Bonolo: A General Digital Library System for File-based Collections


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Presentation slides I used at this year (2012)'s 14th International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries, held in Taipei, Taiwan. The pre-print is here[1], and the actual publisher copy is here [2]. I used a bastardised version of the Beamer theme Torino [3]


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Bonolo: A General Digital Library System for File-based Collections

  1. 1. Bonolo∗A General Digital Library System for File-based Collections Lighton Phiri Kyle Williams Miles Robinson Stuart Hammar Hussein Suleman Digital Libraries Laboratory Department of Computer Science University of Cape Town November 13, 2012∗ Sotho word meaning easy.
  2. 2. of 23
  3. 3. of 23
  4. 4. Motivation Preservation costs Preservation lifecycle Heritage funding model Technical skills and education Content curators skillset Steep learning curve for most solutions Internet bandwidth Bandwidth intensive solutions Cloud-centric solutions not feasible Existing solutions Complexity5 of 23
  5. 5. Design Principles Design for least possible resources Flexible design to facilitate extensibility Hardware and/or software platform independence Heterogeneous object, metadata and service integration Minimalist design approach Simplified preservation process Structured organisation of data Support for community and international standards6 of 23
  6. 6. Prototype Implementation Clients Curator End User Solr Services Authentication Browse Commenting Indexing Search Tagging File System Repository Thumbnails Metadata Content Indicies7 of 23
  7. 7. Tools and Technologies Core technologies Apache Tomcat CSS HTML Java JavaScript XML Additional software components Apache Solr ImageMagick SQLite8 of 23
  8. 8. Repository Design Thumbnails Metadata Content Indicies Hierarchical structure Digital content and metadata stored on file system Objects stored with corresponding metadata record Metadata records encoded using XML9 of 23
  9. 9. Repository Design (2) archive/ notebooks wilhelmbleeknotebooks BC 151 A1 4 001 A1 4 1 00001.JPG A1 4 1 00001.JPG.metadata : BC 151 A1 4 001.metadata : wilhelmbleeknotebooks.metadata drawings stories10 of 23
  10. 10. End User Interface Curator End User Solr Authentication Browse Commenting Search Tagging11 of 23
  11. 11. End User Interface (2)12 of 23
  12. 12. Curator Interface Curator End User Solr Authentication Batch import and export Browse Collection and Object management (add, edit, delete) Indexing Search13 of 23
  13. 13. Curator Interface (2)14 of 23
  14. 14. End User Interface UX Experiment Objective Feasibility of building user interface using file store Assess impact of file store on user experience Target Group Individuals with basic Web experience 17 participants (80% students) Approach Informed consent Pre-experiment briefing Typical DL end user tasks (search, browse) Post-experiment questionnaire15 of 23
  15. 15. End User Interface UX Experiment (2) 5 Intuitive Simple Satisfied 4 Expected Response Effective BeneficialSurvey Participants 3 2 1 0 Search& Browse Navigability Similarity General Average UX Ratings 16 of 23
  16. 16. Curator Interface UX Experiment Objective Assess user experience when performing curation tasks Target Group Individuals with no experience working with DL tools Social networking site recruitment 23 participants Approach Intrinsic Motivation Inventory Five (5) minute ’HOWTO’ screencast Curation tasks with two datasets Online questionnaire17 of 23
  17. 17. Curator Interface UX Experiment (2) 25 Strongly Agree Agree Neutral 20 Disagree Strongly DisagreeSurvey Participants 15 10 5 0 Interest/Enjoyment Perceived Competence Value/Usefulness Average UX Ratings 18 of 23
  18. 18. Curator Interface UX Experiment (3) Participants general comments”· · · Also, I fail to see how Bonolo differentiates itself fromsomething like Dropbox. I can create a folder structure on myPC and upload it to Dropbox very easily. I can then browse myfiles and folders in Dropbox’s web interface.· · · ””· · · I have to say though that I managed to complete the taskswithout watching the video (which is a great sign I think). I’mimpatient with manuals but even worse with instructionalvideos· · · ”19 of 23
  19. 19. Repository Performance Experiment Objective Impact of file store structure on performance Performance metrics: response time Test Environment Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E7400@ 2.80GHz 2 GB RAM 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate edition Approach Structured and unstructured collections Exponential increase of files in collections Load time and corresponding data transfer during navigation20 of 23
  20. 20. Repository Performance Experiment (2) 5000 Structured Unstructured 4000Time (Milliseconds) 3000 2000 1000 0 1,024 2,048 4,096 8,192 16,384 Files in Directory 21 of 23
  21. 21. Conclusion Experimental results look promising Effectiveness Usability Medium-sized collections Work in progress Evaluation Flexibility Scalability Future work Reference implementation Design principles Extensibility22 of 23
  22. 22. Thank You Questions? Additional Information