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  • 1. Introduction Last Revised 2010.1.2 Copyright ⓒ 2010 by INIXSOFT All materials are subject to change without notice
  • 2. Contents 1. Synopsis 2. Features 3. User Interface 4. Maps 5. Scenario 6. Characters 7. Client/Server Structure 8. Screenshots / Homepage
  • 3. Synopsys PC ONLINE GAME Platform WWW.KALONLINE.COM Homepage WIN98, ME, 2000, XP, VISTA OS RAM 64MB Graphic Card 512 MB RAM INTEL Pentium 4 1.6 Ghz CPU Recommended Requirement WIN98, ME, 2000, XP, VISTA OS RAM 32MB Graphic Card 256 MB RAM Pentium 3 500 Mhz CPU Minimum Requirement ORIENTAL FANTASY Tagline MMORPG Genre Kalonline Game Title
  • 4. General Information Korean Service / www.kalonline.co.kr Language : Korean Publisher : INIXSOFT (Direct Service) International Service / www.kalonline.com Language : English Publisher : INIXSOFT (Direct Service) Taiwan Service / www.kalonline.com.tw Language : Traditional Chinese Publisher: X-legend (Local Publisher service) 1.1 General - Title: Kal Online - Developer : INIXSOFT - Genre: Full 3D MMORPG (Oriental Fantasy) - Platform: PC Online game 1.2 Service Status
  • 5. Features 1. Individual and Various Characters The ‘changing job system’ makes 4 basic job(the order of knight, archer, wizard and thief) to make 8 types of jobs so there’re total of 24 jobs and later on, 2 more basic jobs(warrior and talisman wizard) are planning to be updated. 2. Variety of Items KAL Online has 'Prefix System' for the items. The items are classified as weapons, armors, accessories, and other items. The items can be enchanted with the talismans and attributive stones to increase the strength(power, health, agility, intelligence, and wisdom) of the items so according to the players' will, all items can be changed. 3. Oriental Graphical Background KAL Online is graphically representing oriental background, such as ,massive mountains and traditional building reminds players of oriental epic story. These backgrounds are well realized with cutting edge graphic engine developed by INIXSOFT by itself.
  • 6. Features 4. Community : person -> party -> guild -> guild vs guild -> occupational battle There is a 'Guild system' in KAL Online and they can have a battle between the guilds. The guild level can be raised with the contribution of the guild members and the mark of the guild can be created. Also not like other MMORPGs, there is a occupation battle system and the guilds will fight for occupying some areas. With the occupying areas, the economic activity can be made in that areas. 5. Other Systems There're are many systems like : private shop, producing & collecting and economic, PvP and PK, mini game, party, producing item, and etc .
  • 7. Features 6. Transformation(Ancient Animal System) There’re ancient animals from the oriental myth that are transformed form players. Players raise the ancient animals from the eggs to the adults. When the player transforms to the ancient animal, player’s power will be increased. Also the player’s power increases as the ancient animal grows. 7. Quests Make the Player be a Hero Quests are existed as 'Kill task' by the level and 'Scenario quest' with camera effect like a movie. Among those quests, 'Scenario quest' may be participated from tenth to hundreds of player in a same time and by the final result of the quest, game situation for each server can be different. The achievement of the active players in the quest, can be saved on the item of history and NPCs will admire their achievements. Even if the little action of the player can change the whole game situation.
  • 8. Features 8. Castle Siege Castle Siege system is composed of declaration period, preparation period, and siege warfare period and during this period, it is not possible to make or break alliance with other guild. Castle is held once every Saturday. Moreover, all players participating castle siege will get honor points. Honor point is measurement of their own honor that can be used for unique honor items. 9. System customized for high level players Kalonline have several game system meeting with high level players’ requirements. “Destructing key point” and “ Protecting leader” are developed to extinguish these players. ”Destructing key point” is a Battle for attacking the enemy’s key points effectively and defending our key points and “protecting leader” is ‘Protecting Leader, the second battle area of Scenario 3, is protecting your own leader so he/she can finish his/her mission and preventing enemy’s leader to succeed his/her mission.
