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Advanced Materials Leadership for SAMPE Conference 2002

Advanced Materials Leadership for SAMPE Conference 2002






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  • I have spent most of my career working in aerospace, was very fortunate to work with a wonderful Naval architect on large marine structures, and recently, and working to develop technology for a new way to design and build automobiles that are environmentally sustainable. Always however, I have focused on the effective application of advanced materials, in particular advanced polymer composites. Interestingly, the challenges to progress in each of these realms are very similar. Which makes sense, since in each area we are applying the same family of unique materials, and in each area it is human beings who are attempting to make progress. In answering the question this panel was challenged with, I will take a brief look at the history of technological progress, some of it my own, some this industries, and some this countries. I will then attempt to summarize some recommendations that I think are key to making a difference towards progress in furthering the broad application of advanced materials.

Advanced Materials Leadership for SAMPE Conference 2002 Advanced Materials Leadership for SAMPE Conference 2002 Presentation Transcript

  • David F. Taggart, CTO Hypercar, Inc. [email_address] www.hypercar.com SAMPE Conference, Long Beach CA, 14 May 2002 Getting Out of the Way of Progress
  • history of development progress
    • History has seen dramatic swings in development progress
    Overall AC Performance Stealth technologies ??? Technology: Jet Propulsion WWII Korea Vietnam Cold War Two Fronts Terrorism Event:
  • what will make a difference Experience Leadership Technological Leap “ experience, i.e. the steady buildup and maintenance of expertise over time through constant learning by doing, is critical in the cost-effective design and development of successful military aircraft” RAND “The Cutting Edge” "The Skunk Works is a concentration of a few good people solving problems far in advance - and at a fraction of the cost - by applying the simplest, most straightforward methods possible to develop and produce new products." Kelly L. Johnson “ People who seem to have a new idea, have often just stopped having an old idea” “ Invention is a sudden cessation of stupidity” Edwin Land Progress
  • Experience
  • large marine vessels
    • Operational requirements uniquely met by composites
    • Available technology can meet steel production costs, while dramatically beating steel in life cycle costs and other performance improvements
    • Whole system integration of primarily composite structure is key
    • Demonstrations essential to progress: Europe way out in front
  • aerospace vehicles “ In the year 2054, the entire defense budget will purchase just one aircraft. This aircraft will have to be shared by the Air Force and the Navy 3 ½ days each per week except for leap year, when it will be made available to the Marines for the extra day” Norman R. Augustine Year # of Aircraft
  • DARPA IATA program JAST/ASTOVL 140 Composite Skins, Metallic Sub-Structure, Fastened Assy 65% Reduction in Production Costs 48% Reduction in Non-Rec Production Costs 33% Reduction in Weight (1621 lbs savings) 95% Composites (vs 30% in baseline) 111 Total Parts Commensurate LCC Savings IATA PSC 95% Composites, Fully Bonded Assy Recurring Production Costs: T100 Baseline IATA
  • taking experience to the next level
    • Accept the fact that advanced composites ARE different
    • Shift the paradigm to primarily composite structural systems rather than primarily metallic
    • Build larger scale demonstrations more often
    • Fly prototypes more often
    • Build the capability to produce fewer aircraft of much greater diversity giving the warfighter the proper tools for their many jobs while rapidly building the experience base
    • Collaborate , but have a powerful program leader and aggressively focused program and product requirements
    • Adhere to timeless principles : e.g. Skunk Works
    • Be BOLD!
  • Leadership
  • automotive applications
    • Metallics are beating out composites as the materials of choice for weight reduction and affordability
  • steel industry is leading
    • Ultralight Steel Autobody (ULSAB)
    • 35 steel producers from 18 countries
    • $22M program over three phases
    • Whole vehicle design integration focusing on safety, low cost, and low mass
    • Using automotive industry tools, techniques, and standards
    • Directly impacting the adoption of new manufacturing technologies and techniques to extend steel’s reign
  • an opportunity for us to lead
    • Design and build a head-turning, fully functional, highly desirable polymer-intensive vehicle with credible design and analysis tools and volume- production capable manufacturing technologies
    • Show polymers and composites are the materials of choice for this emerging next generation of cars
    • Launch a cohesive communications campaign to achieve public excitement and build respect with OEMs
    • Coalesce a polymer- industry effort strong enough to compete with aluminum’s and steel’s
    • Leadership must be powerful and committed at each relevant level, particularly at the program level
    • Demonstrate and educate!
  • Technological Leap
  • fuel efficiency as the next big leap
    • Benefits of 5x improvement in fuel efficiency:
    • Oil savings:
      • U.S. potential = 8 Mbbl/day = 1 Saudi Arabia = 42 ANWARs
      • World potential = 1 OPEC
    • Lead a fast transition to a hydrogen economy
    • Effective application of advanced materials, in one single act, improves:
      • Expeditionary reaction time
      • National security
      • National independence of foreign oil
      • Time on station of any vehicle
      • Range and payload of any vehicle
      • Radical reduction in logistical tails and fuel costs in-theatre
      • Major strategic and tactical advantage for many years to come
      • Local air quality, with global implications
  • all composite Revolution
    • Uncompromised Performance
    • Result of whole system engineering development with 50k/year target
    • Matches or beats conventional platforms in style, comfort, performance, safety
    • 99 mpg equivalent (5x) on Hydrogen
    • Zero emissions
    • Cost competitive in a variety of variants
    • Carbon/TP safety cell
    • Fuel cell/battery hybrid
    • Fully networked digital control
  • Summary
  • create urgency and momentum to progress to the next leap
    • Advanced materials, as a single technology focus, can directly impact the fuel efficiency of every type of military and commercial vehicle, and in so doing:
    • Leverage game-changing strategic and tactical military advantage by improving the performance of every mobile military platform
      • Greatly reduced deployment time
      • Improved time on station
      • Improved range and payload
      • Reduced life maintenance costs
      • Radical reduction in logistical tails and in-theatre fuel costs
      • Further level of benefits depending on propulsion technology
    • Leverage game-changing commercial advantage in higher-margin production of fundamentally “better” automobiles
    • Provide corporations a new realm of system and corporate competition
    • Enhanced National security by reducing foreign oil dependence
    • Greatly improved local air quality, with global implications
  • what must we do
    • Our engineers are great… allow them the freedom to apply their enthusiasm and creativity to build, test… and INNOVATE!
    • Opportunities to demonstrate and learn: large scale demonstrations, diverse prototypes, pilot production exercises
    • Changes in development and acquisition strategies:
      • different types of prototypes
      • smaller volumes of distinctive platforms
      • whole system platform engineering where it makes sense
      • timeless principles
    • Leadership: within Government, within the materials industry, in the manufacturing industries, in corporations, within programs
    • Tightly focused collaboration: make the national and public goals an imperative, and build a sense of urgency…allow 9/11 to make a difference in how we operate
    • A clear mission … the next technological leap: a revolution in energy efficiency of mobile platforms for “national” freedom
    • Put the magic back into advanced technology for the next generation of engineers, scientists, and inventors
    • Get out of our own way!
  • thank you [email_address] “ The world that we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far, creates problems that we cannot solve at the same level we create them at” Albert Einstein “ A Scientist discovers that which exists… …an Engineer creates that which never was” Theodore von Karman “ Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it… …Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it” Goethe