Likeable U: Social Media Is Not Marketing by Dan Kim


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  • Mango example. How to cut.
  • Likeable U: Social Media Is Not Marketing by Dan Kim

    1. 1. Social Media Is Not Marketing [It’s 612 x 612] Dan Kim Red Mango @dankimredmango
    2. 2. I’m Not a Social Media Expert• Do they really exist? I don’t think so.• We are all experts; key is knowing who we are, and what role we play• Consumers drive future of social media, not brands, money or apps
    3. 3. My Two Goals Today• Social Media is Not Marketing• Photos are Mission Critical to Social Media
    4. 4. The Common Problem• Social Media is about influencing.• Marketing is about influencing.• Therefore, Social Media is Marketing• Logical? No, but…
    5. 5. Social Media in Marketing• Many put Social Media in the “Marketing Department”.• See it as another tech-driven “media” channel (evolution of interactive).• Apply old-school, autocratic advertising methods.• In my opinion, this is a mistake.
    6. 6. Social Media as Another Channel? Television Social Print Media Marketing Digital Outdoor
    7. 7. Marketing Is Influencing. However…• To market is to influence consumers to buy your brand.• But traditionally, advertising has been executed through unidirectional and opportunistic media.• Social networks, however, enable people to communicate in dynamic real-time ways driven by peer-to-peer & emotional engagement.• So, shouldn’t brands understand this new, more powerful paradigm of social influence before they try to market through it?
    8. 8. The New Consumer Paradigm
    9. 9. So What Is Social Media?• Because social media is driven by consumers, it by definition is not marketing.• Although based on technology, social media is not an evolution of digital & interactive marketing channels.• Rather, it is a new & real social paradigm we use to more intimately communicate with each other, the effect of which is to create powerful mass collaboration & engagement• Brands who want to participate need to understand their role within this new paradigm
    10. 10. Social Media  Activity• Brands who “get it” become a party to the social conversations of their consumers• They contribute to social networks in a meaningful or informative way • They are not the walking billboards / sales people• They use social media to create authentically interesting activity...• And in marketing, activity is a good thing.
    11. 11. Social Media  Activity  Marketing• But activity alone does not create business results.• Activity generates awareness, but we need results more meaningful than that.• Social media should be relied upon to generate activity that helps drive a marketing or branding campaign.• Let social media be the spark that drives consumers to connect with your marketing initiatives. They’re smart. After all, we are all consumers.
    12. 12. So in Summary: Television Social Media Print Television MarketingSocial PrintMedia Marketing Digital Outdoor Digital Outdoor
    13. 13. Our Secret to Social Success
    14. 14. A Picture is Worth a $Billion Words• There are many ways to contribute useful content into social networks to create activity • Advice, news, offers…• But the best, most universal and impactful way? Photographs.• I believe pictures are still under-utilized and under-promoted in social networks.
    15. 15. Photos = Best Way to Create Activity• With just one glance, a photo can generate significant, meaningful “activity”• Pornography…• … i.e., #foodporn• “Activity” not only when people see photos, but also when they take them to share.• Exponentially scalable content! • The world is your photographer. The world is your studio.
    16. 16. Words vs. Photography“Eat Red Mango FrozenYogurt! It’s delicious!” “Mmm…”
    17. 17. The Power of the “Like”• We seem to be obsessed with “Likes”…• …and that’s okay. But why?• Because when someone “likes” something, it symbolizes and registers the consumer engaging in the “activity” that we want.• So being “likeable” means to be a good citizen in the new social paradigm we call “social media” by creating content people like.• So be “Likeable”. It’s that easy.
    18. 18. Quiz… for Red Mango Gift Cards• Why is “a picture worth a billion dollars?”• What is 612 x 612?• What is 851 x 315?• Approximately how many Instagram photos are currently tagged “#redmango”?• What is Freeze Frame?