Advertising in the Jewellery Industry - Semiotic Analysis
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Advertising in the Jewellery Industry - Semiotic Analysis






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Advertising in the Jewellery Industry - Semiotic Analysis Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Jewellery Industry SEMIOTIC ANALYSIS Alix Latrabe, Camille Demaré, Sophie Caillaud, Lily Froehlicher, Yu Shuen Kuo
  • 2. Signs   Tiffany  &  Co   Languages  Used   Black  &  white  photography  on  the  le8  and  colour  photography   on  the  right  with  the  product  and  logo   Verbal/  Non  Verbal   Both  verbal  (short  text)  and  non-­‐verbal  (body  language,  we   understand  that  they  are  in  love)   Brand  Name/  Logo   Tiffany  &  Co  logo  at  the  boGom   Typography   The  majority  of  the  text  is  in  capital  leGers   Claim   “CelebraKng  the  World’s  greatest  love  stories  since  1837”   Brand  name  and  moGo   Product  Name   None   Background   On  the  right,  blue  background,  very  simple  and  pure,  on  the   le8,  we  can  see  buildings  and  a  NYC  taxi  with  the  snow  falling   Colours   Black  and  white,  colour  of  the  brand  (Tifanny  1837  Blue)   Figures   A  couple  is  kissing,  symbol  of  love   AcKon/No  AcKon   They  are  kissing,  the  girl  is  on  her  Kptoes  (cliché)   The  guy  wraps  his  arms  around  her   Product   A  diamond  ring  
  • 3. Tiffany & Co.   •  Love  Story:  Couple  kissing  passionately  under  the  snow  and  the  ring  that   symbolizes  engagement,  sacralises  the  union   •  Authen6cally  American  :  Set  in  NYC  à  origin  of  the  brand  &  American   dream   •  Timelessness  and  legendary:  Black  and  white,  1837,  “for  175  years”,  love   makes  Kme  stop   •  Modernity:  young  couple  in  a  metropolitan  city   •  Unique  and  emblema6c  :  Tiffany  blue   •  The  jewelry  is  a  symbolic  aGribute   •  Contract:  “If  you  truly  love  me/her  buy  this  ring  to  symbolize  it”   •  Talking  to  both  men  and  women  because  it  is  extremely  straight  forward  
  • 4. Signs   Harry  Winston   Languages  Used   Photography  and  text   Verbal/  Non  Verbal   Verbal  and  non-­‐verbal   Brand  Name/  Logo   Lower  center  of  the  page.  Logo:  a  H  and  W   Typography   Capital  leGers   Claim   Live  The  Moment   Background   White,  light  background   Colours   White  is  dominant,  skin  color,  pink  lips,  brown  hair  and  eyes.   White  ring  and  earring   Figures   Bride  wearing  a  white  dress  laughing,  holding  a  cake  and   showing  her  diamond  ring   Her  hair  is  messy  and  she  is  not  wearing  much  makeup   AcKon/No  AcKon   AcKon   Product   Worn  by  the  bride,  set  with  a  diamond.    
  • 5. Harry Winston •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Carpe  Diem:  Live  the  moment,  be  happy,  just  do  it   Forever:  diamond  and  wedding   Heritage:  Iconic  ring   Purity  and  innocence,  genuine   Joy  and  happiness   Contract:  “Take  it  Easy,  Just  be  Happy”   Talking  to  women  
  • 6. Signs   Qeelin   Languages  Used   Photography   Verbal/  Non  Verbal   Non  Verbal   Background   Black   Colours   Black,  white,  skin  colour,  green  eyes   Figures   Asian  woman  wearing  a  black  tank  top,  we  can  only  see   half  of  her  face  because  the  rest  is  in  the  dark,  we  can   however  see  she  has  thin  traits;  1  Qeelin  (mythical   figure)   AcKon/No  AcKon   Woman  cuddling  Qeelin   Jewellery   Worn  on  the  figure,  set  with  diamonds,  light  comes  from   the  piece  of  jewellery  
  • 7. •  •  •  •  •  •  Qeelin Power   to   protect   and   induce   happiness:   Wulu:   Carrying   highly   symbolic   overtones,  the  wulu  is  an  ancient  Chinese  fruit  that  echoes  the  curved  lines  of  the   figure   eight.   It   is   arguably   the   strongest   expression   in   Chinese   culture   of   good   fortune   and   posi6ve   energy.   The   piece   of   jewel   is   the   source   of   light,   it   is   the   source  of  energy  and  life.   Myth,  eternity,  legi6macy:  Used  as  a  gourd  for  thousands  of  years,  the  wulu  was   invested  with  magical  powers  and  bound  to  many  legends.  Not  only  is  it  said  to   have   given   birth   to   mankind,   but   it   is   also   believed   to   have   served   as   the   protecKve   vessel   of   Chinese   civilizaKon   during   an   ancient   flood   that   swept   the   Earth.   