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AIESEC Estonia_Chemi - Pharm internship in Tallinn
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AIESEC Estonia_Chemi - Pharm internship in Tallinn


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  • 1. A mazing management internship opportuni t y in Estonia
  • 2. ESTONIA
  • 3. Some facts about Estonia
    • Capital - Tallinn
    • National language - Estonian
    • Population – 1 , 3 mln people (2008): Estonians 68,8%; Russians 25,6%; other 5,6%
    • Independence – 24 th February 1918
    • European Union – 1 st May 2004
    • Skype and mobile parking were invented by Estonians
    • One of the first countries to develop e-state and e-government
    • One of the most innovative and IT developed countries in Europe
    • Tallinn is the European Cultural Capital in 2011
    • To get to know more about Estonia visit :
    • AIESEC Estonia wiki :
    • Estonia in Wikipedia:
    • Estonia in YouTube: ,
  • 4. Company – Chemi-Pharm
    • Name – Chemi-Pharm
    • Web-page -
    • Chemi-Pharm is an international company producing disinfection and cleaning agents .
  • 5. Chemi-Pharm Chemi-Pharm has successfully entered to Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish, Swedish and Russian market. Baltic’s HQ and warehouse are situated in Estonia.
  • 6.
    • Chemi-Pharm is looking for
    • Marketing and Development support
    • who will develop expansion strategy for Swedish market
    TN for m ID: TN-In-EE-TL-2010-1310
  • 7. Job description
    • To p erform Swedish market research, develop expansion strategy for Swedish market and realize it with company managers.
    • To contact possible partners in Sweden in order to establish long term partnership with them (creating client database).
    • Take care of backoffice work of the assigned countries – communication with customers, wholesalers, web programming team
    • To find best possible logistics solutions for Swedish market and develop them.
    • To o rganize meetings and training's (product training's) for partners.
    • To create additional marketing opportunities using variety of different channels.
    • To prepare marketing materials for Swedish and consulting with Swedish medical experts about contest and text.
    • To k eep in touch with Swedish Chamber of Commerce's and creating possible partnerships. Invite visitors and carry out visits among partners in cooperation with company managers.
  • 8. Chemi-Pharm offers YOU
    • YOU will get training's about produced products and offered services .
    • YOU will get overview of companies different expansion strategies in various markets .
    • YOU will receive depth information how different products meet needs of different target groups .
    • YOU will leave Estonia with a firm knowledge how to launch foreign company products in Swedish market.
  • 9. Chemi-Pharm is looking for you
    • If you have marketing and business administration background
    • If you are a native Swedish speaker with excellent English
    • If you are up to challenges and are proactive
  • 10.
    • Background Requirements:
    • International Management
    • Import - Export
    • Retail + Sales Marketing
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Ecology and environmental science
    • Psychology
    • Language expectations:
    • Native Swedish
    • Excellent English
    • Skills Requirements:
    • Client Servicing Skills
    • Presentation skills
    • Project Management
    • Marketing / Selling skills
    Requirements Starting date: 01.09.2010 Ending date: 28 . 02. 20 11 Salary: 740 USD
  • 11. International atmosphere in Tallinn You can meet international people from Brazil, Columbia, Rumenia, Hungary, Netherlands, Canada and more. You can enjoy the international community every Wednesday evening in a cosy atmosphere.
  • 12. Have questions?
    • TN-In-EE-TL-2010-1310
    • Deadline for application is 10th of August!
    • For further information contact:
    • [email_address] , AIESEC Tallinn , TN manager
    • Send your EP form, Acceptance Note and C V!
  • 13.