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Presentation how to-make_small_talk-march_19-2012

  1. 1. How to Make Small Talk
  2. 2. Making small talk can be difficult even if youre anextrovert, but its especially difficult for introverts.Heres how to enjoy making small talk.
  3. 3. Tips for Starting Conversations• Keep up with current events. Make small talk about the news, sports, your community, or politics.• Pay attention to what theyre saying. When youre making small talk, follow up on phrases. When youre making small talk, remember that great conversations and good connections can be just around the corner.
  4. 4. Ask what movies or books theyve seen or readrecently. Someone once asked me that at a party.Admittedly, at first it felt contrived, but then wehad a fantastic conversation about the book I wasreading! Making small talk is about trying newconversations.MAKING SMALL TALK ABOUT POP CULTURE IS EASY ANDFUN.EXAMPLE QUESTION:WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU LIKE?ANSWER: IVE ALWAYS LIKED POP MUSIC BUT NOW IALSO LIKE ROMANTIC MUSIC.
  5. 5. Make Small Talk with Tag questions, Examples:• You are tired, aren´t you?• He isn´t a great Doctor, is he?• We were there yesterday, weren´t we?• We have many pets, don´t we?• We have had many bad experiences, haven´t we?• He has passed the examination, hasn´t he
  6. 6. Make Small Talk with Tag questions, Examples:• We will win this game, won´we?• We are going to be there on time, aren´t we?• He started the revolution, didn´t he?• They do not get along well, do they?• He lives near the airport, doesn´t he?• We could not make it, could we?• He can pass the exam, can´t he?• He is able to pass the exam, isn´t he?
  7. 7. Example: My busy schedule•"I have been in the Non-governmentalorganization service for the past 21 years. Mymost recent experience has been face to faceconsulting the social program . One reason Iparticularly enjoy this Job is the opportunity toconnect with people.•Currently I work over 12 hours every day but nomatter, I love my job. I distribute my time wellbetween God, family and work. So far everythingis going well.
  8. 8. Develop your cultural awareness. Exemple:• Etiquette: In days gone by, a gentleman would always open doors for ladies.
  9. 9. Cultural Literacy: Knowing about and respecting the culture of others.• As the nation honors the memory of civil rights activist Martin Luther King.
  10. 10. Table manners• Table manners are the rules of etiquette used while eating, which may also include the appropriate use of utensils. Different cultures observe different rules for table manners. Each family or group sets its own standards for how strictly these rules are to be enforced.
  11. 11. Impolite and Offesive: Not polite, rude
  12. 12. Customary: usual or traditional in a particular cultureThe customary Chinese New Year.
  13. 13. Taboo: Cultural or religious rules