Workshop on reading (all the tenses)


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Workshop on reading (all the tenses)

  1. 1. WORKSHOP ON READING 1. Pre-Reading Activitiesa. Read the title: “Ali and the Magic Carpet” and answer: (making predictions)Who could be the main character? How do you imagine him?What is a carpet? What is it for? (Connecting the text to background knowledge)b. Go to the text and read the highlighted words: (Making inferences-previewing the text)What do you think the story is going to be about? (Predicting the content of the text)How many places are mentioned?Have you ever been in one of those places? If yes, how is it? Describe it orally for thewhole class (connecting the text to background knowledge) 2. Reading Activities a. Let’s read the story together. (taken from the ALI AND THE MAGIC CARPET One very hot day Ali finds a carpet in his uncle’s shop. “What’s this?” Suddenly, the carpet jumps! It moves and flies off into the air. “Hey!” “What’s happening?” A loud booming voice comes from the carpet. “Welcome, O Master. I am a magic carpet.” First they fly high up into the sky and then land in a jungle. It is hot and wet and it’s raining. Then they fly to the desert. It is very, very hot and dry. After that they fly to the South Pole. There is lots of ice and snow. It’s freezing. “Where are we now? I can’t see!” “In the mountains, can you see me?” “It`s very foggy.” Then they fly to a forest. It`s very windy there. Then they fly to an island in the sea. There is thunder and lighting “Aaaagh” “Let`s go home!” Finally they fly back home. The carpet lands in the shop and Ali gets off. “Wow!” “What an adventure!”The teacher is the main speaker who also changes the voice when pretending to be Aliand mimicking the weather conditions. The students follow the reading from their textsand pay attention to the narrator who is the teacher. That is one way to help the studentswith vocabulary.b. How is the story different to the content you predicted? (Checking predictions)
  2. 2. c. Students reread (Rereading) the story in pairs -one is the narrator and the other is Ali. They should identify how each place is being described (Specifying a purpose for reading). The whole class share what the students found and talk about places they have visited with those weather conditions.3. Post-Reading activities a. Observe the pictures and organize them according to the story. Use numbers (Checking comprehension) __ __ 1 __ __
  3. 3. __ __ __b. One of the students retells the story by looking at the images to correct the exercise.(Summarizing information)c. Answer:If you found a magic carpet, where would you like to go? Why? (Reflecting on experiencesrelated to the text)Have you ever heard any other story that contained a magic carpet? Which one? Liliana M. Ramirez Vanegas c.c. 42’694.583