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Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
Famous people in the world
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Famous people in the world


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    HisnameisLeonardo Rocco Settemesino DiCaprio.
    He isfromItaly. He isItalian.
    He is 36 yearsold .
    He isanactor.
    He issingle.
    He ishandsome and sexy.
    Hishairis short and blond.
    Hiseyes are blue.
    He istall(1.82)
    He isthin.
    Hisnameis Mark Sinclair Vincent.
    He isfromUnited States. He isAmerican.
    He is 43 yearsold.
    He isanactor.
    He ismarriedtoPaloma Jiménez.
    He has a daughter , hernameis Haina Riley .
    He is an attractive man.
    He is very strong.
    He has no hair.
    His eyes are black.
    He is tall (1.82).
  • 3. 50CENT
    His name is Curtis James Jackson III.
    He is from The United States.
    He is American.
    He is 35 years old.
    He is a rapper and an actor.
    He is a single
    He has a son, his name is Marquis.
    He is a blackman.
    He has no hair.
    Hiseyes are black.
    He istall(1.83)
    He isathletic.
  • 4. ÑengoFlow
    His name is Edwin Rosa, best known as "ÑengoFlow“. He is an artist and composer of Puerto Rican hip hop and reggeton.
    Ñengo is 30 years old, single and childless.
    He is attractive.
    His eyes are black.
    He is average height and he is chubby.
  • 5. JORY
    His name is Fernando Sierra , best known as " Jory “.
    He is from Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. He is Puertorican
    He’s an urban music artist like reggetonHe’s 28 years old.He is single and has no children.
     He’s very attractive. He is tall and thin.
    His eyes are black.
    His hair is short and black.
  • 6. J. Álvarez
    His name is Javier David Álvarez Fernández, best known as "J. Álvarez”,He is from Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. He is  Puertorican.He is 27 years old.He is single and has no children.His eyes are brown. His hair is short and brown.He is neither fat nor thin. He is short.
  • 7. His name is Morgan Freeman.
    He is 74 years old.
    He is fromTheUnitedStates.
    He is an actor and director.
    He is divorced of Jeanette Adair. Theyhad twosons: Alphonse and Saifoulaye.
    He isn’tis atractive.
    He isanoldperson.
    He is a blackman.
    Hiseyes are black.
    Hishairis gray, curlyand short. He is tall.(1.88).
    He isthin.
  • 8. His name is Gabriel GarciaMarquez.
    He isfromAracataca, Magdalena.
    He isColombian.
    He is a writer. He won TheLiterature Nobel Prize in 1986.
    He is marriedtoMercedes Barcha. Theyhavetwosons: Rodrigo and Gonzalo Garcia Barcha.
    He is notattractive.
    Hishairis gray, short and wavy.
    Hiseyes are brown.
  • 9. Hernameis Jennifer Aniston. She is 42 yearsold. She is fromCalifornia, USA.
    She isanactress and a producer. She has a relatioshipwithGerard Butler. She doesnothaveanychildren.
    She isatractive and sexy.
    Herhair islong, blonde and smooth.
    Hereyes are blue.
    She is tall(1.70)
  • 10. His name is Rafael Nadal Parera. His nickname is Rafa or Rafalet . He is from Manacor, Baleares, Spain. He's Spanish. He is 25 years old. He is a tennisplayer. He is not married. He has no children.
    Hiseyes are dark brown. His weight is 85 kg. His height is 1.85 m.
  • 11. His name is Iker Casillas Fernández. Best known as Casillas. He is from Móstoles, Spain. He is Spanish. He is 30 years old. He is a soccer player at Real Madrid Club (RMFC).
    Hisgirlfriend's name is Ana Isabel.
    Hiseyes are dark brown. He is neither fat nor thin. His height is 1.85 m
  • 12. His name is Randal Keith Orton. Best known as RandyOrton. His nickname is The Legend Killer. He is from Knoxville, Tennessee. He is 31 years old. He is a betterwrestlerwrestlingworldcalled WWE. He is married. His wife's name is Samantha. Theyhave a daughternamedAlanna Marie Orton. His eyes are dark brown. His weight is 111.2 kg. His height is 1,93 m.
  • 13. His name is David Villa Sanchez. Best known as “El Guaje”. He is from Langreo,Spain.He is Spanish. He is 29. He is a soccer player at Barcelona Football Club.
    He is married. His wife is Patricia González. He has a daughter named Zaida Aida. His eyes are brown. He is not fat nor thin. He is tall.
