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Assessment Opportunities And Products


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  • Transcript

    • 1. Assessments!
    • 2. Assessments Hiring / Selection / Recruiting
    • 3.
      • All Jobs require the right
      • Talent
      • for maximum performance
    • 4. Average Cost of Hiring Mistakes:
      • $$$ 3 Times Salary $$$
      • Plus:
      • Cost of lost knowledge, skills, and contacts
      • Cost of lost departmental productivity
    • 5. AT JTS Advisors, we are asset managers. We insure you are receiving the highest profit from your #1 resource, your people. HOOK 'EM
        • Never hire wrong again.
        • Identify whether a job candidate is going to be an asset or a liability to the company BEFORE you decide to hire them.
        • Save thousands of personal and staff hours focusing on the wrong people.
        • Save thousands of dollars on the high cost turnover, retraining, and recruiting costs.
        • Get past the typical interview façade.
        • Do you know who to hire for that position, REALLY? Two people may have similar qualifications and experience on paper… but INSIDE they can be worlds apart. For example, who would you rather have on your team?
        • Michael Jordan… OR… Dennis Rodman?
        • Michelle Kwan… OR… Tonya Harding?
        • In each case, what differentiates one from the other is largely below the surface.
    • 6.
      • Most people hired by the interview process are hired by the heart , not the head.
    • 7. Move toward the Solution
      • Eliminate BIAS
      • through the objectivity of a
      • Complete Talent Management
      • System
    • 8. Assessments Selection: Pattern recognition is the ultimate power. –Tony Robbins
    • 9. Assessments How to Select Top Producers: 1. Run assessments on top 15% and bottom 15% 2. Find the patterns (they will usually stand out). 3. Select for people that match the top group ranges.
    • 10. We need both: Behavior and Values / Motivators
      • Behavioral style can’t stand alone for complete understanding or analysis of the people we serve.
      • Both Behavior and Values/Motivators components are needed for selection work.
      • Errors have been made by consultants and managers when using Behavior alone.
      • Let’s explore some reasons WHY...
    • 11. Your reasons WHY indicate your Motivators & Values
      • Value/Motivator Drive for
      • Theoretical Knowledge
      • Utilitarian Money / Materials
      • Aesthetic Form / Harmony
      • Social Helping others
      • Individualistic Power / Control
      • Traditional Order / Structure
    • 12. Workplace Motivators RESULTS ( I.T. Salespeople : 20 year base)
    • 13. Adapted Style (I.T. Sales - Behavioral)
    • 14. Natural Style (I.T. Sales - Behavioral)
    • 15. Workplace Motivators RESULTS (I.T. Customer Service : 20 year base)
    • 16. Statistical treatment & research
      • Through inferential statistical treatments (ANOVA, the following numbers have been estimated when investigating one’s success on the job:
        • DISC may account for 20%-30% of the variance.
        • VALUES / MOTIVATION may account for 40%-50% of the variance.
        • INTELLIGENCE… 20%-30% of variance.
        • JOB CULTURE… 10%-15% of variance.
    • 17. Union Fidelity Can you see the difference between top and bottom producers? Assessments
    • 18. Union Fidelity Can you see the difference between top and bottom producers? Assessments
    • 19. Union Fidelity Can you see the difference between top and bottom producers? Assessments
    • 20. Union Fidelity Can you see the difference between top and bottom producers? Assessments
    • 21. Peter Pan Winnie the Pooh CFO Accounting Management Support Staff Sales Marketing Customer Service Data "Patton"
    • 22. Continued $? $? $? $? $?
      • You have now created the hiring model.
      • From this point forward—
      • they will use your instruments to do the hiring.
      • This is a steady revenue stream with very little labor attached.
      • 10 companies hiring 20 people = 200 hires.
      • They interview 2 people for each position.
      • 200 hires x 2 interviews = 400 sets of assessments.
      • 400 X $225.00 = $89,600 in passive revenue.
      • Think of the coaching and training you will have acquired because of your relationship with these companies.
    • 23. Assessments Hiring / Recruiting 1. Solutions for Hire What: Full solution including: --Recruiting fully qualified and assessed candidates to your door. --Fee: 18-30% of annual salary to client + $1000 (or more) retainer 2. Jeff Klubeck, Strategic Hiring
    • 24. Assessments Diagnostics
    • 25. Assessments Diagnostics Business Assessment: 1. DISC PIAV on select employees 2. Analysis of: -org chart -goals -past year performance 3. Select debrief 4. SWOT Analysis 5. Recommendations for organizational development 6. Posters 7. Fee (assessments only + time)
    • 26. Assessments Consulting Triad Debriefs: 1. Run assessment on employee 2. Short debrief with manager only 3. Debrief with manager and employee --Bring highlighters and three copies of results --go over bullets (what are the top 2-3?) & discuss --Explain Graphs --Make three types of recommendations: i. for manager ii. For employee iii. for job structure 4. Fee (assessments only + time)
    • 27. HELP 'EM
        • PROFILING HELPS YOU manage your current team
        • to maximum productivity and profits. How?
      • -TURNS key employees around.
      • -PUTS broken teams back together.
      • -INSTRUCTS you on how to manage & coach each one of your people.
      • -EDUCATES employees about their own strengths and weaknesses.
      • -TELLS your teams how to work together as a RESULTS MACHINE!
      AT JTS Advisors, we are asset managers. We insure you are receiving the highest profit from your #1 resource, your people.
    • 28. “ The scarcest resources in any organization are performing people. It is on your people that the future prosperity and survival of your organization will depend. ” -Peter Drucker
        • Allied Signal 3M
        • American Express AT&T
        • Coca-Cola US Department of Labor
        • GE HP
        • IBM Coldwell Banker
        • Test the accuracy and validity of these profiles. Talk to the consultant that sent this to you how you may qualify for a personal complimentary profile!
        • When you take these profiles, you will:
        • -Find out what drives you.
        • -Learn your key strengths.
        • -Learn why your problems occur in key areas.