Refinement   and   good   taste:   The   pure   and   elegant   design   of   Qeelin's   first   collecKon   exudes   femininity   and   sensuality.   Made   of   gold   or   plaKnum,   the   delicate  contours  of  the  Wulu  are  accentuated  with  colourless  diamonds  to  create   a   simple   yet   unquesKonably   graceful   jewel.   Not   only   does   the   collecKon   hold   profound  significance,  but  it  is  also  a  formidable  work  of  art.   Represents  and  celebrates  the  beauty  and  the  richness  of  the  na6onal  culture  à   crea6ng  Heritage  for  a  very  young  brand   Excep6onal  and  Unreal:  The  Qeelin  (The  founda6on  of  human  kind)   Brand  Contract:  “Buy  our  protec6on  and  it  will  bring  you  good  luck”  
  • 8. Signs   Boucheron  -­‐  Quatre   Languages  Used   Photography     Verbal/  Non  Verbal   Non  Verbal   Brand  Name/  Logo   In  the  lower  center  of  the  image     Typography   The  majority  of  the  text  is  in  capital  leGers   CollecKon  Name   Quatre   Claim   No  Claim   Background   No  Background   Colours   DominaKon  of  Purple,  black  contrasted  with  yellow  and  gold.   Four  colours  on  the  ring:  chocolate,  rose,  white  and  yellow   Figures   A  cat  with  unrealisKc  purple  (aubergine)  fur  looking  at  the   viewer  of  the  ad  with  its  gold  yellow  impassible  eyes,  he  has   the  ring  in  his  mouth,  and  has  very  big  white  whiskers     AcKon/No  AcKon   Holding  the  ring  in  his  mouth   Product   The  product  is  unrealisKcally  big  
  • 9. Boucheron •  Story   of   a   legendary   cat:   Gerard   Boucheron’s   cat   Wladimir   (1978),   much   loved   feature   of   the   Boucheron  bouKque  26  place  Vendome,  considered  to  be  a  lucky  cat  and  very  affecKonate.  In   his   mouth,   he   is   holding   the   emblemaKc   model   of   the   Maison   à   The   hero   is   the   product   à   represented   as   a   piece   of   Art   to   admire   à   Power   and   success:   the   ring   is   the   prey   that   represents  success  à  materialis6c   •  Cat  also  represents  intelligence,  Independence,  discreKon,  elegance   •  Aubergine   Colour   :   the   emblema6c   colour   of   the   brand,   of   eternity   and   of   Royalty   à   iconic,   6melessness,  wealth   •  Unrealis6c  colour  for  a  cat,  fairytale   •  Gold   eyes:   sensuality   and   hypnosis,   luxury,   success,   quality,   pres6ge,   sophis6ca6on,   material   wealth   •  Independence  and  Freedom:  cat  does  not  like  to  be  enclosed   •  Eternity:  cat  and  purple  are  symbols  of  eternity   •  Boucheron  celebrates  the  female  gender:  Cats  were  sacred  in  the  Ancient  Times,  hinng  a  cat   was   considered   a   misogynist   aGack,   the   cat   is   a   symbol   of   feminity   «   femme   féline   »,   Isis   Goddess  of  motherhood,  magic  and  ferKlity   •  Iconic,  emblema6c  à  Brand  Contract:  “Enter  the  in6macy  of  the  brand.  Become  a  VIP”   •  Talking  to  men  
  • 10. Signs   Van  Cleef  and  Arpels   Languages  Used   Photography,  descripKon  of  the  product  and  claim   Verbal/  Non  Verbal   Verbal  and  non-­‐verbal   Brand  Name/  Logo   Brand  name  and  logo  appears  on  the  le8  in  the  middle  of  the   ad   Typography   Capital  and  small  leGers   CollecKon  Name   Songe  d’une  nuit  d’été   Claim   ‘haute  joaillerie,  place  Vendôme  since  1906’   Background   Light,  monochromaKc,  shadow  of  the  fairy   Colours   Pink,  green,  brown,  grey/white   Figures   Fairy  sinng  on  a  flower  bud,  in  a  graceful  posture,  dressed  in  a   sparkling  costume   AcKon/No  AcKon   AcKon:  fairy  sinng   Product   Not  very  striking,  slightly  disproporKonate,  blending  in  the   environment  
