LIFE ElderCare Fall 2011 Newsletter


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LIFE ElderCare Fall 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. LIFE ElderCare Direct service programs for frail, homebound seniorsHealthy Aging, Independent Living living in Fremont, Newark and Union City, California many "There are so are people who ave no alone and h and all one to help, s touch of their storie my heart." IP Rides Lori Vogel, V LIFELINES Fall 2011AS ANY PERSON who has gonethrough a loss of independenceknows, it can be a very disorient-ing experience. A sudden down-turn in health, an accidental fall, spouse and all of her children, but An added bonus is the opportunitythe death or functional decline of still wants to continue living inde- to meet family members and learna spouse, the loss of a trusted care- pendently in her Fremont home. about different cultures. “Help-giver – any or all of these things ing people through VIP Rides hascan and do happen to many of the "Anna is still very strong and likes made me aware of the importanceolder people who seek out our help. to be active," says Lori Vogel, VIP of maintaining good health and a Rides Coordinator, "but she has good attitude as I age,” says Linda,During the past seven years our vision and hearing problems that a long-time volunteer. “I am cur-VIP Rides service has provided make it unsafe for her to go out on rently taking a yoga class at the se-over 12,000 rides to frail seniors her own. The volunteers that assist nior center with a instructor who iswhose independence hinges on her often have to repeat what is said 87 years old!”staying connected to the commu- or help her with directions."nity. Close to 80% of these ridesare requested by women in their The biggest challenge we face is •late seventies to mid-nineties who finding enough caring volunteers. If you would like toare widows and live alone. Those who find this opportunity help a frail senior stay most enjoyable are retired people active and healthy,Anna is one of these women. with a flexible schedule who enjoy please consider donating twoAt 95, she is the sole survivor of meeting new people and who find hours a week or month. Callher family. She has outlived her helping others fun and rewarding. Barbara at 510-574-2094. October 22 Wheels for Meals Ride Help seniors while enjoying a 15, 30 or 75 mile bike ride through the beautiful Livermore Valley. Sign up at for Meals Ride October 22, 2011 Proceeds from this event support the six Meals on Wheels programs in Alameda County. Meals On Wheels 510-574-2092 | Friendly Visitors 510-574-2097 | Fall Prevention 510-574-2088 | VIP Rides 510-574-2096
  2. 2. Partnerships Watch our NEW videos on Fall Prevention at lifeeldercare.orgBuilding a Network to Support Aging In PlaceLearn about how the Fall Preventon Program works by watching our new videos. Bobbie, 92 Barbara Hauser LIFE Client LIFE Certified Fitness Trainer After taking a fall that landed her in the hospital, After testing her fall risk, Barbara created Bobbies Bobbie signed up for Fall Prevention. With limited initial exercise routine based on her age, current vision due to macular degeneration, and limited mo- health history and physical limitations. After get- bility due to chronic bone disease, Bobbie needed ting approval from her physician, Bobbie was ready a customized exercise routine that she could to get started. The exercise plan was passed do in her own home that included weekly on to Britt who, along with other LVN monitoring and support. The program students, worked with Bobbie to build helps her maintain her independence. strength and improve her balance. Britt Green Dianne Martin, MD Unitek College LVN Student LIFE Board Member "At Unitek, we fulfill our community service "Physicians need to be more proactive in iden- hours by working with LIFEs Fall Prevention tifying fall risks during a visit. Some of my patients seniors. By improving balance, muscle strength and who have had minor falls brush it off as not impor- coordination, we help restore the person to the level tant because it only resulted in minor bruising. But of functioning they had before they fell. And, if we minor falls can be an early warning sign that they can get them to a place that is even better, thats our need to start working on building a stronger, health- ultimate goal. Ive seen improvement in everybody ier body that can withstand a more serious fall in the we have worked with." future, one that might lead to hospitalization." Do Good For Others - Volunteer Vehicle Donation Program Meals On Wheels 510-574-2086 Cars, boats, trucks and vans are all welcome, VIP Rides 510-574-2094 working or not. Call 1-800-320-0476 or visit: Friendly Visitors 510-574-2097 VISIT OUR WEBSITE WATCH OUR VIDEOS
