Rubric digital story telling


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Rubric digital story telling

  1. 1. Digital Storytelling : Six Traits of Writing Teacher Name: Mrs. LeBrun Student Name: ________________________________________ __ CATEGORY 4 3 2Point of View - Establishes a purpose Establishes a purpose There are a few lapsesPurpose early on and early on and in focus, but the maintains a clear maintains focus for purpose is fairly clear. focus throughout. most of the Writing trait is Writing trait chosen is presentation. Writing somewhat clear andContent The content is written The content is writing The content is clearly and uses clearly and uses some somewhat clear and appropriate appropriate uses some information that information that appropriate relates to specific relates to specific information thatImages Student uses a variety Student uses some Student uses few of images from clip images from clip art, images from clip art, art, internet, and a internet, and a digital internet, and a digital digital source such as source such as digital source such as digital digital camera or flip camera or flip camera. camera or flip camera.Grammar Grammar and usage Grammar and usage Grammar and usage were correct. were typically correct. were typically correct but errors detracted from presentation.Creativity Presentation shows Presentation shows Presentation shows creativity skills by creativity skills by some creativity skills using a variety of using some variety of by using little colors, colors, fonts, images, colors, fonts, images, fonts, images, and and audio to enhance and audio to enhance audio to enhanceTeamwork All team members Assisted Finished individual contributed equally to group/partner in the task but did not assist the finished project. finished project. group/partner during the project.
  2. 2. Duration of Length of Length of Length ofPresentation presentation was 4 presentation was 3 presentation was 2 minutes. minutes. minutes.Oral Presentation Voice quality is clear Voice quality is clear Voice quality is clear and consistently and consistently and consistently audible throughout audible throughout audible through some the presentation. the majority (85-95%) (70-84%)of the of the presentation. presentation.Date Created: Apr 12, 2011 09:41 am (CDT)
  3. 3. ng 1 It is difficult to figure out the purpose of the presentation. Writing trait is unclear and unfocused. The content is not clear and does not use appropriate information that relates to specific Student uses no images from clip art, internet, and a digital source such as digital camera or flip camera. Repeated errors in grammar and usage distracted greatly from the presentation. Presentation does not show creativity skills by using a variety of colors, fonts, images, and audio to enhance Contributed little to the group effort during the project.
  4. 4. Presentation was lessthan 2 minutes longOR more than 4minutes.Voice quality needsmore attention.