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Welcome Back to Your Expat Life in Vienna
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Welcome Back to Your Expat Life in Vienna


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Presentation delivered at the September 2012 General Meeting of the American Women's Association (AWA) in Vienna, Austria.

Presentation delivered at the September 2012 General Meeting of the American Women's Association (AWA) in Vienna, Austria.

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  • 1. (c) Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, 2012
  • 2. September 20, 2012 Presented by Victoria Koster-Lenhardt An American, A Communicator, A Thought Leader(c) Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, 2012 
  • 3. Finding Your Vienna Groove September 20, 2012 Presented by Victoria Koster-Lenhardt An American, A Communicator, A Thought Leader (c) Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, 2012 
  • 4. So you’re an “expat”  Expatriate: A person who lives outside their native country  “Local pat”  “Skilled migrant” (c) Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, 2012 
  • 5. Your Autumn Checklist Finding your grove   Health & Food  Spirituality  Purpose  Relationships  Intellect & Creativity  Everyday life (c) Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, 2012 
  • 6. Health Take care of your body (inside and out)  Flu shots Spas, pools, healthclubs, going on a “Kur” Everything that’s chocolate Pedicures (“Fußpflege”) WeightWatchers anyone? Learn German and how to cook healthy dishes with Austrian ingredients Pilates, Yoga & Zumba Vienna Runners Club, the 2013 Vienna City Marathon (April 14, 2013), and hiking (c) Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, 2012 
  • 7. FoodTake care of your body (and what you consume)  Ice cream season through mid-October Austria’s wonder cheese: Cook and bake with topfen  Ham rolls (horseradish in a jar and green onions)  Liptauer (paprika, garlic, and great bread)  Milchrahmstrudel (eggs, sugar, millet) Everything that’s chocolate Farmer’s Markets & Kurbis Zeit Wine: Heurigers and new rooftop bars (c) Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, 2012 
  • 8. Spirituality Take care of your soul  Visit the 11am Sunday mass at the Augustiner Kirche Celebrate All Saints Day (November 1) and go to the Zentralfriedhof Get ready for December  Vienna Christmas markets, parties, and bazars  Holiday cards (mail early)  Silvester plans? (c) Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, 2012 
  • 9. Purpose Decide what you want to do  Building a life (see Living in Vienna)  Family, banks, doctors, being an expat Making a living  Finding paid work that’s still your passion  Aufenthaltstitel Volunteering  American Women’s Association  Women’s Career Network (c) Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, 2012 
  • 10. Relationships New & Old, Here & There  Get an iPad and a Skype account Find companions and cultivate relationships  Love notes for your loved ones Cafes and the “Vienna Power Breakfast” The English-speaking Vienna community  AWA and Women’s Career Network  News, blogs, websites o Vienna Review Get to know the locals, they want to practice their English (c) Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, 2012 
  • 11. Intellect & Creativity Expand your cultural horizons  German, German, German!!!!  Sign up  Go to the ÖBV AWA workshops and events (see monthly Highlights) Hear the music history See the art  150th birthday of Klimt Attend the Vienna Film Festival  Viennale, Oct 25–Nov 7 (c) Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, 2012 
  • 12. Everyday Life Being a world citizen  Register with your embassy Be a good citizen in Vienna and your home country (See AWA’s Living in Vienna)  Voting  Taxes  Banking Start keeping a list for your next visit to your home country Emergency numbers  Hoses (122)  Handcuffs (133)  Wheelchairs (144) (c) Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, 2012 
  • 13. Your “Wiener Zuckerl”  Photo from (c) Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, 2012
  • 14. Write down your goals (c) Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, 2012
  • 15. Thank you! QUESTIONS????Contact Vici at Follow the blog: Presentation is on SlideShare(c) Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, 2012 
  • 16. Resources General resources   AWA’s Living in Vienna 25th Anniversary Edition for  Spirituality purchase via the AWA website and office  Augustiner Kirche:  Austrian products: onlineshop_2_1.html  Vienna Expat Center:  Intellect & Creativity  ÖBV Bookstore for German language books Health (A-1010 Wien, Schwarzenbergstraße 5-7)  WeighWatchers in Vienna:  Viennale:  Pilates:  Vienna Review:  Women’s Fitness:  Vienna Running Club:  Klimt and art in Vienna: leisure/sports/running-events.html l/45-places-to-go-in-  Hiking in Vienna: 2012.html?pagewanted=all Food  See AWA’s Exploring Austria for more information about wine regions  The Ritz-Carlton rooftop bar: tmosphere/Default.htm (c) Victoria Koster-Lenhardt, 2012