Social media and time management


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Creating an effective social media strategy requires setting goals, measuring results and doing so in a timely manner.

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  • Today we’re going to talk about bringing these two different perspectives together to help you grow yourself and your business.
  • This information is from the November 2011 Intuit Small Business Survey. The infographic was created by Column Five As you can see the average small business owner is spending approximately 3 hours a week on web marketing or approximately 8% of their working time. That works out to be about 36 minutes a day for a 5 day week. 36 minutes isn’t a lot of time to spend on the internet. Sign into Facebook and you can spend 30 minutes just surfing around! That’s why you need a plan, a strategy for your internet marketing. You need to maximize your time online so you can see results as well as getting your work done.
  • First you need to know what you want to achieve. Without this you’re showing up on social media with no way to measure success. Throughout this presentation I’ll use an example of a recent social media campaign we conducted through the Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce. We knew we wanted to grow our social media presence and become a resource for the community. We’d been marginally successful, but wanted to capitalize on summer to increase knowledge of the chamber. That wasn’t enough information to build a campaign upon. We established specific goals for each month, June – August that related to our overall objective. Those goals were increasing our Facebook Fan membership by a specific percentage and increase our engagement to certain levels and maintain it. By setting specific targets, we were able to measure our progress on a weekly basis.
  • Once you have your plan laid out, you need to review your calendar to see what’s reasonable with your schedule. Have you planned 6 hours of online networking instead of 3? Have you committed to blogging more time than you have available? It’s important that your plan realistically fit into your schedule. If there are tasks that need to be completed at a certain time and you can’t complete them, you need to figure out a different way. Should you delete them? Can you delegate them? Should you hire someone to help you? Can you partner with someone to work on the campaign with you?
  • Social media and time management

    1. 1. Social Media and TimeManagement A Strategy For The Future
    2. 2. A Perspective on Social MediaNetworking is always important when it’s real and it’s always a useless distraction when it’s fake.Are there people out there who I would go out of my way for and who would go out of their way for me. That’s what you need to keep track of. ~ Seth Godin Presented by Jen Vondenbrink -
    3. 3. Time Management = Life Management Time management is really personal management, life management and management of yourself. ~ Brian Tracy Presented by Jen Vondenbrink -
    4. 4. Why Do We need Social Media? Presented by Jen Vondenbrink -
    5. 5. The New Sales Cycle YouTube BlogEmail Website Facebook LinkedIn Presented by Jen Vondenbrink -
    6. 6. Source: by Jen Vondenbrink - www.yourlifesimplified.comrunning-infographic
    7. 7. You Don’t Have Spare TimeFor you to do something new you must complete or stop doing something old… Remember you have no spare time. ~ Brian Tracy Presented by Jen Vondenbrink -
    8. 8. Our Challenge3 hours per week  Build quality relationships that help us grow our businesses.Are you ready for the challenge? Presented by Jen Vondenbrink -
    9. 9. Step One: Define Goals What Do You Want to Achieve ? •Increased visitors •Increased comments •Increased engagement •Increased shares •Increased Subscribers Remember sales come from building quality relationships. Presented by Jen Vondenbrink -
    10. 10. Step Two: Develop Tactics Break your goal up into specific smaller manageable steps. 1. Set a beginning and ending time frame. 2. Define the specific steps to take. 3. Outline a monthly, weekly and daily plan. 4. Develop a master communication plan integrating traditional & social.Don’t forget internet marketing includes email, social networks, websites, blogs,Online press releases, and interacting online with others. Presented by Jen Vondenbrink -
    11. 11. Examples of Tactics Facebook –  Goal increase engagement by XXX 1. Post more frequently (3 times per day) 2. Partner with an influential person to share your posts 3. Send welcome email to each new Fan Blogging –  Goal increase comments to XXX per post 1. Create a 1 month calendar of posts that relate to one topic. 2. Create a call to action for each post 3. Respone to each comment Presented by Jen Vondenbrink -
    12. 12. Presented by Jen Vondenbrink -
    13. 13. Step Three: What’s Reasonable Presented by Jen Vondenbrink -
    14. 14. Step Four: Get Started Keys to a Successful Internet Campaign 1. Consult your plans daily. 2. Readjust regularly. 3. Connect your online efforts to your offline efforts. Use your communication plans to map this out. Presented by Jen Vondenbrink -
    15. 15. What If I Only Want To Build Connections?The Same Steps Apply Step One: Set Goals Who do you want to connect to and why Step Two: Develop Tactics What are you going to do on a daily basis to build quality connections? Write out your plan. Step Three: What’s Reasonable? Review your plan to make sure you can implement it. Step Four: Get Started Presented by Jen Vondenbrink -
    16. 16. About Us Jen Vondenbrink is a leading consultant and educator bridging the gap between business & new media. She brings her successful Fortune 500 approach to small businesses creating customized personal and professional strategies including practical day to day tactics to ensure success She regularly speaks to groups and organizations on how to be more productive in today’s ever changing environment. To Contact Jen To Speak to Your Organization: Email: To Find Out More About Programs Offered by Jen Website: More Fun Stuff… Life Simplified Café: Life Simplified Inspiration: Life Simplified Blog: Want more about social media time management? Download How To Avoid The Social Media Vortex to get started. Presented by Jen Vondenbrink -