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Likeable U: Running the Gauntlet by Jeffrey Hayzlett

Likeable U: Running the Gauntlet by Jeffrey Hayzlett






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  • Build the slide – one bullet point at a time

Likeable U: Running the Gauntlet by Jeffrey Hayzlett Likeable U: Running the Gauntlet by Jeffrey Hayzlett Presentation Transcript

  • Only for the Bravest and Most Successful
  • WARNING: To the naysayers, opportunists, andobstructionists who stand in the way of driving change and progress in any organization Note: WE WILL BEAT YOU
  • 1824 or 2012 Somewhere in the Westor in a Company Near You.
  • Adapt, Change or Die
  • Driving ChangeChange for Change Sake is bad “There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.” – Winston Churchill
  • Agents of Change Leaders
  • Type of Change Agents Clock Changers & Lions
  • Clock Changers
  • Or. . . the other guys
  • Be a Clock Changer Be a leader
  • Noticeable Assets• Problem Solvers, not problem seekers• Change agents for the process• Cheerleaders who reinforce goals• Seam operators
  • Why People & Companies Fail to Drive Change Needed to Win The BIG Five
  • Reasons We Fail1. Fear Be a beginner
  • Reasons We Fail 2. TensionHealthy debate is good.
  • Reasons We Fail 3. RadicalTransparency Elephants are fun to kill
  • Reasons We Fail4. Risk No one is going to die
  • Reasons We Fail5. Promises Let’s do lunch
  • How its Suppose to Work
  • Make my Order
  • Give Up Some Cash
  • Delivered Fresh
  • I’m Not Lovin’ it!
  • Clowns Lie
  • What is a Promise? Mutual Conditions of Satisfaction
  • Basic Components• The Customer• The Performer• The Action Cycle & 4 Phases Pretty simple in theory
  • The John Madden View The Action Cycle Phase I Phase IIThe Customer Promise The Performer Promise Phase IV Phase III 26
  • The first step. . . Phase I The Action Cycle OFFER The Customer Promise The Performer PromiseIn the beginning… 27
  • The Second Step. . .Phase II The Action Cycle AGREEMENTThe Customer Promise The Performer Promise 28
  • One More. . .Phase III The Action CycleThe Customer Promise The Performer Promise PERFORMANCE 29
  • Bringing it home. . .Phase IV The Action CycleThe Customer Promise The Performer Promise DELIVERY & ACCEPTANCE 30
  • Connected by YOUR promises What are your promises to the Company? 31
  • Ask YourselfWhy are you in this game? Who are you? Your 118What shall you look like?
  • Brand Horses. . . cows andpromises delivered
  • Do it RightStand for something Online or offline Principles only mean something when they are inconvenient
  • Think Big, Act BIGGER• Drive Change Everyday - More than Film• Size does not matter - Main Street vs. Wall Street• Ready, Fire, Aim• Change is painful but. . .
  • Cause Tension• Don’t settle• Create competition• Stir it up• Why?
  • Rules to Remember• Mood• Rule of thirds• Change the questions• Make it better in the new place
  • Try some new things After all, . . .
  • Walk the Talk• Objective: Drive Sales (repeat best seller) with great content and marketing• Engage fans/content• Drive Earned Media & Buzz• Represents the brand • New, different, cutting edge- content and methods
  • The othersUgly, not so smart
  • MeSmart and branded
  • Everyone needs an enemy• Battle Brings out their best• Educate and lead• Anticipate problems before they arrive – Quantify and qualify – Compare – Decide
  • Be a dog soldier.