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It's that time again-- the time when every social media marketer makes their "predictions" for the upcoming year. Here's Likeable's take on what's next!

1. Mobile optimization becomes a "permission to play". Data will continue to emerge that shows how sites that are optimized for mobile will convert more customers. As we consolidate devices (our phones are more than just cameras-- they're credit cards,blogging platforms, and more!), the reconfiguring of your site to be mobile-friendly will no longer be an option. It's a necessity.

2. QR codes will continue to be the most "misused" hot item in 2012. Marketers will slap a QR code on everything and anything, and wonder why it's not working. A few standout campaigns that fully integrate QR codes well will have outstanding results. The remaining marketers will be left scratching their heads.

3. Facebook Credits will finally matter, and be introduced as a true method of payment. As Facebook Credits become more widely used, so will the concept of purchasing through Facebook-- look for a rise in F-Commerce in 2012.

4. Location-based marketing continues deeper integration with merchant service companies (think Amex's Like Link Love) to make "deals" via checkins much more scaleable. No more explaining foursquare to the confused clerk at the counter-- users will simply have a credit added to their card statements.

5. Retailers finally get it. Retailers begin to add and integrate social into the in-store shopping experience, reminding users to leave reviews, check in, and share their experiences. Look for more tablets at retail locations as retailers begin to take social much more seriously at the store level in 2012.

6. Google+ takes a totally opposite approach from Facebook, in that in 2012 they worry way less about users, and focus more on working with brands. Once they convince brands of the search weighting of Google+, brands will flock, and from search alone, Google+ becomes an immediate customer service and conversion vehicle, despite the fact that users will NOT use this network socially.

7. Likes alone won't be enough to satisfy companies. As social media matures, so does the need for sales results. There's no more "let's just see what happens with this thing". In order to track sales results, brands need data, and Facebook insights will need to get more sophisticated in terms of conversion. They won't do that in 2012 for fear of lack of results. And so, brands will utilize Facebook to drive to more data focused sites-- either through Facebook Connect, applications, or microsites.

What are YOUR social media predictions? Do you agree or disagree with our predictions? Let us know in the comments below!

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Likeable Predictions 2012

  2. #1. GO MOBILE OR GOHOME All digital efforts must be optimized for mobile in 2012 if brands want to be seen and shared. Consolidation of devices will continue, and mobile devices will serve as cameras, credit cards, blogging platforms, and more!
  3. #2. QR CODEOVERKILL QR Codes will be used by marketers galore, viewed as an easy add-on to packaging. Similar to the F icon, a QR code that does give a reason to scan it will leave marketers asking why no one is paying attention. Integrated QR codes that are a part of an integrated marketing message will resonate.
  4. #3. DAILY DEALS VERSUSGROUP BUYING Daily Deal sites will see a decrease in subscriptions as email inboxes become more cluttered. Social Group Buying which uses collective buying power will continue to grow and be integrated into e-commerce.
  5. #5. KEEP YOUR EYES ONF-COMMERCE F-Commerce will continue to be a hot topic in 2012, as marketers wait and see if the platform takes off. When Facebook credits are widely adopted as currency, early adopters of F- commerce will reap the benefits
  6. #6. SUCCESS THROUGHSIMPLICITY In this increasingly crowded and loud space, platforms and programs that are simple to use and understand will win.
  7. #7. EFFORTLESS REWARDS FORLOCATION SERVICES Businesses will reward customers for loyalty/retail checkins with a more streamlined fulfillment. Look for statement credits or loyalty points that automatically post for a user, leaving little room for human error.
  8. #8. THE EVOLUTION OF THEEARLY ADOPTER Early adopters tire of the “mainstream” social media sites, and flee to more private, clean sites like Realizing there are far fewer people to hear their message, they go back to the mainstream sites for their public presence, while using privatized networks for more intimate connections.
  9. #8. THE EVOLUTION OFRETAIL LOCATIONS Shopping will begin to take on a different feel at the store level. Social touchscreens will become widely adopted and allow users to order and review products while in physical locations.
  10. #9. GOING DEEPER THAN THEFACEBOOK LIKE As data becomes a hot topic with brands, the need to get more access than the basic Facebook insights will increase. This will result in a resurgence of social and mobile apps. The need for good content will be higher than ever.
  11. #10. THE BACKWARDS, YET WINNING APPROACH FORGOOGLE+ While Facebook grew its user base first, Google+ will take a different approach. Google+ will introduce search algorithm and deal features into their product, and bring users to them to search for deals– making it the less social, and more deal focused, social network. And it will work.
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