Life's little pearls


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Small tips that make a big difference to life!

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Life's little pearls

  1. 1. Life’s little Pearls
  2. 2. I bargained with Life for a Penny
  3. 3. Always look for what others OVERLOOK.
  4. 4. A loyal FRIEND is worth more than relatives.
  5. 5. EXPERIENCE is merely the name men give to their mistakes.
  6. 6. A secret is something which a person tells EVERYBODY not to tell ANYBODY.
  7. 7. The LESS one has to do, the LESS time one finds to do it.
  8. 8. A BIG problem is a SMALL problem that was never solved.
  9. 9. We all live under the same sky, but everyone has a different HORIZON.
  10. 10. If it is working, KEEP DOING IT.
  11. 11. Don’t dig your grave with your KNIFE and FORK.
  12. 12. Make sure the PRIZE you chase is worth the EFFORT.
  13. 13. BLOOM where you are planted.
  14. 14. A smile is a curve which can set a lot of things STRAIGHT.
  15. 15. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your THOUGHTS.
  16. 16. When you think all is lost, the FUTURE remains.
  17. 17. A beautiful picture is a SILENT teacher.
  18. 18. The SPEED of the leader determines the pace of the group.
  19. 19. TIME dilutes anger.
  20. 20. Work in ACTION is prayer.
  21. 21. Don’t raise your voice. Improve your ARGUMENT.
  22. 22. The best investment on earth is EARTH.
  23. 23. You are remembered for the rules you BREAK.
  24. 24. Don’t confuse COMFORT with HAPPINESS.
  25. 25. An idea can last LONGER than the person who thought of it.
  26. 26. If you can’t be on time, BE EARLY.
  27. 27. SEE MORE than what your eyes show you.
  28. 28. You can never do ENOUGH for someone you love.
  29. 29. The shortest way to doing many things is to DO ONE THING AT A TIME.
  30. 30. No situation is so bad that a SMILE can’t make it better.
  31. 31. Presentation prepared by: Milind Jadhav – Certified LIFE Coach For more inspiration, connect with me on: W : E : P : +91 88068 55904 If you like this presentation, please SHARE it with people in your circles who can benefit from it. Thank You! No copyright infringements intended. All rights of the images used in this presentation are with their respective owners. Image source: Google Images