The Art of Customer Service


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The phrase "the customer is always right" is WRONG. Learn how to take care of the "right" customers and how to deal with challenges and problems that arrive in every business. If you take care of the right customer problems, you will ensure future, residual sales.

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The Art of Customer Service

  1. global mentoring programs THE ART OF CUSTOMER SERVICE BUILDING RESIDUAL SALES f r o m s u r v i v a l t o s i g n i f i c a n c e
  2. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE FACE OF THE BUSINESS 1 After the sale, customer service takes over and will determine the fate of an organization and residual sales. Make this experience pleasant, trustworthy and reliable for customers. f r o m s u r v i v a l t o s i g n i f i c a n c e
  3. KNOW YOUR WHY MAKE IT YOUR SERVICE CORNERSTONE Focus on your reason for existing as a business and let the rest of the noise fall to the side. Do not try to be a business that you are not - customers will take advantage of that every time. g l o b a l m e n t o r i n g p r o grams 2
  4. LEARN TO SAY “NO” CUSTOMERS ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT Know your target audience & offering. Never offer first-tier products or services for second-tier prices & vice versa. Offering more or less than is expected will eat away resources and profits. f r o m s u r v i v a l t o s i g n i f i c a n c e 3
  5. NURTURE COOPERATION KEEP THE FOCUS ON THE CLIENT g l o b a l m e n t o r i n g p r o grams 4 Customer satisfaction metrics are hard to measure without annoying the participants. Instead, create incentive programs around repeat sales for customers & representatives alike.
  6. CHECK & MONITOR THE BALANCE OF YOUR TEAM 5 Provide leadership & awareness of your team’s needs. If your team is struggling with personal Survival, they will not be able to sustain putting your business and your client’s needs first. f r o m s u r v i v a l t o s i g n i f i c a n c e
  7. NEEDS & MOTIVATION KNOW WHAT YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT 6 If your team understands basic customer needs, they can more quickly identify and respond appropriately. Problem-solving is at the core of customer service. g l o b a l m e n t o r i n g p r o grams
  8. MAKE A CONNECTION WITH YOUR CUSTOMER IN NEED Smile and let the customer know that your primary goal is to solve their problem. Even if you are using a telephone, customers can tell you are friendly, helpful and ready to engage. f r o m s u r v i v a l t o s i g n i f i c a n c e 7
  9. ENGAGE WITH EMPATHY LET THEM KNOW YOU CARE Listen - then your customers will know you understand. Empathize with their needs and their situation. Most customers simply want to be heard & comforted if an expectation was missed. g l o b a l m e n t o r i n g p r o grams 8
  10. OFFER A SOLUTION CREATE A PRE-DEFINED WIN-WIN Have several pre-approved solutions ready varying from a simple apology to present refunds or discounts on future sales. Let the customer dictate the escalation & solution within reason. f r o m s u r v i v a l t o s i g n i f i c a n c e 9
  11. REWARD & FOLLOW-UP COMPENSATE DEMANDING CUSTOMERS 10 A great customer service experience will protect the current sale & more importantly, will lead to future, residual sales. Happy customers with problems solved will return & bring friends. g l o b a l m e n t o r i n g p r o grams
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  13. Published in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, US LifeMAPP titles may be purchased in bulk for educational, business, fund-raising or sales promotional use. For information, please email THANK YOU! Copyright ©2003-2014, LifeMAPP, LLC. All rights reserved. g l o b a l m e n t o r i n g p r o grams