Managing your business social reputation final


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Your business always had a reputation, today however knowing how to listen, build good will and have a plan are keys to successfully managing your business social reputation.

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  • Your social reputation is what people are saying about you online and offline.
  • In the past your social reputation was spread by word of mouth. You didn’t always know what people were saying.
  • Today people have access to the internet so they are sharing their experiences. The good thing is you now can see what they say. The bad thing is word can spread quicker.
  • We used to trust formal reviewers and critics, but now informal reviews are where people are getting their information.
  • This statistic has always been in effect. Now people are trusting their networks online as much as their networks offline.
  • Here are some tools to begin to understand what people are saying about your business.
  • Google Alerts allows you to receive real time updates from Google about when your company, brand or name is being mentioned on the internet.
  • Google Places allows you to provide viewers information and reviews not only on Google, but in other locations as well.
  • Yelp is another highly used site for reviews. People are using these sites daily to make their purchasing decisions. Monitoring your reviews is a great way to have a pulse of what people think about your business.
  • Social networks like Twitter and Facebook allow you to search the network to see what anyone is saying about your company, brand or you personally. It’s also a platform where you can start building your good will bank account by providing exceptional customer service.
  • See the full blog on Peter’s experience:
  • When you build good will by providing consistent excellent service, negative reviews/comments are over shadowed by the positive, plus you build a team of advocates ready to defend your business.
  • Managing your business social reputation final

    1. 1. ManagingYour Business Social Reputation Presented by
    2. 2. SocialReputation
    3. 3. Have A GoodExperienceTell 5 PeopleHave A Bad ExperienceTell 10 People
    4. 4. Have A GoodExperience Tell3 PeopleHave A BadExperience Tell3,000 Pete Blackshaw
    5. 5. Social Reviews
    6. 6. According to Erik Qualman in Socialeconomics 90 % of consumers trust Peer Recommendations Vs 14% of consumers trust Advertising
    7. 7. Managing Your Business SocialReputation Is Not A Nice To Have It’s a Must Have. 1.Listen 2.Build Good Will 3.Plan
    8. 8. Do You know what people are saying about y
    9. 9. In the end it comes down tohow you handle people.What’s your plan?
    10. 10. How To Maintain Your Business Social Reputation1. Understand what people are saying about you and where • Google Alerts, Google Places • Review Sites - Yelp • Twitter, Facebook2. Generate Good Will Ahead of Time • Build Relationships • Be Helpful • Treat Your Online Presence Like Your Offline Presence3. Have a Plan • Know what you’ll say in good an bad scenarios • Set up guidelines ahead of time • Determine your response time
    11. 11. Jen Vondenbrinkjen@yourlifesimplified.comFor more information check out:Facebook: @JVSimplifiedLinkedIn: