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Karen Saghi's BNI Presentation

Karen Saghi's BNI Presentation

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  • 1. Out-of-State Investments Karen R. Saghi Broker Sotheby’s International Realty
  • 2. Sotheby’s International Realty Karen R. Saghi, Broker
    • Real Estate Broker Since 1991
    • Bay Area Resident for 30 Years
    • Attorney at Law – 1985
    • Real Estate Litigation in Bay Area
    • Children’s Theater
    • Choral Group
    • Tennis
  • 3. Financial Wealth
    • The unearned income to finance your life mission without having to work.
    • Real Estate Portfolio that:
    • - Generates monthly income from rental income
    • - Through appreciation, increases your Net Worth
  • 4. THE MONEY MATRIX Consumption Cash Cash Flow Capital Consumption Capital Shadow Wealth is built on CONSUMPTION and CASH You Work for Money Cash Flow Cash Appears on Page 89 Financial Wealth is build on CAPITAL and CASH FLOW MONEY WORKS for you!
  • 5. Triple Benefits of Real Estate
      • Cash Flow
      • Appreciation
      • Debt Pay Down
  • 6.
    • Equity Build-Up
    Buy It Right Pay It Down Pay It Off Appears on Page 146 Equity Investment Debt MARKET VALUE Equity Investment Debt MARKET VALUE Equity Investment MARKET VALUE Equity Investment Debt MARKET VALUE Price Appreciation Debt Pay Down Equity Build Up + =
  • 7.
    • Cash Flow Growth
    Buy It Right Pay It Down Pay It Off Rent Appreciation Debt Pay Off Cash Flow Growth + = Appears on Page 149 RENT Vacancy & Expenses Cash Flow Vacancy & Expenses Debt Service RENT Cash Flow RENT Vacancy & Expenses Debt Service Cash Flow RENT Vacancy & Expenses Debt Service Cash Flow
  • 8. Markets To Avoid
    • America’s Riskiest Markets” ( From )
      • Red Flags
        • Homes Not Selling (Inventory not being reduced)
        • Local Economy Has Stalled (jobs not available)
      • The Availability of Jobs = Gets at the Critical Question of HOW MUCH MONEY IS AVAILABLE WITHIN A MARKET.
  • 9. Where To Buy?
    • Where there is a Diverse Economy
    • Inventory of Homes is Being Reduced
    • Where There Are Steady Jobs or Job Growth
  • 10. Criteria for Analysis
    • looked at 40 U.S. Metro’s
      • Foreclosures
      • Job Growth
      • Volume of Real Estate Transactions
      • Vacancy Rates
      • Multiple Listing Service Data
  • 11. Specific Markets
    • Markets in Freefall (foreclosures on rise, homes not selling, stalled economies)
      • Detroit, Michigan
      • Cleveland, Ohio
    • Markets at Risk for Further Fall (ARM-heavy areas)
      • Sacramento, California
      • Miami and Orlando, Florida
  • 12. Specific Markets (cont’d)
    • Potentially Good Markets
      • Consumer Confidence in Market
      • Increase in No. of Sales
        • Shows How Easy It Is To Get Loans
        • 3 to 6 month lag time between increase no. of sales and price increases
    • Metro Where Transactions Rose:
      • San Diego, California
  • 13. Specific Markets: High Foreclosures
    • Denver, Colorado (50,000 foreclosures in 2007)
    • Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Detroit, Michigan
    • To Recover:
      • Inventory Must Be Absorbed
      • Increase in Jobs
      • Consumer Confidence Must Increase
  • 14.