  3. 3. Our Supporters As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we depend on the generous support of individuals and businesses.Caring Hearts Do Make a DifferenceMessage from Mary M. Anderson, LIFE ElderCare Executve Director Dear Friends and Neighbors, Volunteer Like most nonprofits, our success is closely tied to the extent to which the community Hours we serve commits its time and resources to help us. In this regard, we have always been Donated abundantly blessed. Thanks to the generosity of Tri-City donors, our campaign to End Senior Hunger brought in $17,377 towards meeting our $20,000 goal. This money (FY 2010-11) helped us cover the cost of a 7% increase in the number of meals that were urgently needed. For the first time ever, we delivered over 100,000 meals to Tri-City seniors 30,838 with the help of our dedicated, all-volunteer drivers who donated close to 15,000 hours making sure no senior went hungry. We also saw a 12% increase in rides requested through our VIP Rides program. Volun- Nursing teer drivers donated 3,620 hours to cover 2,200 round trips to medical appointments Students and shopping. In our Friendly Visitors program, 200 volunteers donated an amazing 12,375 hours visiting, frail, lonely, isolated seniors. Hours Donated Our Fall Prevention program continued to work with the oldest-old in our community (FY 2010-11) (the average age is 87). Unitek College nursing students provided 5,140 community service hours helping 367 clients achieve increased strength and mobility. 10,740 Fourth-year, CA State East Bay nursing students contributed 5,600 hours this year to our Meals On Wheels program and their efforts greatly strengthened our home health assessment visits. The education, training, case management and referrals they pro-Donate or sign up vided gave many Tri-City seniors a new lease on volunteer at: I extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who so generously contributed this towards making the the Tri-City area an aging-friendly community. • Since 1975, LIFE ElderCare has operated on the belief that “with some help,” many at-risk older adults can maintain a good quality of life while living independently in their own home. We offer meals, friendship, rides and a personalized exercise program to Tri-City residents, who are age 60+ or disabled. With the exception of Meals On Wheels, which is a donationConnect with program, all of our services are available at no charge. We depend on volunteers and financial LIFE support from the community to help seniors stay healthy, independent and connected to their neighborhoods. We would love to have you join us! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER
  4. 4. LIFE ElderCare, Inc. NONPROFIT ORG. 3300 Capitol Avenue U.S. POSTAGE Fremont, CA 94538 PAID 510.574.2090 FREMONT, CA PERMIT NO. 147 lifeeldercare.orgLIFE ElderCareBoard of DirectorsJudy Zlatnik, PresidentLinette Young, Vice PresidentJanice Cook, TreasurerMary Anderson, SecretaryKim AgasaveeranJanice Futch-ClaridgePatricia HoffmanDr. Dianne MartinLily Shih Serving Tri-City seniors since 1975 •Dine Out for Meals On Wheels on October 4thDickeys BBQ Pit Join the 2nd annual Bay Area Dine Out for Meals On Wheels on43321 Boscell Road Tuesday, October 4, 2011. Grab your family and friends, choose a participating Fremont restaurant and try out a new culinary adven-Papillon ture. Do you have a book group meeting? Are you a member of a37296 Mission Blvd. Rotary or Lions Club? Ask your group to hold their meeting at one of the restaurants.Sweet Orchid This event brings together seven Meals On Wheels programs in the34460 Fremont Blvd. Bay Area for one night in support of seniors. Collectively, the seven programs deliver nearly 3 million meals annually to over 9,000 seniors in need of hot, nutritious meals. Last year, nearly $50,000 was raised. Visit for more information. LIFE ElderCare provides the basics of life to frail, homebound seniors in Fremont, Newark and Union City. If you need help, or if you know of a senior who needs help, please give us a call at 510-574-2090 or visit us at