2012 Greentech GTM US Solar Market Insight Conference


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This presentation is actually an introduction I gave for a panel whose topic was cost reduction beyond the module and the inverter. My objective was to tell the audience a bit about our company and the varied strategies we employ to attack costs, while also highlighting our experience and capabilities.

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  • Thank youI lead the North American arm of the global Belectric organization, focusing on the US, Canada, the Caribbean and PolynesiaBelectric is a private, turn-key provider of utility PV generation and energy solutionsPV solar is our singular focus, and we are proud of our accomplishments…Transition: Costs take many forms, and we apply many strategies to attack costs. Other Notes:But what is important to know is we are a private company investing in this industry for the long runwe have grown with the emergence of a sustainable PV industry in Germanywe have provided leadership to the German government and the people of Germany in developing solutions to enable the acceptance of so much intermittent power in Germany20% of Germany’s energy needs were met by renewable sources in 201110% of Germany’s capacity is now PV solar, 40% more PV power in 2012 than in 2011in the first quarter of 2012, 1.8GW was installed, as much as US installed all year in 2011in May of this year, 1/3 of peak demand was provided by PV solar!These accomplishments require solutions to grid stability, in fact the German Parliament and Federal Council’s 10 year plan to accelerate the closure of nuclear facilities requires a significant investment in grid improvements to accommodate more renewable power, including the use of intelligent voltage stability and reactive power management
  • I will provide some examples of theseTransition: first, if you believe in the power of distributed generation, project size cannot not influence project cost!
  • For three very different projects sizes, we use the same components, same installation processes, and can achieve the same installation ratesSame component level approach, yet with very different project or system design parameters (southwest orientation, different anchorages, etc.)Transition: what about installation? How does that vary?
  • Here we have tracking system design & installed by the same Belectric Teamusing the same strategy as we employ for our fixed tilt projects. Our components arrive at the site pre-drilled, that install in only one way, and ready to go. This only works by ensuring that the anchorage upon which these components are assembled is in a precise XYZ location in space. Belectric has pioneered the combined use of GPS and laser systems to achieve this level of accuracy irrespective of soil conditions or terrainTransition: and what did we learn from BMW?
  • Volume customization: This strategy enables BMW to produce 13 different variants of the 3 series vehicle, with components priced at the total volume of all the variantswe leverage families of components, within each family minor tweaks can be made with no cost impact, thereby enabling us to tailor our system solution to each and every site, while still obtaining volume pricing. And by leveraging software rather than modifying hardware, we are able to provide specific features and services to the utility such as in this case where we used a very high DC/AC ratio to always have the capability of max power with various levels of reactive power injected when neededTransition: finally, its not enough to simply generate clean power from the Sun, we have to solve problems with it as well
  • Energy solutions: there are many opportunities for PV power where additional services and functionality can enable cost reductions, such as islands, mines, micro-grids, and corporate load centers. In these cases, cost savings are achieved through a combination of functions that solve problems for the customer they cannot afford to solve otherwise. These require a balance of generation and grid services. Again, using the same component families, leveraging software to tailor those functions, enables the customer to take advantage of lower cost power.Transition: It is no longer sufficient to simply generate power from the Sun, we must provide energy solutions from the Sun
  • This was simply an introduction and some examples of how Belectric, though its focus on components, installation, performance, and energy solutions, is reducing the cost of PV power for our customers and our communitiesWe are passionate about making power fro the sun available to everyone, and as a private entity, we invest in whatever is required to make that happen
  • In many cases, cost savings are achieved through the whole system architecture (e.g. 1000 and 1500V), and the way the components within that system work together to reduce costs and increase output. System voltageDynamic power factor controlStorage for peak shifting, grid stabilityHigh wind solutions, ultra-low cost solutionsHere are some thoughts to keep in mind for your presentation Tuesday: Remember to practice the opening and closing several times and exaggerate energy during your practice.At the end, ask yourself “what’s the one sentence I want them to remember about Belectric?” That’s your wrap-up.Smile at the start when you thank the moderator who introduced you. Smiling helps lower speaker stress.Beware the filler word: “basically”.Gestures – use them to show your words and keep hands separate as much as possible; use one-handed gestures for variety.Practice the verbal transitions between slides to smooth out the flow and build the story.Have fun!
  • 2012 Greentech GTM US Solar Market Insight Conference

    1. 1. Belectric leadershipwhole systems technology innovator installing 2+ MWp every working day with 2,000 employees in 17 countries 1O 391 MWp 220 1200 MWp YEARS WORLD’S LEADING UTILITY GRADE FIRST COMPANY TO OF PV INTEGRATOR IN PROJECTS SURPASS 1GW OF EXPERIENCE 2010 AND 2011 WORLDWIDE INSTALLED PV POWER
    2. 2. Belectric agilitycomponents installation performance energy solutions
    3. 3. Belectric componentsintegrate system and component design… …while breaking the scale relationship 1.25 25 125
    4. 4. Belectric installation6MW COD in 90 days… …same installation methodology
    5. 5. Belectric performancesame component families… …radically different project specifics
    6. 6. Belectric energy solutions Power Balance and Intermittent Stability Base Power energy storage PowerPV solar power voltage support diesel genwind power reactive power hydro gen REALtime SCADA waste/biomass gen fuel cell based gen
    7. 7. Belectric mission driven SHIFTING THE BALANCE OF POWER