Grow Sustainably and Wow Investors: Smart Marketing for Early Stage Startups


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From SEO/SEM and Content/Social to Distribution partnerships and PR it can be challenging for startups to determine which marketing channel is worth valuable time and resources.

Using an approach I call "Stage Theory" this presentation explores which tactics to employ at various stages of a startup's development.

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Grow Sustainably and Wow Investors: Smart Marketing for Early Stage Startups

  1. 1. GROW SUSTAINABLY WOW INVESTORS Smart Marketing for Early Stage Startups @ligayaya
  2. 2. HELLO, I’M LIGAYA Marketing & Global Community Dev Advising & Mentorship Early Stage Investments @ligayaya
  3. 3. M&C Marketing: Promotes the use of your product to a specific audience. Community: Connecting people through your product to enhance their experience and increase their loyalty. @ligayaya
  4. 4. INVESTOR INTERESTS Traction Engagement Finances @ligayaya
  5. 5. COMMON ISSUES Founders overestimate market size, diminishing investor confidence Employ M&C tactics too early, wasting resources and time @ligayaya
  6. 6. NAIL YOUR MARKETING SLIDES Just how big is the opportunity? Give your business plan a sense of scale. Top Down Research firms Industry analysts Market reports Purchase intent: Google“size of X industry” whittle it down @ligayaya VS Bottom Up User behavior analysis User end purchases Competitor revenues Extrapolate from small subset of data roll it up
  7. 7. TOP DOWN: SLICING THE MARKET Consumer Geography Demography Enterprise Vertical Market Size multiply: # of customers average quantity price per unit BOTTOM UP: EXTRAPOLATING @ligayaya
  8. 8. TOP DOWN: FRAMEWORK Total Available Market How much money is generated by a specific segment of the market? Serviceable Available Market SOM Whats the value of your niche market? SAM TAM @ligayaya Serviceable Obtainable Market What market share can you realistically capture given sales, distribution, and competition?
  9. 9. M&C GOALS 1 Drive awareness and growth by making it easy to spread the word offline and online. 2 Build a product people love by incorporating user feedback. 3 Promote loyalty to your company by forging real relationships with your users. 4 Create meaningful interactions between users of your product. @ligayaya
  10. 10. MRKTG &CMTY STRATEGY Brand Awareness BD/Partner establish differentiation Contests & Promotions Press Influencer Outreach Content Events Social Media Acquisition expand market share SEO/SEM/Retargeting Paid Advertising Referrals Ambassadors Engagement prime for sales, increase LTV Challenge: What to do when? Customer Support Email Marketing @ligayaya
  11. 11. M&C Success comes from knowing the right thing to do at the right time Inception PPMF Engage Growth IPO STAGE THEORY Marketing and community tactics change with each phase of a startup’s growth. @ligayaya
  12. 12. STAGE ONE: INCEPTION Inception PPMF Engage Growth IPO GOALS A workable product (MVP) Relationships with your users @ligayaya
  13. 13. INCEPTION We want users to say: “This is just what I need!” FUNCTION “This product looks awesome and people like me use it!” PRESENTATION “Thats a fair price.” VALUE Make your users feel valued. @ligayaya
  14. 14. INCEPTION Branding Visual logo usability aesthetics Testimonials Textual experience photo tagline value prop vision+mission In Consumer Tech, Users Are the Brand @ligayaya
  15. 15. INCEPTION CHECKLIST Logo + Tagline Mission Statement Market Research User Guidelines Testimonials @ligayaya
  16. 16. INCEPTION METRICS Bounce rate Registrations Conversions Applause & Conversation TOOLS Google Analytics HootSuite TweetDeck Moz @ligayaya
  17. 17. STAGE TWO: PPMF Inception PPMF Engage Growth IPO GOAL A product people love enough to evangelize @ligayaya
  18. 18. PRE PRODUCT MARKET FIT Experimentation & Validation Who is using your product? DEMOGRAPHICS When and why? UTILITY AND USAGE PATTERNS How much are they willing to pay? PRICING Happiness Index Pain Points @ligayaya
  19. 19. PPMF CHECKLIST Establish Support Channels Email + Social Strategy NPS of 40%+ User Personas @ligayaya
  20. 20. PPMF METRICS Growth Registrations Referrals Amplification Activity Monthly Active Users (MAU) Daily Active Users (DAU) Email Open Rate Engagement time Transaction patterns @ligayaya
  21. 21. EXERCISE 1 Think about the last time someone from a company contacted you. How did you feel? 2 Which networks or communities do you belong to? 3 List three people from these that would be interested in your product. 4 Write down two experiences with users, one that was positive and the other difficult. @ligayaya
  22. 22. QUESTIONS? Thank you for your attention. @ligayaya