the product was compellingly told. After a sale, customers would return with their friends e extend to you strategic just to have Lilian tell their friends the legacy behind the watch. counsel, marketing and public Lilian saw the impact of well written articles in delivering passionate relations services based on customers through the door, and how casually name-dropping an personal experiences selling influential figure who happened to own a similar watch helped customers premium goods to your feel good about buying. What often closed a sale, however, was giving the customer an opportunity to experience ownership – whether through customers. invitations to special events given by the watch company or by gentle suggestions to preen and pose with the watch before a mirror. Ultimately, regular application of these insights helped make Lilian one of the leading and youngest sales associate at Tourneau. In creating The Lilian Raji Agency, Lilian recognized the contribution of each scenario in persuading customers to buy. The services offered by The Lilian Raji Agency are based on this fundamental understanding that emotions – whether created through a compelling story, a personal experience, or validation of one’s decisions reflected by a similar decision from a highly respected leader – are the secret to selling premium goods. W ho We Are
  7. 7. innovativeWe hired Lilian Raji when one aspect of our sponsorship ofUNICEF’s Designs of Hope was falling short of projection – ourraffle ticket sales. With only six weeks before deadline, Lilianexecuted an aggressive, strategic marketing plan thatcatapulted raffle ticket sales from just under $1,000 to over$12,000. Her creativity and innate understanding ofmarketing challenges helped us succeed in an area we’re wehad almost given up hope. Autumn Murray InterContinental Hotels Group Senior Community Affairs DirectorqualityI met Lilian Raji at a conference where she was being honoredas International Emerging Leader of the Year, andsubsequently hired her to manage media relations and launchfor our new store opening in Atlanta. From beginning to end,Lilian and her team ensured everything was done correctly –from coming in under budget for the launch coordination, toensuring premium media presence, to voluntarily preparing anROI statement that validated our decision to hire hercompany. Trenesa Danuser VP of Global Communications and Strategic Alliances The Estee Lauder Companies, Origins and Ojon W ho We Are
  8. 8. serviceI have known Lilian for over three years now. She is a veryeffective, creative and high integrity PR professional. She hasa unique combination of contemporary and proven traditionaltechniques for getting it done for her clients. Through Lilianscompany, my venture was able achieve results beyond what Iexpected in a very short time. Steve Aninye, President Ascend SystemscostWe came to The Lilian Raji Agency with a limited budget and ayoung brand that needed to be introduced to the Americanmarket. Lilian treated us like a global brand with a muchlarger budget, and delivered results as such without exceedingour financial plan. Franck Albert Brafine VP of Operations, North America Philippe TournairevalueThe Lilian Raji Agency coordinated our most highly regardedcustomer appreciation party, while spending the least amountpossible to ensure satisfaction all around. Our vendorrelationships were strengthened by Lilian bringing in editorsand reporters that not only interviewed us, but alsointerviewed our vendors to discuss their newest watches. Ourcustomer relationships were strengthened by the gift bagsLilian’s team put together, valued at over $500 and filled withproducts from Hermes, Belisimi, Maurice Lacroix, Breitling,Tag Heuer and other companies, all secured at no cost to us.We were very impressed with Lilian’s work and highlyrecommend her services. Ken Grazi, Partner KENJO – the Store to Watch W ho We Are
  9. 9. W hat We DoLilian is one of the most passionate anddynamic professionals I’ve ever worked with.Her dedication and level of service to herclients is truly amazing and is well-matchedby her intelligence and warmth. While herskills, experience and knowledge of theluxury market got us working togetherinitially, her personality, enthusiasm andproblem-solving abilities will keep uscollaborating for many years to come. Cindy Wood Brand Stylist
  10. 10. The pursuit of luxury. . . We begin every new client partnership with a Passion Point Management Audit, an in-depth study of your company’s founding vision. Your Passion Point Management Audit encompasses a strategic session with the most informed members of your team. Depending on your needs, the session can be a succinct overview of your established goals, current positioning and determination of next steps, or it can be a comprehensive analysis of your company fundamentals, competitive landscape, industry influencers, customer profile and other foundation elements. The finished product of this Audit becomes your Passion Point Management Agenda, a tactical plan of how we will help you:  Forge meaningful connections with luxury buyers by creating customized, personal experiences  Be more innovative and relevant to their desires  Compete more strategically against the multitudes of other companies going after the their wallet Your PPMA include a combination of public relations services (marketing communications, traditional and social media relations, experiential event design and delivery, and opinion leader outreach) and possible recommendations for strategic partnerships. It also includes a list of deliverables andis a passionate endeavor specific metrics in which we will measure ROI throughout our relationship. W hat We Do
  11. 11. marketing communications We craft your story, or “Passion Proposition”, through insight gained by your Passion Point Management Audit. Your Passion Proposition becomes the story we tell to engage the interest of both media and your target customers. Every point of contact with your company reiterates this story. We help you ensure consistency as we review your existing materials and develop your press kits and supporting materials. Our capabilities include: Award Entries Newsletters Backgrounders Op-ed Pieces Biographies PSAs Brochures Press Releases B-Rolls Press Kits By-lined Articles Presentations Corporate Profiles Speeches Fact Sheets Trade Show Support Feature Stories VNRs Message Points Website Design experience Eros World Tapas Bar had a vision to create a restaurant for lovers of culinary variety, infused with a Bacchanalian atmosphere where guests could surrender their cares to great food, music and great company. We helped translate this vision into the Eros website, working with rich earth tones, sensual music and a regularly updated photo album of restaurant guests. We then integrated this message into their press materials, ultimately securing live television coverage on Fox 5’s Good Day Atlanta, CBS’s Better Mornings, NBC’s Atlanta &Website design for Eros World Tapas Bar Company as well as articles in Atlanta’s most read magazines and newspapers. W hat We Do
  12. 12. traditional and social media relationsAs we’re developing your Passion Proposition, we are alsoresearching journalists who would be most receptive to yourmessage. We’re creating your own personal database ofjournalists and bloggers in A, B, and C categories, defined bythe their reach or website hits, past coverage of your industry,and opportunity to make them an ally. Your A-listers will be theones we share your achievements with regularly and can counton to give you coverage when you need it most.Our relationships extend from Architectural Digest to WomensWear Daily, and we continue adding more in between byscheduling monthly meetings with editors at top publications.We travel to New York City regularly to meet with these editorsand personally introduce them to your latest products andservices.experienceWe believe in building relationships long before theyre neededso that when you have a story to tell, they will give you anaudience to hear it. This philosophy helped us considerably inplanning a media lunch for the cosmetic company Origins newstore opening in Atlanta.Our relationships helped convince several top Atlanta reportersand journalists, including a producer for NBC affiliate WXIA, totravel 20+ miles to attend the store launch, and helped secureeditorial placements in several of Atlanta’s most circulatedpublications, including Jezebel Magazine, Points NorthMagazine, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution. W hat We Do
  13. 13. experiential eventsFrom new product launches and in-store promotions toanniversary events and publicity stunts, we design events thatcreate a positive, memorable experience for your customers.We do as much, or as little as you need---from designing andmanaging the event from top to bottom, to working with yourteam in coordinating the guest list, managing RSVPs, puttingtogether extraordinary gift bags and securing a media partnerto add an extra dose of prestige to the event.experienceFor New York based luxury watch store Kenjo, we produced aspectacular holiday party to rejuvenate their customers love ofthe store. We secured Robb Report as our media partner,brought in watch aficionado Alex Kanakaris to tape live from theparty for his new online program dedicated exclusively to Swisswatches, and sent guests home with gift bags filled withHermes scarves, Belisi ties, Wolf watch rotators, MauriceLacroix pens, Breitling jackets, and several other valuable gifts,all secured by us at no additional cost to Kenjo. W hat We Do
  14. 14. influencer outreachWe offer two types of Influencer Outreach services. The firstfocuses on opinion leaders within your industry. These are thepeople who are often quoted in media, and have a loyalfollowing of people who trust their advice. We make contactwith these opinion leaders on your behalf, and encourage themto discover more about your company.The second is based on establishing relationships withcelebrities. While it is true that there are those not easilyinfluenced by celebrity endorsements, in some cases, (such asthe perfect relationship between Nicole Kidman and Chanel,who saw a 16% increase in sales during Ms. Kidman’s tenure asthe face of No. 5), celebrity presence can add influence. Wewill help you determine if celebrity endorsement would beuseful to you, and if so, which celebrity best embodies yourPassion Proposition. Through our Hollywood relationships, wewill work with you in crafting an ideal partnership.experienceStruggling start up Bakana Brazilian Jewelry & Accessoriesquickly needed recognition for their jewelry collection. Wetapped our relationship with the wardrobe stylist at DesperateHousewives, and Terry Hatchers character soon wore a Bakananecklace during the show, bringing Bakana Jewelry more ordersthan they could possibly imagine. Further, enchanted by theLatin American company, Eva Longoria requested specialpieces for herself and friends, giving Bakana additional A-listendorsement. W hat We Do
  15. 15. strategic partnershipsIn evaluating strategic partnerships, we take your PassionProposition and look for other non-competing companies whohave your same values. We then bring you together.Sometimes, the relationship is for a one-time project, andsometimes it’s for the long haul. We’ll help you determine whatworks best for you. Some ideas include  Co-branding Opportunities  Marketing Alliances and Partnerships  Joint Loyalty Programs  Entertainment Marketing  Sponsorship ProcurementThe old adage “two heads work better than one” is veryvaluable wisdom. Let’s find you your second head.experienceAscend Systems Inc created a device to help monitor and trackAlzheimer and Dementia patients in the event of wandering.Realizing the device offered many potential brand extensions,Ascend Systems came to us to recommend other marketopportunities for the device within the luxury market. Our teamhelped them identify and meet with potential strategicpartnerships for brand extensions in areas including leathergoods and watch manufacturing. W hat We Do
  16. 16. E xperienceI’ve worked with Lilian on several projects andher company has proven to be both highlycreative and very professional. Her team goesthe extra mile to ensure the clients’ needs aremet and are never satisfied until they can showclients a ROI equal to three times theirretainer. Lilian is truly a relationship specialist,openly sharing her contacts to help othersadvance their own needs. She is a generousand dedicated business leader for whom I havethe greatest respect. Jennifer Peterson, Marketing Director Galaxy Bright
  17. 17. beauty The Estee Lauder Companies for Origins Proctor & Gamble for Olay* fashion & accessories Ascend SystemsBakana Brazilian Jewelry, Purses & Accessories Mark Edge Jewelry hospitality Eros World Tapas Bar InterContinental Hotels Group Fishmonger Restaurant Milan Restaurant The Palm Restaurant* Raffles International Hotels & Resorts* Raffles L’Ermitage Beverly Hills* RafflesAmrita Day Spa* Teela Taqueria luxury products Aquanautic Bellissimo Fine Jewelry Clerc Concordia Jewels Didier Peiro Dubey & Schaldenbrand French Trade Commission – Jewelry Division KENJO – The Store to Watch Lotus MJYX Mathon Paris Philippe Tournaire PK Time Group Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelers S.T. Dupont Volna Portfolio *services performed on behalf of another agency
  18. 18. luxury services Intelligent Homes & Buildings Jani Caroli Meilin Ehlke Munson International RMR-Real Estate Marketing Results The Ultimate Life TV Wes Moss nonprofit American Cancer Society American Heart Association Captain Planet FoundationEmory Ataxia Center at Emory University School of Medicine The Goethe Institute Hope-worldwide Georgia Italian Trade Commission National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Southern Center for International Studies Portfolio
  19. 19. Raffles International Hotels & Resorts introduced their first North American Raffles spa concept, RafflesAmrita, in their ultra luxury Raffles L’Ermitage Beverly Hills. They wanted the launch to be BIG, and their PR Team turned to us for results. We immediately got on the phones with our contacts at top luxury magazines, scheduling desk-side appointments with editors to personally introduce them to RafflesAmrita. W Magazine took the introductions a step further, giving L’Ermitage a coveted feature on the highly anticipated Annual Spa Review; and SpaFinder Magazine chose L’Ermitage for a feature story. We negotiated an ultra- exclusive spot on Live with Regis and Kelly, where 6.7 million viewers learned first hand why the L’Ermitage was the choice destination for luxury spa services in Beverly Hills. And the pièce de résistance? We opened communication lines between L’Ermitage and the Style Network to shoot regular programs at the hotel. All of this coverage kept the Spa booked for months.Case One
  20. 20. Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry asked us to create a fabulous in-store promotions. The problem? A $300 budget, reserved solely for invitations. A successful event requires at least food, alcohol, and a photographer. With no budget for any of this, the event still took in over $90,000. Here’s how we did it: We convinced Pernod Ricard to be the wine sponsor for this “Wine & Diamonds Affair”; we tapped our relationship with president of Glorious Events Catering to be our food sponsor; photography was taken care of by our magazine sponsor, Travel Girl; and we secured donations of $400 handbags from accessories companies Bakana, Curlie Girl, Neym NY, and Yen Linh Creations, given to all purchases over $5,000. Just to make it interesting, we brought in exclusive collections from celebrity jewelers Scott Kay, Damiani, Daniel K, Martin Flyer, Christopher Designs and Chad Allison Couture. The event was a smashing success.Case Two
  21. 21. Case Three
  22. 22. Contact WWW.LILIANRAJI.COM (646) 224-1144 LILIAN M RAJI PRESIDENT (646) 224-1144 x75 LILIAN@LMRPR.COM