    (1. 75).
  • 14. His name is Nicolas Kim Coppola. Best known as Nicolas Cage. He is from Long Beach, California. He is American. He is 47. He is an actor, manager and producer. He has been married three times: Patricia Arquette, whodied. Lisa Marie Presley and Alice Kim. He has two sons: Kal-El and Weston Coppola Cage.He has a little beard. His eyes are blue. He is not thin. His hair is short and brown.
  • 15. His name is Julio Cesar Soares Espindola. Best known as Julio Cesar. He is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.He is Brazilian. He is 31. He is a soccer player at Inter. He is married to Susan Werner. They do not have any children. His eyes are brown. Its weight 79 kg. Its height 1, 86 .
  • 16. His name is Dwayne Douglas Johnson. Best known as “The Rock”. He is from Hayward, California. He is American. He is 39 years old. He is an actor and the best fighter in the world wrestling is named “WWE”. He is married to Dany Garcia. They have a daughter named Simone Alexandra.
    His eyes are dark brown. He is very tall. (1.93). His weight is 120 kg. His most famous words in the world of wrestling is:
    “You can not smell what the Rock is cooking"
  • 17. Hernameis Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. Betterknown as Kate. She isfromBerkshire, EnglandShe isEnglish.
    Sheis 28 yearsold.
    Sheis a princess of royalty. Kate ismarriedto Prince Guillermo.
    Herhairisblond, long and wavy.
    Hereyes are green.
    She istall (1.77).
    She isthin.
    Kate Middleton
  • 18. Hisnameis José Antonio Domínguez Banderas.
    He isfromBenalmadena (Málaga). He isSpanish.
    He is 49 yearsold.
    He isan actor.
    Antonio ismarriedto Melanie Griffith.
    Theyhavea daugther: Stella del Carmen.
    He isattractive.
    Hiseyes are brown.
    He istall (1.75).
    He isnotchubbynorskinny.
    Antonio Banderas
  • 19. Jennifer López
    Hernameis Jennifer Lynn López. Hernicknameis “J.Lo”.
    Sheisfrom New York, USA. Sheis American.
    Sheis 41 yearsold.
    She isanactress, singer, designerand businesswoman.
    Jennifer ismarriedto Marc Anthony.
    Theyhavetwosons : Emme and Max.
    She isattractive and sexy.
    Hereyes are brown.
    Herhairisbrown, straight and long.
    She isshort (1.68) .She isathletic.
  • 20. Kaká
    Hisname isRicardo Izecson dos Santos Leite. Bestknown as Kaka. He is29 years old. He isfrom Brasilia, Brazil.
    He is a soccer player.His girlfriend is Caroline Celico. Kaka has no children. 
    He is sexy. His hair is brown. 
    He is tall. (1.85)
  • 21. Manuel Elkin pararrayo
    His name is Manuel Elkin Patarroyo. 
    He is from Ataco, Tolima. He is Colombian. 
    He is a scientific.
    He developed malaria vaccine.
    His hair is gray. He is not attractive.
    He is an older person.
  • 22. His name is Fernando Botero Angulo. Best known as Fernando Botero. He is from Medellin, Colombia. He is Colombian. He is 79 years old. He is a painter, sculptor and draftsman .
    He is divorced. He has a son (Fernando) and a daughter (Lina).
    Hiseyesare brown .
    He ischubby.
    He has a littlebeard.
  • 23. His name is William Bradley Pitt. . Best known as Brad Pitt. He is from Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA.HeisAmerican.
    He is 47 years old. He is an actor and a cinemaproducer.
    He had a relationship with Jennifer Aniston. Now he ismarriedto Angelina Jolie. Theyhavesix daughters: Maddox, Zahara, Pax, Shiloh, Knox y Vivienne. His eyes are blue. His height is (1.80). He is not so thin.
  • 24. His name is Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías. He is fromSabaneta,Venezuela. He is 56 years old. He is a military and the President of Venezuela.
    Chávez is divorced.His ex wife is Marisabel Rodríguez Oropeza. He has no sons.
    Chávez isugly.
    His hairisblack, straigthtand short.
    His eyesare black
    He istall(1.75)
    He ischubby.
  • 25. Her name is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles. She is from Houston, USA.
    Sheis 29 years old. She is a singer.
    Beyoncé is married. Her husband isJay-Z.
    She is a beautifulwoman.Herhair isbrown, wavyand long.
    Her eyes are brown
    She istall.
    She is not thin norfat.