The (Im)possible Role of the Social Media Manager


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Your social media team is falling short -- and it's not their fault. It's time to reevaluate your business objectives and SPARK across departments. Learn how to create a Social Media Forum that staffs for success.

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The (Im)possible Role of the Social Media Manager

  1. 1. THE (IM)POSSIBLE ROLE OF YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER How To Staff for Social Media Success
  2. 2. Do you know this guy?
  3. 3. His job exists, but its ability to succeed does not.
  4. 4. Here’s why: 65% 57% 78% of companies use staff to “do social media” on top of their other duties. don’t monitor the competition of brands don’t plan to hire internally in 2013 for social media When an employee works solely on social media, it’s on a team of 3 or fewer. “We should be monitoring the competition but don’t have the time.” Brands struggle with monitoring and measurements 65% 63% said it’s due to lack of time blamed lack of staffing Median pay for a Social Media Manager $45,000$55,000 SOURCE: RAGAN & NASDAQ OMX CORPORATE SOLUTION SURVEY RESULTS, 2013
  5. 5. That role was born from a need... but is that need still the need?
  6. 6. Step back and take a look at your BUSINESS OBJECTIVES More feedback on products before launch Reduce customer service operational costs Change brand perception Increase awareness/stickiness of brand message Allow users to get more information before purchase
  7. 7. And what about the ones you haven’t thought of? Increase morale within the company Better understand the landscape of your competition Capitalize on real time events Crisis management
  8. 8. It takes a village.
  9. 9. Introducing the SOCIAL MEDIA FORUM
  11. 11. The many skill sets needed for social media success: Strategy Process Action Review K nowledge
  12. 12. SPARK across departments Customer Service Customer Marketing Service Goals Goals Goals To reduce call Goals volume to customer To reduce call service / save costs To increase awareness Goals of branding and To increase awareness marketing message Strategy Strategy volume to customer service / save costs VP Customer Service Strategy VP Customer Service Process Process Monitoring tools, Monitoring tools, CS Schedules, FAQs, CS Training Schedules, FAQs, Training Action Action Monitoring tools,tools, Monitoring CS Schedules, FAQs,FAQs, CS Schedules, Training Training Review Review Marketing of branding and marketing message VP Marketing / Agency Strategy VP Marketing / Agency Process C-Suite Public Relations Public Human Research & Resources Development Human Research & Relations Goals Development Goals To show investors Goals tremendous enthusiasm To show investors from consumers To improve the Goalsimage brand’s To obtain To connect employees Goals feedback Goals improve morale on current and future and Strategy Strategy C-Suite tremendous enthusiasm from consumers CMO Strategy CMO Process To improve the brand’s image Resources Goals To obtain feedback products on current and future products To connect employees and improve morale VP Marketing Strategy / Agency VP Product Strategy Dev. VP HR Strategy VP Marketing / Agency VP Product Dev. VP HR Process Strategy Process Strategy Process Process Process Campaign Management, Executive Reports Campaign Management, Executive Reports Content creation Voice, Content creation Voice, and Tone Process Sentiment Reports, Process tools, Monitoring Process tools, Monitoring Action Action Action Action Action Action Action Action and Tone SM Communications SM Communications Manager, Designers, Manager, Designers, Community Manager Community Manager Action Action SM Communications SM Communications Manager Manager Sentiment Plan, SM Crisis Reports, SM Crisis Plan,Press lists Monitoring, Monitoring, Press lists PR Manager, PR Manager, Community Manager Community Manager Monitoring tools, FAQs, CS Schedules, CS Training FAQs, Schedules, Training Research Manager, Research Manager, Community Manager Community Manager Monitoring tools, FAQs, CS Schedules, CS Schedules, FAQs, Training Training Monitoring Monitoring tools, tools, CS Schedules, CS Schedules, FAQs, FAQs, Training Training Analysis can done by a Business Analyst – looking at the intended goals and tracking of success against Analysis can bebe done by a BusinessAnalyst – looking at the intended goals and thethe tracking of success against those goals. Analysis can be done by examining back end data, social actions, and surveys. those goals. Analysis can be done by examiningback end data, social actions, and surveys. Knowledge Knowledge Using the key learnings from our initial efforts, we will refine and perfect our upcoming SPARKs! Using the key learnings from our initial efforts, we will refine and perfect our upcoming SPARKs!
  13. 13. And now this poor guy becomes our hero!
  14. 14. But what about the costs?
  15. 15. To agency or not to agency?
  16. 16. Social media never sleeps... but your staff needs to.
  17. 17. Thank You. Questions? Likeable Media 240 West 37th Street, 7th Fl New York, NY 10018 (212) 660-2458 @LikeableMedia