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Published in Lifestyle , Education
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  • 1. Hi, I’m Alex. I like winter. Ican toboggan in the streetin winter. In the eveningmy parents and I go skiing.In winter we like to go tothe picnic. When it issnowy we usually playsnowballs and makesnowman.
  • 2. I like summer too. I likesunny and hot weather.We go to the river everyday. We go for a walk withmy friends, we ride ourbike, roller-skates. Everysummer my family goes tothe sea. I like to swim inthe sea.
  • 3. Hello, my name is Regina. I likeanimals. I have got a pet. It is acat. My cat’s name is Persik. Heis red and white. His eyes aregreen. He likes to eat meat andfish. He likes to run? Play with aball. My Cat likes to sleep verymuch. His favorite place isbalcony in summer and windowin winter. Persik is very smart. Ilove it very much.
  • 4. Hi, my name is Darina. I’m astudent. I like to go to school.My favorite subjects areLiterature and English I like toread very much. I like to readstories about animals and fairytails. I want to read Englishbooks. We read fairy tails onEnglish lessons. My teachergives me English books to read.
  • 5. Hello, my name is Vasilisa.I have got many toys. I liketo play with them. Thereare many dolls, soft toys,games in my room. I havegot a big collection ofhairs.
  • 6. After school I go to dance.My dance classes are onTuesdays and Thursdays. Ilike to dance very much. Ourteacher is very good.
  • 7. Hi, I’m Ann. I like holidaysvery much. I have mybirthday in spring. Wecelebrate it with my familyand my friends. It is veryfunny. My mum cooks muchtasty food. Sometimes we goto café to have a party.
  • 8. I like animals too. I have gotmany pets at home. I have gota cat, a parrot and ten fish.My cat Matvey is black andvery lazy. He likes milk andfish. We like to play together.My parrot Kesha is blue andvery funny. He likes corn andapples. My fish are verybeautiful.