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Lockheed Skunk Works
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Lockheed Skunk Works



Introductory overview of Skunk Works' history and the product development culture and engineering environment that resulted from Kelly’s fundamental confidence and belief in his engineers

Introductory overview of Skunk Works' history and the product development culture and engineering environment that resulted from Kelly’s fundamental confidence and belief in his engineers



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Lockheed Skunk Works Lockheed Skunk Works Presentation Transcript

  • The Skunk Works David F. Taggart
  • Lockheed Martin Skunk Works
    • "The Skunk Works is a concentration of a few good people
    • solving problems far in advance - and at a fraction of the
    • cost - by applying the simplest, most straightforward
    • methods possible to develop and
    • produce new products."
    • Kelly L. Johnson
  • design in the future First production variant Present Paradigm Define the end point Customer relationships Economic insight Market introduction Risk management Development targets Technology introduction Integration payoff areas First production variant Future Paradigm Ideal architecture
  • design in the future example: U-2 and SR-71 spy planes It makes no sense to just take this one or two steps ahead, because we’d be buying only a couple of years before the Russians would be able to nail us again. No, I want us to come up with an airplane that can rule the skies for a decade or more. Kelly Johnson, Lockheed Skunk Works Speed Altitude Mach 0.8 65,000 ft Mach 3.5 80,000+ ft U-2 SR-71
  • P-80 Shooting Star: 1940’s
    • Sub-sonic
    • 25,000 ft. +
    • Primarily Aluminum
    • Fighter
  • F-104 Starfighter: 1950’s
    • Supersonic
    • 25,000 ft. +
    • Primarily Aluminum
    • Interceptor
  • U-2 Dragonlady: 1950’s
    • Sub-sonic
    • 65,000 ft. +
    • Primarily Aluminum
    • High Altitude Reconnaissance
  • SR-71 Blackbird: 1960’s
    • Mach 3+
    • 80,000 ft. +
    • Primarily Titanium
    • Reconnaissance
  • F-117A Nighthawk: 1970’s
    • Sub-sonic
    • 40,000 ft.
    • Primarily Aluminum
    • Precision Strike
  • breakthrough environment
    • Need relevant experience and fundamental knowledge
    • Need diversity across every measure
    • Need a clear mission
    • Need some form of structure
    • Measurements of progress are clear and checked regularly, with timely corrective actions made
    • COMMUNICATION is paramount
    • Question “absolutes”
    • Respect others and expect their respect
    • The team will change as the endeavor progresses
  • F-22 Raptor: 1980’s
    • Mach 2
    • 60,000 ft.
    • Aluminum, Titanium, Composite
    • Air Dominance
  • Sea Shadow: 1980’s
    • Really slow
    • Sea Level
    • Steel, Aluminum
    • Strategic Attack
  • Tier III- Darkstar: 1990’s
    • Sub-sonic
    • 60,000 ft. +
    • Primarily composite
    • Reconnaissance
    • Autonomous
  • X-33 / RLV: 00’s
    • Mach 15+
    • Exo-atmospheric
    • Primarily composite
    • SSTO demonstrator
  • X-35 Joint Strike Fighter: 05’s
    • Supersonic
    • 50,000 ft. +
    • Aluminum, Titanium, Composite
    • Joint Forces Strike
    • Replace F-16, F-14, AV-8B
  • Advanced composite structures
  • Skunk Works facilities
    • Can build just about anything
    • Do most work internally
    • Specialize in Silver Bullets, Stealth, prototyping
  • Skunk Works Future?
  • LightSpeed futures
  • LightSpeed futures
    • Innovation is elusive
    • Process and people make the difference
    • Get clear on the priorities
    • Generate experience: Build, test, and fail early
    • The process is challenging, practice is required
    • Whole systems view is essential to maximize design freedom
    • Breakthroughs require:
      • a huge commitment
      • strong experienced leadership and team
      • managing your risks, building, testing, and…
      • … stacking the deck!
    “breakthrough” product development
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