Designing an engagement strategy for private social networks


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Designing an engagement strategy for private social networks

  1. 1. ADMINISTRATOR TRAINING Designing an engagement strategy
  2. 2. You’re already ahead of the game•  You’ve recognized the need for a private social network•  You’ve selected a safe, reliable social networking platform•  NEXT STEP: Maximize your return on community with strategies to engage your members!
  3. 3. REVIEW: Harness the power ofpublic and private social networks •  Public social network = INTERnet –  Organisations can and should use public social media for outreach, brand development, and awareness •  Private social network = INTRAnet   Used for growing relationships by engaging membership community and delivering value   Leverage the knowledge and experience of members in your network
  4. 4. Public Social Network: Facebook
  5. 5. Private Social Network IS YourOrganization
  6. 6. Designing An Engagement Strategy Successful Campaigns = Win / Win •  WHY: define “win” for both organization & audience •  WHO: who are you trying to reach? who is your audience? •  WHERE: where are your members located? •  WHAT: what do you you want your members to do? •  HOW: what do you need to do? •  WHEN: define any deadlines or opportunities
  7. 7. What Defines A Win For YourOrganization?•  Increase Revenue –  Grow membership, attract new & younger members –  Make your organization habit-forming –  Gain insights and understand members / Target marketing•  Reduce Costs –  consolidating knowledge –  online training –  save time
  8. 8. What Is A Win For Your Members? Successful Campaigns = Win / Win •  Easy access to better/more information •  Opportunities for participation/engagement •  More control over things they care about •  Safe environment/trusted community •  Ability to give direct feedback
  9. 9. Private Social Network ROC (returnon community) Non-Profit Technology Group NTEN powered by Golightly customized private network.
  10. 10. Let’s Look At An Example: NPC
  11. 11. NPC: WHY?Defining Why: Win/WinBENEFIT TO ORGANIZATION•  Become the hub of information•  Increase membership / Attract prestige•  Create trusted community of thought leadersBENEFIT TO MEMBERS•  One place to easily find the latest research, white papers, scientific studies•  Get new industry information first
  12. 12. WHO?Who is your target audience? Who are you trying to reach?•  Can you segment by age, gender, race, religion, language?•  Do they have a specific location, health issue or disability?•  Are they defined by their economic circumstances?•  Do they have a specific role, company or market sector?•  What preferences, skills and values might they have?
  13. 13. NPC: WHO? BENEFIT TO ORGANIZATION   •  Hub of informa7on  •  Increase membership Target audience BENEFIT TO MEMBERS  •  Resource repository  •  Latest news •  Scientists•  Researchers•  Doctors•  Laboratories•  Pharmacists
  14. 14. WHERE?Where is the membership located and/or interacting?•  Are they in a specific building, town, city or country•  Do they use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Forums, or Blogs
  15. 15. NPC: WHERE? BENEFIT TO ORGANIZATION   •  Hub of informa7on  •  Increase membership Where are they? BENEFIT TO MEMBERS  •  Resource repository  •  Latest news  TARGET AUDIENCE  •  Different cities across the US •  Scien7sts  •  Researchers •  LinkedIn•  Forums•  Listservs/ email mailing lists•  Blogs
  16. 16. WHAT?What do you want your members to do?•  Depends on WHY, WHO, and WHERE
  17. 17. NPC: WHAT? BENEFIT TO ORGANIZATION   •  Hub of informa7on  •  Increase membership What should members do? BENEFIT TO MEMBERS  •  Resource repository  •  Latest news  TARGET AUDIENCE  •  Share files •  Scien7sts  •  Researchers •  Discuss information WHERE •  Collaborate on research •  Various US ci7es  •  LinkedIn •  Attract prestige
  18. 18. HOW?Focus the efforts•  Who has the skill and the ability to speak with authority?•  How can you make best use of what you already have?•  Feed the latest blog posts out automatically to the accounts you are working with.•  Schedule a lot of updates making use of past materials (particularly those that are timeless).
  19. 19. NPC: HOW? BENEFIT TO ORGANIZATION   •  Hub of informa7on  •  Increase membership What should you do? BENEFIT TO MEMBERS  •  Resource repository  •  Latest news  TARGET AUDIENCE  •  Make resources easy to find •  Scien7sts  •  Researchers •  Break out into specific groups/listserves WHERE •  Create thought-leader blogs •  Various US ci7es  •  LinkedIn •  Promote conferences & meetings AUDIENCE OBJECTIVE •  Announce new information to members first •  Find & share informa7on  •  ALract pres7ge •  Assign moderators to answer questions or keep information organized
  20. 20. WHEN?Define your deadlines•  Do you have important calendar dates to meet?•  Do you have any thought-leaders?•  Are your members affected by time differences?•  Always respond promptly
  21. 21. NPC: WHEN? BENEFIT TO ORGANIZATION   •  Hub of informa7on  •  Increase membership Create a schedule BENEFIT TO MEMBERS  •  Resource repository  •  Latest news •  Highlight conferences HOW  •  Make resources easy to find •  Announce news & links to new resources •  Announce new informa7on  to members first •  Schedule blog posts •  Break out into specific work  groups •  Setup workgroups •  Create thought‐leader blogs  •  Promote conferences &  mee7ngs 
  22. 22. NPC: Recipe For Success BENEFIT TO ORGANIZATION   •  Hub of informa7on  •  Increase membership  BENEFIT TO MEMBERS  •  Make resources easy to find: feed to Welcome Page •  Resource repository  •  Latest news  •  Use relevant events and calendar entries as source TARGET AUDIENCE   material •  Scien7sts  •  Researchers  •  Promote conferences & meetings WHERE  •  Create thought-leader blogs •  Various US ci7es  •  LinkedIn  •  Announce new information to members first AUDIENCE OBJECTIVE  •  Break out into specific groups •  Find & use informa7on  •  ALract pres7ge  •  Assign moderators to answer questions or keep information organized
  23. 23. Measure Your Success
  24. 24. THANK•  Community Managers Library > Trainings & Webinars•  Share your stories•  Are you interested in a community walk-through?