  • 9. Features 9. Picture of Hell (Instant Dungeon) Picture of Hell is newly updated Instant Dungeon in KalOnline. It consists of total 11 stages, 10 challenging stages and 1 boss stage. Players can advance to next stage when they eliminate a set amount of selected monsters. Once all monsters are eliminated, Portal Stone (Seal of Hell) is generated. Destroying the Portal Stone moves players to a next stage. And It give a chance to get special items and lots of money when players clear all stages in limited time. In this dungeon, there is no death penalties and player can resurrect themselves and party inside the dungeon and continue exploring till the end with Rebirth Talismans. [ Flowchart of the advancement in the Picture of Hell ]
  • 10. User Interface EXP: Character’s exp. bar. When the lower gauge is full, the upper gauge increased by one and getting 10 boxes means level-up. MP: Character’s magic point. HP: Character’s health health point. Compass: The ball of compass always points to the north. Info. Window of the Target: Displays currently targeted enemy’s name and its health info. Menu Window: Displays character’s info./invent./skills/party/mission/map and changes game setting. Quick Slots: Registers the skills that are used often Message Window: Depends the type of the message, its color is different. Chatting Window: Displays normal chatting in white and whisper in blue and sets the option of display .
  • 11. Maps Village Narootuh Bridge Odohyeb Mine Guemo Castle Guemo Forest Monster Ruined Tomb Tomb Geobakhan Dungeon Geobakhan Park Sky Doggebi Tower GiantBird Dungenon E-Mok Island
  • 12. Character – Job Tree & Feature 1. Scholar uses magic to attack enemies. 2. Literary Person is getting used to the magic attack and also has revive and cure skills. 3-1. Hermit has specialty on attacking specific object with the magic. 3-2. Chairperson of Joong-Bang has skill to damage the multi-enemies on a specific area and has powerful reviving skill. 4-1. Ascetic is Getting specialized in attacking and self-defense skill. 4-2. Military Adviser has skill to manage all friends but it is weak against the infighters Wizard 1. Wondering Archer has quickness and long-distance attack distinguishes. 2. Apprentice Archer has powerful long-distance attack but it also need friend’s protection. 3-1. Imperial Commander has skill to increase friends’ attacking power and cure them. 3-2. Expert Archer has more powerful long-distance attack but it also need more friend’s protection. 4-1. Imperial General has multi-attacking skill and shoot an arrow quickly on a targeted area. 4-2. God of Bow has ability to kill an enemy with only one arrow. Archer 1. Wondering Thief is specialized in melee attacks and uses Hiding, the basic combat skill of Thief. 2. Thief Guild Member has ability to several types of skills while in hiding mode. 3-1. Hitman is specialized in one on one fight, has skills dedicated to assassination such as quick attack and fatal wound. 3-2. I. Swordsman (Invisible Swordsman) prefer confronting enemies despite of her origin-stealthy thief. 4-1. Dark Shadow cover herself under the curtain of shadow while fighting 4-2. Unearthly Ghost focus on dagger skills. Their dagger is so fast that no one has witness its movement or shape. Thief 1. Wondering Knight is good at infighting however it’s not good at offensively nor defensively. 2. Apprentice Knight is first step of knight and can learn basic skill of knight. 3-1. Commander has specialty on defense and gets skill to control its ability but the offense is basic. 3-2. Vagabond Sword-man has specialty on offense but the defense is basic. 4-1. General has specialty on defense and skill to increase friends’ abilities. 4-2. God of Sword ’s fighting skill goes only offensively and careless on defense so managing weapon skills are great but has some limit on managing shield and armor skills. Knight
  • 13. Client/Server Structure GAME SERVER DB SERVER SERVER 1 GAME SERVER DB SERVER SERVER 2 UPDATE SERVER LOGIN SERVER 1. Server Specification (1) Main Server - CPU : PⅣ - 3.2GHz (DUAL CPU ) - RAM : 1GB(Recommended) - HARD Drive: 36G or more (Recommended) - Lan Card 2 pieces (2) DB Server + Log in Server - CPU : PⅣ - 3.2GHz (DUAL CPU ) - RAM : 2GB(Recommended) - HARD Drive: 36G * 2 (Raid Hard 36G) - Lan Card 2 pieces (3) Update Server - General PC grade 2. Necessary OS for server installation (1) Windows 2000 Server (all server) (2) SQL server 2000 (Login server & DB server) GAME SERVER + DB SERVER = 1 SET of SERVER GAME SERVER + DB SERVER = 1 SET of SERVER
  • 14. Screenshot
  • 15. Contact Person Overseas Business Manager / Mr. Andrea Email: [email_address] TEL : +82-70-7734-3702 FAX : +82-2-857-4945