  • 11. •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Van Cleef & Arpels «  Enchanted  nature  »  main  theme  of  the  brand  à  iconic  &  onyric   Fragment  of  the  earth’s  spirit,  power,  beauty  and  purity  of  nature  à  purity  of  the  diamond   induces  preciousness  of  the  product  and  of  the  brand   The   fairy   represents   beauty   and   feminity,   it   is   a   goddess,   a   nymph   and   a   muse   but   also   denotes  a  sort  of  innocence:  quintessence  of  feminity.  They  make  “light  of  love”  by  applying   love  poKons.   Wings:   symbol   of   freedom,   libera6on   and   spirituality,   they   represent   the   «   soul   of   the   buGerfly  »   Gracefulness  and  sensuality  of  the  posiKon  of  the  fairy   FuKlity  and  simplicity:  Japanese  atmosphere   The  fairy  lives  everywhere  and  anywhere:  the  brand  is  universal   Reference   to   Shakespeare’s   play   «   A   Mid-­‐summer’s   Night   Dream   »   à   Unique   feel   of   a   summer  night  à  Happiness   Values:     –  Excep6onality:  fairytale,  magic  world,  wonderworld,  mystery,  emoKon   –  Authen6city:  so  true  to  life,  so  astonishing  that  nature  itself  is  charmed   –  Preciousness  and  elegance:  delicacy,  grace,  sensiKve,  poeKc   –  Induce  happiness:  volaKlity,  playfulness   –  Timeless:  fairies  have  been  around  since  the  dawn  of  Kme   –  Crea6vity:  nature  is  in  perpetual  renewal   Brand  Contract:  “Enter  our  magic  fairy-­‐tale”  
  • 12. Signs   De  Beers   Languages  Used   Photography  and  text   Verbal/  Non  Verbal   Verbal  and  non-­‐verbal   Brand  Name/  Logo   Brand  name  and  logo  appear  on  the  lower  center  of  the  ad,  in   the  frame  of  the  picture.  Logo:  both  a  B  and  a  D   Typography   Capital  and  small  leGers   Claim   Forever,  now.   Background   Nature  with  leaves  and  a  black  snake   Colours   Black  background,  white,  red,  green,  yellow   Figures   Naked  woman  with  very  pale  skin  and  striking  red  hair  holding   an  apple  in  her  right  hand,  hand  on  which  he  is  wearing  three   pieces  of  jewelery  (white  and  yellow  gold).  She  is  wearing  fair   red  lipsKck  and  staring  at  the  viewer  with  her  large  blue  eyes.     AcKon/No  AcKon   AcKon:  The  model  is  holding  the  apple  to  her  face   Product   Very  visible,  in  realisKc  dimensions    
  • 13. •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  De Beers RepresentaKon   of   the   religious   figure   of   «   Eve   »   the   first   woman   created   by   God   à   The   Mother  of  Human  Kind.  She  represents  the  «  mind  »  or  the  «  psyche  »  à  return  to  the  roots   of  the  world  à  the  brand  is  God  and  the  jewellery  is  a  present  of  God   Red  hair:  sexiness,  warmness,  feminity,  full  of  personality,  sulphurous  +  Volume  in  her  hair:   natural,   wild   -­‐-­‐   Red:   Blood   and   fire   –>   Life   and   vitality   /   Sun:   Symbol   of   energy,   life   force   into  human  beings  /  Sensuality   Very  pale  skin  and  innocent  look  à  innocence  and  purity  /  naked  à  naivety   Authen6city,   legi6macy,   truthfulness,   veracity:   The   Tree   of   the   knowledge   of   good   and   evil,   The   path   way   to   truth   à   The   apple   is   the   transformed   form   of   the   earth   represents   the   ulKmate   desire,   «   the   forbidden   fruit   »   symbolizes   knowledge,   mortality,   tempta6on,   fall   of   men,  sin   Serpent  is  the  opponent:  pushes  her  to  commit  the  original  sin,  he  is  responsible  for  the  big   fall  of  Adam  and  Eve  in  the  story  à  dangerous  à  ingenious   Timeless  and  infinite,  the  divine  creator,  the  father  of  Jewelery,  the  one  and  only   Story  of  tempta6on  à  De  Beers  jewelry  rejects  the  temptaKon  and  protects  from  the  fuKlity   (=  talisman)   Brand   Contract:   “Enter   in   Heaven,   stay   there   forever”:   Eden   Garden,   «   Blue   Eyes   go   to   Heaven  »,  «  Forever,  now  »   Both  talks  to  men  and  women  
  • 14. SemioKc  axis   T   B   HW   VC   HW   T   Existen6al   DB   Q   B   DB   Q   VC   Onyrism   Real   Spiritual   Love   Q   DB   HW   VC   Childhood   Female   oriented   VC   Q   HW   T   T   VC   HW   DB   Q   T   DB   Useless   Fu6lity   Aesthe6c   B   B   B   Material   Power   Adulthood   Male   oriented  
  • 15. Existential vs. Futility EXISTENTIAL FUTILITY
  • 16. Real vs. Onyrism REAL ONYRISM
  • 17. Spiritual & Love vs. Material & power SPIRITUAL LOVE MATERIAL POWER
  • 18. Childhood vs. Adulthood CHILDHOOD ADULTHOOD
  • 19. Female oriented vs. Male oriented FEMALE ORIENTED MALE ORIENTED
  • 20. Main  Similarity OUR BRAND IS ETERNAL Purple Cat Wedding « Forever, now » Eden Garden Immortal Figures: Qeelin and Fairy Diamond
  • 22. Thanks for your attention