[GAMENEXT] Building Critical MASS (inMobi)


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Building Critical MASS
: Jayesh Easwaramony, Head of Business Development, InMobi JAPAC

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  • Need a colorful vibrant image here reflecting App ecosystem. Could have elements of Android, iOs, developer icons, and other commonly used icons
  • All the items in red are upcoming products
  • A user based platform. Ability to
  • [GAMENEXT] Building Critical MASS (inMobi)

    1. 1. GameNext: Building Critical MASSMobile Innovation Partner for Developers
    2. 2. Megatrends shaping our business • $ 5 bn+ on M&AGrowth in New • JAPAC will be and VC funding smartphone 50% of the Massive Liquidity • User acquisition markets smartphone the key downloads in 2013 • Quantified Self Mobile as Multi-modal • Coming soon – • Social‘Extended me’ distribution Angry Birds the • Mid-core movie ? segments
    3. 3. Megatrend shaping Korea From Institutionalized Innovation – ‘Big Boys Club’ Glocal, Viral, Spontaneous, Ubiquitous , ‘Anyone can be big’ , Smart to cash in
    4. 4. What does it mean to you? Tough choices – www do you want to be ? Market focus Business style Investment depth Creator Marketing / User Global on day 1 acquisition Follower Regional leader Advertising vs User Optimizer experience Vertical specialist Tweaker Systems/ Processes
    5. 5. Critical MASS • Market focus • User insights GlobalMultiply • Monetization opportunities ExpertiseAmplify • Distribution windows Impact during • Customer segments short time Best of suiteSimplify • Operations and processes • Gain access to what the big firms use systemsTo • Thinking big , startup soulScaleFaster
    6. 6. Inmobi understands ….1 Leverage insights to execute complex campaigns to gain marketshare Global presence • Gree, NHN Line, Wechat, Kakaotalk • Expertise to win markets – solution sale Solving the creative problem in 20102 • Acquired Sporut – the best HTML 5 Rich Media product Investing ahead as a Series of acquisitions and products to have full developer suite platform • App distribution • Life time value platform for analytics • Context engine • Engaging ad formats 400 member strong technology team3 Partner of Dedicated teams across 25 offices choice Over 100 bn requests a month
    7. 7. 1. MONETIZE YOUR USERS NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE JAPAN NORTH AMERICA North America EME 119 M 149 M APAC 16 M 246 M AFRICA Africa LATIN AMERICA Latin America 35 M 22 M 578M mobile consumers 93.4B impressions per month 165 countries InMobi touches 40% of mobile Internet users globally, on average 200 times a month through 25,000+ sites and apps
    8. 8. Acquire Users • Performance Advertising • Comprehensive Ad Tracking across Ad Networks • Publishing platform for distributing android apps to multiple app stores Developer Suite Monetize Usersto address different • High performance , Global Ad Network stages of an • Powerful & flexible Mediation PlatformApp’s life cycle • All in one lightweight SDK Engage/Retain Users • Powerful LTV maximization platform • Detailed In-App analytics , user segmentation & engagement framework
    9. 9. Introducing InMobi LTVP Insights Segments Actions Low paying Ads to low paying users users High paying users Virtual good sales to paying users Deeply engaged Reward loyal loyal users users Advanced users Cross promote to advanced usersDetailed analytics based Group users by App Targeted actions to on User events like usage and user increase monetization purchases, level attributes and engagement complete etc. Get started in just three simple steps…
    10. 10. Partner of choiceNorth AmericaEMEA APAC
    11. 11. Thank you