Victor Valley College - Satisfactory Academic Progress - 2013-2014

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  • 1. SAPSatisfactory Academic ProgressVictor Valley College Financial Aid Office2013-2014
  • 2. AttentionThere will be an quiz at the end of this presentationthat must be passed in order to receive the link to theAppeal’s / Petitions form.
  • 3. Satisfactory Academic Policy• Federal regulations require that all Financial Aid recipients meetsatisfactory academic progress and remain in good academicstanding.• All students will be assessed on criteria including minimum GPA,completion rate, and completion of a degree within the maximumtime frame (150%) of the student program.• These standards will apply to all VVC Financial Aid recipients.
  • 4. Satisfactory Academic Progress• Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is reviewed for every student,once a year after the Spring semester grades are posted.• If you fail to meet these SAP requirements, you will be dismissedfrom further financial aid including: Pell Grants, SupplementalEducational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Cal Grants & FederalWork Study, but will not include the Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver(BOGFW).
  • 5. Standards
  • 6. StandardsExample:100 units attempted divided into 60 units completedgives you 60% completion ratio“with this scenarioSTUDENT IS NOT MEETING SAPand would need to appeal”
  • 7. STANDARDSEducational Objective• Students must also complete their educational objective(degree, transfer , or certificate) by the time they haveattempted 90 units (from all schools attended).Published Length of the Program• A student can only receive financial assistance for amaximum of 150% of the published length of the program.Example:• For an Liberal Arts A.A. degree -- 90 attempted units is themaximum for which a student can receive financial assistance(60 units X 150% = 90 units).
  • 8. STANDARDSIneligibility• A student is ineligible when it becomes mathematicallyimpossible for them to complete their program within the150% of the length of a program, except for BOGFW.MajorChange• Students are allowed one change of major.New Major• Students who change their major must take only classesthat will apply to that new major. Any deviation will result inSuspension/Denial of any further financial aid.
  • 9. EVALUATIONSpring Term Evaluation• All Financial Aid students will be evaluated at the end of theSpring term to determine if they are meeting the Qualitativeand Quantitative Standard.Probationary Students Evaluation• Financial Aid Probationary students will be evaluated afterFall and Spring semesters.
  • 10. Financial Aid DismissalIf you have not metone of the abovestandards, havegraduated, areexceeding 90 units,or completed yourprogram, you are onfinancial aiddismissal.DismissalBy following theguidelines on thefollowing slides youmay appeal thisdecision, but only ifthere is anextenuatingcircumstance.ExtenuatingCircumstance
  • 11. SAP APPEALExtenuating CircumstancesA student may complete an appeal form if he or she has anextenuating circumstance, such as:The death of aclose relative of thestudent;An injury or illnessof the student;Other specialcircumstances thatthe student had nocontrol over.Documents must be provided to substantiate your extenuatingcircumstance.
  • 12. SAP APPEALMaximum Time Standard• A student may also appeal the maximum time standard if they haveattempted over 90 units, or if they have a higher unit required major suchas; Nursing and Respiratory Therapy.Basic Skills Classes• Basic skills classes that are non-degree applicable are not counted, up to30 units.
  • 13. • A student who does not have an extenuating circumstance must:• Wait until he, or she is meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress.Example:Student has a 1.5 GPA and was dismissed. However, studentcompletes 2 successful semesters, and has a 2.0 GPA.Student may now appeal for reinstatement.A successful semester is one where there are noD’s, W’s, FW’s ,or F’s.SAP APPEAL
  • 14. SAP APPEALIf your appeal is denied inFall 2013, you are ineligibleto appeal again until the newacademic year (Fall 2014).Only one appeal peracademic year may besubmitted by student.
  • 15. Please complete all the general information on the upper portionof the form. If the form is incomplete, it will be delayed. Makesure to follow the format listed on the next several slides.The Appeals form can be found at:The end of the quiz.THE APPEALS FORM
  • 16. EXAMPLEI am appealing my academic dismissal becauseof a low GPA for the following reason:I was in a car accident during the final exam period and was hospitalized inthe fall semester; this caused me to fail my finals and my GPA to go below2.0. Attached is the medical documentation.I have made a complete recovery, and I am ready to attend school again.
  • 17. APPEAL REQUESTUnsatisfactoryAcademicProgress• Briefly explain thereason forUNSATISFACTORYACADEMICPROGRESS in anattached writtenstatement.SupportingDocuments• Attach supportingdocuments suchas medical forms,statements etc.• There must besupportingdocumentsattached.• If there is nosupportingdocumentation,your appeal will bedenied.EducationalPlanandTranscripts• A copy of yourcurrent educationalplan must be on file,and all transcriptsfrom all schoolsmust be on file atthe Admissionsand RecordsOffice.• If they are not, yourappeal will bedenied.
  • 18. SAP APPEALTHE DECISION OF THECOMMITTEE IS FINAL.The decision cannot be overturned by the Director of Student Services,nor by any other individual.
  • 19. CHECKING FINANCIAL AID STATUSQuestionsMany financial aid questions may also be answered by clicking on “Ask the RamQuestions” or by clicking on “Financial Aid TV.”Checking StatusPlease check your financial aid status on WebAdvisor. SAP appeal approved,or denied status will be listed under “My Doc’s” normally 10 business days aftersubmission.
  • 20. REMEMBERFailure to turn in all the required documentation will result in suspension of allfinancial aid, but the BOGFW.Include all the following in your petition package:Documentation to substantiate yourextenuating circumstance.VVC TranscriptsTranscripts fromall other schoolsattended must beon file.Petition/AppealFormStudentEducational Plan
  • 21. SubmissionofAppealForm Please remember that thesubmission of the Appeals Formdoes not mean that your appealwill be granted.If it is granted, you will be placedon probation and progress willbe monitored each semester foradherence to your educationalplan.In addition, you may not receiveany D’s, W’s, FW’s or F’s, oryour financial aid will ceaseimmediately.FurtherQuestionsIf you have any furtherquestions concerning theappeals process, check theVVC Financial Aid officewebsite at: