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Finland comenius Finland comenius Presentation Transcript

  • Finland
  • Finland  Finland, officially the republic of Finland, is a Nordic country situated in the Fennoscandian region of Northern Europe.  It is bordered by Sweden to the west, Norway to the north, Russia to the east and Estonia to the south across the Gulf of Finland.  Åland is a demilitarized region of Finland. It is a Autonomous Community.
  • Finland is a sparsely populated country. It’s 5.4 million inhabitants are concentrated mainly in the southern and central regions. → Finland`s total area is 303 890.89 km2 → The capital of Finland Helsinki→ → Official languages Finnish & Swedish→ → Religion Lutheranism→ → Independence 6 December 1917→ → Population 5,421,827→ Finland
  • Four seasons
  • ∗ Finland was first inhabited by the Sami people as early as 10 000 years ago. Prehistoric Finland
  • ∗ Christianity was spread in Finland through Sweden and Novgorod (Russia). ∗ The area of Finland was diveded by the two powers in 1323 Ad. Under the swedish rule
  • ∗ Most of the Finnish region was a part of the Kingdom of Sweden from the 13th century to 1809. ∗ 1809 vast majority of the Finnish-speaking areas of Sweden were ceded to the Russian Empire. ∗ Finland was named the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland. Russian empire
  • ∗ December 1917, Finland declared independence. ∗ A civil war between the Finnish Red Guards and the White Guard started in january 1918. ∗ "Whites" won the war. ∗ Later on Finland became a rebublic. Independence
  • ∗ During the second world war Finland fought two wars against Russia: Winter war and continuation war. ∗ After the peace with Russia, Finland had to drive away the German troops from Lappland. ∗ Independence remained. Second world war
  • ∗ During the Cold war Finland had to balance between the east and the west as a neutral country. Cold war
  • ∗ Finland joined the European Union in 1995. ∗ Old currency was replaced with the Euro in 2002. ∗ Finland is still a neutral country. Modern times
  • Finnish history .
  • Finnish history